Hit or Stand in Blackjack?

Blackjack is a game that requires high level skills. This means the game is beyond luck. If you totally rely on your luck in the game, you will definitely make a loss at the end of the day. At a blackjack table, you need to apply some fundamental strategy to have a positive result. Hit or stand is one of the strategies that are employed in the game.


The choice to hit or stand is usually a difficult one but if you know how to use the two, you will have the ability to make the best move in a specific situation and significantly reduce the house edge. To get the best of this strategy, it is crucial that you are familiar with the two fundamental moves. Let us explore this basic strategy in blackjack game in detail.



The Moves Hit or Stand

One of the options you have to make in your blackjack game at one point or the other after placing your bet and receiving your first two cards is whether you will hit or stand. In the game of blackjack, to hit simply refers to drawing another card that is given to you face up. Players can indicate their move by tapping on the table with just a single finger. Players carry out this move when they have weak hand and they would want to improve the total of their hand and beat the dealer. The other option that players can explore when playing blackjack game is to stand which means to end your turn without attempting to draw a card.


If you decide to go for this move in Hit or Stand, the complete value of your game hand stays the same. To show you want to go for this move, you need to move your hand at a horizontal level above the game table. In many cases, a player can choose to stand when the complete value of his hand is suitable or when the chances of busting are quite high.


The hit or stand move play a significant role in every game because in most cases, you have to choose one of the two and your choice will determine the outcome of your hand; whether it will be negative or positive. In disparity to other blackjack moves like doubling down and splitting, hit or stand are two alternatives that are always available, irrespective of the casino and variation. It is very crucial to know the best move in every situation so as to reduce the money losses to the fullest.



When should you hit?

As mentioned earlier, the major reason you have to hit is to try to enhance the total of your hand. It is crucial to have in mind that your gaming objective is to attain twenty one or some total that is close to the number as you can. However, it is important to know that you should not surpass the number as this can result in a loss immediately. In addition to this, understand that the standard winning hand in a game of blackjack is 18.5 which means that for you to win; you don’t necessarily need to have exactly twenty one points.


When it comes to the point of making the decision on the perfect time to hit, it is crucial to take cognizance of the odds of busting. For example, if a player decides to take a hit and he has a hand with a total of seventeen, his odds of busting are around 69% but if the total value of his hand is eleven or less, the chances are 0%. The reason for this is that there is really no card in the deck that will make him proceed to more than twenty one which means he cannot immediately lose. When a player draws another card, he will be able to boost his hand and enhance his odds of beating the dealer at the end of each round. The winner in the game is the player with the highest total of numbers.


Generally, in the hit or stand strategy, hitting is the most often utilized blackjack move because of the fact that it offers players the chance to structure a higher total by obtaining an extra card. Nevertheless, there are some cases where the hit move is not advantageous and it is highly recommended that the player should avoid it in such cases.



When you should Stand

Generally, players should stand when they believe that the total in their hand is adequate to make them a winner. Ideally, your decisions should be based on your total and also up-card of the dealer. If the dealer has a higher valued game card and a player believes that the odds of the dealer busting are high, it is ideal for the player to stand in such scenario. Unfortunately, many blackjack players often overlook the fact that this is another great way to win in a game and usually assume needless risks by making a draw of another card in an effort to boost their hand. Regrettably, they attain the direct opposite effect in many situations.


Based on the fundamental strategy, there are some cases when it is the best option to stand, irrespective of the up-card of the game dealer. For instance, if you are in possession of an ace and an eight, or a nine and an ace, it is recommended that you always stand. The reason for this is that the combinations of these cards are some of the best ones you can ever have in the game of blackjack which means it is always almost impossible for you to boost such hands. In a situation like this, you should stand and wait in this advantageous position so that you can make the best of them.


It is essential that you know how to act in the two specific situations and to never attempt to misplay the hands as they offer you the best odds of winning. Any other blackjack move, like double down, will likely put you in a weaker situation or make you to lose.


Another instance where standing is the best option is if you have a complete twelve and the dealer’s up-card is four, five, or six. It is highly recommended that you carry out this move when your hand totals number 13, 15, or 16 and the dealer’s up-card is from 2 through 6. Most times, in the cases mentioned above, the best bet is to be hit. There are two other circumstances where the basic strategy requires standing. The first is when you possess a soft eighteen hand and the up-card of the dealer is a two, seven, or an eight. The second situation is when you possess a pair of 9s and the dealer’s up-card is a 7, 10, or an ace.



The Soft Seventeen Rule

In the game of blackjack, players have the opportunity to choose whether to hit or stand simply by considering the total of their hands. Interestingly, it is possible to decide to act different each time. Nevertheless, when it has to do with the dealer, this does not apply because the dealer must perform based on the constituted rules. The dealer’s play is mechanical which means that his moves are predetermined by the established rules of the game. The soft 17 rule shows the manner in which a dealer must play when he has a soft 17 hand. It is important to mention that this rule can vary from one casino to another.


However, it is quite easy to decipher when the dealer decide to stand or hit on the card combinations as it is often displayed on the table alongside the payout for the blackjack game. It is very crucial to know well in advance if the dealer needs to hit or stand on soft 17 because the rule has a remarkable effect on the house edge. In the majority of the cases, the dealer may stand on a soft 17 or hits on 16 or lower, and this is in favor of the casino platform. You should therefore look out for variations which enforce the dealer to hit on soft 17 instead because the rule enhances the chances of busting for the dealer. It is critical that you consider this ahead of time so that you can adjust your fundamental strategy consequently, and make the best of your moves.



Players at blackjack tables need to follow the fundamental strategy if they want to consistently win at the table. Following the basic strategy of hit or stand can significantly boosts a player’s game and increase the odds of winning. Blackjack generally has a relatively low house edge and when a player understand a blackjack cheat sheet, double down and basic blackjack strategy properly, he can easily manipulate the outcome of each hand to a large extent and win at the tables regularly.