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Mr. Play Casino is an online gaming platform that seeks to entertain gamers from all walks of life and all tastes. Mr. Play Casino was established in 2017 and has based their operations primarily in Malta and the UK. Mr. Play Casino is one of the few gaming platforms that makes a very concerted effort to be a platform that gamers can truly enjoy.


Seeing that the whole purpose of a gaming platform is to derive excitement as the main form of utility, Mr. Play Casino certainly does their best to live up to this purpose. Mr. Play Casino provides the game selection they do with the goal of giving their customers as much value as possible.


With very few customer complaints and plenty of positive testimonials, Mr. Play Casino is definitely a favorite within the online gaming community. Even though it came in to the industry very recently, it has been able to turn this novelty into a strength.


By taking advantage of the fast-paced online environment, Mr. Play Casino was able to leverage the constantly changing landscape of information technology and catch-up to industry veterans. Today, Mr. Play Casino is as established as if they have been in the industry since the very beginning.



Mr. Play Casino offers their gamers many offers and bonuses all the time. Mr. Play Casino understands the need to deliver value to all their customers. Because of this, promotions and offers have been created that cater to every type of customer they have. From newcomers to those who have been on the platform from the very beginning, there is something for everyone at Mr. Play Casino’s platform.

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Welcome Bonus

Mr. Play Casino has a particularly generous welcome bonus for anyone thinking about opening an account with them. When gamers sign up with Mr. Play Casino, they receive 100 free spins that can be used at a number of premium slot games on the platform.


Moreover, Mr. Play Casino also matches the initial deposits of newcomers to the tune of 100% up to 200 Pounds. This high of a match threshold is very rarely seen in the online gaming industry. Both of these offers put together gives players a good deal of value right from the start.


Reload Bonus

One of the big pitfalls that many online gaming platforms is to only offer welcome bonuses and not much else. This is a big problem because of two main reasons. Firstly, this does not provide any incentive for gamers to stay on after the benefits of the welcome bonuses have been exhausted. Secondly, it makes gamers feel exploited and used if they realize that the main bonuses offered by an online gaming platform are limited to welcome bonuses.


As it turns out, Mr. Play Casino has a very attractive reload bonus that is open to any account holder. The reload bonus provides a 50% match on the subsequent deposit up to 200 Pounds.


Blackjack Marathon

Every now and then, Mr. Play also has an event called the Blackjack Marathon. In this offer, 2,500 Sterling Pounds in prizes will be made available to qualifying members in a whole host of games.


Registration Process

The registration process is where some challenges exist. This is mainly due to older gamers who are not used to placing wagers. One thing to always remember is that those who did not grow up with information technology might be averse to putting money on a virtual game.


This is a very understandable and predictable result. Fortunately, Mr. Play Casino has made their registration system as user-friendly as possible in order to ease any concerns over the complexity of signing up. All gamers need to do is click the “open account” option on the top right corner of the main page.


A small pop-up will appear asking for an email address, username, and password. Once that is done, the gamer will be taken to the second and final step of the process and be ready to place wagers in no time. Another concern of many is the level of security of the site.


As is expected with top gaming platforms, Mr. Play Casino keeps their accounts separate from that of their customers. There is also extensive encryption systems and other inline security measures that protect the privacy of their customers and make it next to impossible for any of their information to be stolen by unscrupulous hackers.


Software Suppliers

When it comes to choosing their software suppliers, Mr. Play Casino is very keen on diversifying their selection as much as possible. This is in order to offer as many different games to their customers as possible but also to ensure that no single security breach can compromise their entire gaming platform.


Playtech and Microgaming are just the largest of dozens of software suppliers that service the Mr. Play Casino gaming platform. This shows the effort taken by the people who run Mr. Play Casino to give as much value to their customers as possible. Such effort will go a long way in securing Mr. Play’s position in the online gaming universe.


Game Selection

Mr. Play Casino is able to leverage their size and influence to procure a very wide range of different games. Again, this is all done with the customer in mind. The wide range of games Mr. Play offers on their online platform guarantee something for just about every taste and preference in games.

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Mr. Play has accumulated a world-class selection of slot games that any gamer would enjoy trying their luck with. Household names such as VIP Gold and King of Clubs are just some of the choices that gamers will see when they look at Mr. Play’s slot game selection. One source of pride for Mr. Play Casino is that they only pick the slot games that have the bet graphics for their selection. It becomes very difficult to have a bad day at the online gaming platform when you are constantly greeted by beautiful and exciting graphics that transport you to the place and make you feel at ease.



Mr. Play Casino has a very inviting selection of poker games that gamers can choose from. Because video poker is so popular with gamers, Mr. Play Casino has made a point of accumulating a good selection of videopoker games for all their customers to enjoy.


One of the best-known poker games in Mr. Play’s selection Joker Poker. What makes this game interesting is that the Joker cards are left in the deck as wild cards. This makes for a more exciting game. On top of this, there have been testimonials of players winning as much as 8,000 Euros in a single sitting.


Table Games

A true test of an online gaming platform’s selection is on how many table games they offer. And one of the best tests of that is in how many styles of roulette they have. Fortunately, Mr. Play Casino does not disappoint in this regard.


From European Roulette to Lounge Roulette, there several styles that gamers can choose from, all with their own different sets of odds as well as graphics. Moreover, Mr. Play Casino even has a roulette playing guide for those not well-versed in the game. Not very many online gaming platforms will teach you how to increase your odds of winning against them.


Live Casino

One of the first oddities gamers will notice about Mr. Play’s platform is the proliferation of blackjack games that is offered. Just a quick glance at their featured games list will reveal dozens of different blackjack games that gamers can pick from.  The blackjack games offered come in a variety of betting levels as well as playing styles.


In the age of technology, many things are able to be transferred to the virtual world. Casino games are no exception to this. However, there are certain aspects of gaming that are more difficult to replicate online that many gamers still want. One of these things is the casino atmosphