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Royal Rabbit is an online gaming platform that looks to maximizing value for their customers by replicating the excitement of a traditional casino with the additional convenience of enabling gamers to stay at home while doing so. Royal Rabbit Casino is incorporated in Curacao. This is primarily to remain outside any jurisdiction that is under intelligence treaties or countries that might be in the future.


Royal Rabbit Casino has an international customer base which has necessitated a diverse range of gaming selections in order to properly cater to each customers segment. Royal Rabbit Casino seeks to leverage every conceivable advantage they can obtain and pass on most of those advantages to their customers. This is a very long-term outlook on business operations that recognizes the importance seeking new customers as well as retaining existing customers.


Royal Rabbit Casino is part of the trend in recent years of gamers shifting their wagers from traditional casinos to online gaming platforms. This is the result of the mass proliferation of the internet in an increasing number of countries.


Royal Rabbit makes sure that their focus is not overly concentrated in any single feature of their operations. From gaming selection to customer service to fund transfer, Royal Rabbit makes sure that every aspect of their operations is given the care they deserve in order to produce a well-rounded and satisfactory gaming platform.



When it comes to attracting customers, one of the most obvious and visible ways of doing so is to advertise multiple promotions that can be applied to as wide a range of gamers as possible. That way, Royal Rabbit remains as commercially inclusive to their customers as possible, providing superior value to them along the way.

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Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus that Royal Rabbit offers is extremely eye-catching. Newcomers can enjoy a 100% match to their initial deposit up to 500 Euros. Most online gaming platforms do not even match half the amount. On top of this, gamers can look forward to receiving up to 250 free spins on Royal Rabbit video slot selection. The number of free spins that gamers end up receiving is based on their initial deposit amount.


Having a welcome bonus is a necessary first impression that online platforms must use. This is where online gaming platforms catch the attention of potential customers by providing the best possible first impression of their platform as possible. Only then can gamers see the rest of the offers and rewards that Royal Rabbit provides customers who stay on with them.


Cashback Bonus

A very interesting bonus that gamers can take advantage of is a cashback bonus. In order to be cashable, gamers simply need to wager a multiple of 25. The bonus is interesting because it is not advertised by Royal Rabbit. It is nonetheless still there for gamers to take advantage of.


These sorts of bonuses are extremely important for online gaming platforms to have on offer. This is because many gamers will move on to other platforms or simply leave their accounts dormant once the welcome bonus has been exhausted. Having other bonuses following the welcome bonus that gamers can easily take advantage of will keep them interested and aware of the value that Roal Rabbit has to offer them.


Registration Process

The registration process itself is a great place to gauge the willingness of an online gaming platform to provide value for their customers. This is because having a simple and user-friendly registration process is not something all platforms have created. Quite often, some online gaming platforms will neglect this part, which shows that their commitment to providing value for online gamers is not absolute.


Another reality that needs to be acknowledged is the fact that older gamers are still reluctant to make the transition towards online gaming. Many of them are still content with placing wagers in traditional casinos that they have to drive to. This disposition is understandable given their lower levels of familiarity with the internet.


Fortunately, Royal Rabbit Casino recognizes this issue, which is why their registration process is extremely simple and straightforward. The portal to begin the registration process is in plain view and the instructions for each step are written in plain language and placed in plain view.


Another concern with online gaming platforms has been the security of personal information on these platforms. Royal Rabbit understands this concern as well. As such, they keep their business accounts and the individual accounts of their customers completely segregated, making any abuses impossible to remain untraceable.


Software Suppliers

Having a good list of software suppliers is essential to providing a good gaming platform. Not only will this enable online platforms to provide a good variation in gaming selections, but this will also minimize the effects of any cyberattack.


Knowing this, Royal Rabbit has made great efforts to widen their selection of software providers without compromising on quality. Betgames and Betsoft are just two of the dozens of software providers that work with Royal Rabbit Casino that are well-known for their commitment to quality.


Game Selection

Having a well-rounded gaming selection is key for any online gaming platform. If the goal is to replicate the ambience of a traditional casino, having all the games found in a traditional casino is a good start. Fortunately, this reality is not lost on Royal Rabbit Casino, who go to great pains to provide as many gaming selections as possible.

Royal Rabbit Casino Offers Many Games



Video slot games form the basis of any successful online gaming platform. Video slot games are a quick and easy way for gamers to places wagers. This is especially useful for gamers who are busy and do not have much time for a long wager. Slot games provide a quick alternative for those who do not have much time.


Royal Rabbit has a very attractive selection of video slot games on offer for their customers. Slots such as Vicky Ventura, Treasure Rain, and many more are available for all gamers to place bets on. Everything starts and finishes very quickly.



The poker selection of any online gaming platform is an essential addition on top of a good video slot selection. This is in order to attract gamers with a little time on their hands. While video slots appeal primarily to those new to online gaming and those who have busy schedules, poker appeals to those who have a few minutes to spend enjoying a bet but not much more than that.


Fortunately for these gamers, Royal Rabbit can be relied on to deliver a world-class selection of poker games for them to choose from. Every popular genre of poker is there for gamers to choose from. This shows the commitment Royal Rabbit has made to making the experience of all their customers as enjoyable as possible.


Live Casino

Live casino games are the finishing touch of any online gaming platform. Live casino games make an online gaming platform feel more authentic and realistic. Without live casino games, online gaming platforms would not be able to become legitimate alternatives to traditional casinos. They would simply be gaming sites with specific games.


Live casino games are one of Royal Rabbit’s specialties. Many live casino games are part of their selection and feature many different styles of gaming. From different blackjack genres to live Monopoly, there is something for just about every taste and preference imaginable.


The live casino games at Royal Rabbit are also very realistic. The AI dealers have been programed with conversation sentences and reactions that do not seem very artificial or forced. This further adds to the ambience of a traditional casino where the dealer would make conversation with regular players.


As technology continues to improve, we might very well see the incorporation of VR headsets into the online gaming system at Royal Rabbit. Indeed, this is the next logical step in getting closer to an authentic traditional casino feel and would be a very welcome improvement for gamers everywhere.

Royal Rabbit Casino Offers Live Casino


Deposits and Withdrawals

Speedy deposits and withdrawals are an essential part of the administrative system of a good online gaming platform. It shows gamers that the gaming platform is dedicated to making as convenient and welcoming an environment as possible. Having a good and efficient system of fund transferring that is also flexible shows gamers that the online platform is serious about earning their trust.


For deposits, there are several options of payment processors that gamers can choose from. Bank wire transfers, Visa and Master cards are all acceptable universal processors that gamers can use to deposit their funds into their personal accounts with Royal Rabbit. There are many regional payment processors such as Neteller and Skrill along with many others that serve regional markets. Because they operate in over 20 different countries with different currencies and levels of financial sophistication, Royal Rabbit Casino is keenly aware of the need to be flexible when it comes to this part of the business operation.


For withdrawals, it is even more important that online gaming platforms provide quick, easy, and flexible options for their customers to withdraw their funds. Failure to do so can raise suspicions of ill-intent and result in a permanent loss to customer confidence. Royal Rabbit is fully aware of the risks of not being flexible with processing withdrawals. As such, Royal Rabbit offers withdrawals through the above channels as well as Zimpler and even CryptoCurrency.


Customer Service

Customer service is important in industries that have move past their growth phase. Businesses who understand the inevitability of this will have prepared their customer support system well in advance of this happening. The reason why customer service becomes increasingly important as an industry matures is because the pool of potential customers becomes smaller and smaller.


As time goes by, the people in the marketplace who want to become customers of online gaming platforms would have already done so. Therefore, as the industry matures and saturates, competition will become increasingly intense. This means that online gaming platforms like Royal Rabbit cannot simply compete on just the selection of games they have. They will have to compete on other aspects as well, including customer service.


Fortunately, Royal Rabbit Casino has already made the necessary preparations. One of the most stand-out features of Royal Rabbit’s customer support system is that it is available in 8 different languages including English, German, Russian, Italian, and Norwegian. The reflects the international nature of Royal Rabbit’s customer base.


In addition to all of that, Royal Rabbit also offers 24-hour email and online chat support every day. This will undoubtedly give Royal Rabbit Casino an edge over their competitors and provide even more value for their customers.


VIP Offering

VIP offerings are just as important as welcome bonuses and regular promotions. A VIP reward system can be the key to retaining the best and most loyal customers of any online gaming site. Studies have repeatedly shown that, even in a growth industry, it is far less expensive to retain a loyal customer than it is to recruit a new one. So, once your customer base reaches a critical mass, it is best to simply work on keeping them happy.


Royal Rabbit Casinos is entirely committed to this. Loyalty rewards can be found throughout the gaming platform at all levels of experience and wagers. Regardless of how long you have been with them or how much you like to bet, Royal Rabbit understands the need to make sure that you know that they still care about you. Gamers are regularly given bonuses based on how much they placed in wagers since they joined. There rewards are usually instantly redeemable and do not require elaborate thresholds and conditions to be met.


As time goes on, the need for this will only increase as the industry continues to saturate with new online gaming platforms. But based on what they have done since their inception, it looks like Royal Rabbit will be able to outlast the competition and serve their customers well.

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Mobile Gaming

The importance of mobile gaming cannot be understated. Mobile devices went from being outnumbered by computers to far outnumbering them in just a few short years. This trend towards using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the internet over devices like computers will also significantly change the way the online gaming industry is organized.


Mobile devices simply make it more convenient for gamers to access their favorite games. In an increasingly mobile world, it is important for gamers to be able to access their favorite online games, whether they be poker or live casino or slot games, even when they are on the move. Unfortunately, computers are relatively stationary devices that can really only be used when you have stopped moving and have time to turn your computer on. With mobile devices, gamers are able to place their bets even when they are headed to a destination. This convenience is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity.


Fortunately, Royal Rabbit Casino fully understands this trend and knows exactly what to do. Royal Rabbit’s online gaming platform is entirely compatible with mobile devices and can be accessed regardless of what type of electronic device gamers are using. In fact, Royal Rabbit has gone as far as to develop their own app that allows gamers to access mobile-friendly versions of their favorite games from their devices anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.


Gamers can also just use the web browser on their smartphones or tablets to access their games as well. This usually takes more bandwidth and time on mobile devices compared to the app only because of the nature of smartphones. Having said that, Royal Rabbit is keen on making their platforms as mobile-friendly as possible, which is why they have gone through an effort to make it so.


As technology continues to improve, Royal Rabbit will undoubtedly adjust their platform to suit the developments. Improved graphics, faster rendering speeds, and many more things look in store for the future. By constantly looking for the newest technology to improve the gaming platform, Royal Rabbit will ensure that they remain relevant in the industry and continue to serve their customers well.



All in all, Royal Rabbit can be said to have done an excellent job in serving their customers, which is the foundation of any sustainable business model. Royal Rabbit is a relative newcomer onto the online gaming world, but they have already made it clear that they are serious about making a splash in the industry.


With a lovely welcome bonus and many other rewards scattered throughout the gaming platform, gamers will inevitably feel that they are being rewarded for their continued business and that Royal Rabbit has not forgotten about them. This will become an even greater advantage for Royal Rabbit in the future as the online gaming industry becomes more competitive and more focused on keeping their existing customers satisfied.


Because Royal Rabbit is already making sure that their customers feel valued, this competitive advantage will become even more apparent in the future. Royal Rabbit’s excellent customer service further adds to their competitive advantage by serving as an additional source of value customers can enjoy. Gamers are not only able to access the best games the online gaming industry has to offer, but they can ask for help if they have any concerns whatsoever and Royal Rabbit’s dedicated customer support staff will be there to assist them.


The future is never certain. There are many variables outside our control that we will need to deal with. But what we can do is to prepare for as many possibilities as we can. Royal Rabbit has definitely taken this to heart and will almost certainly do well in the years to come.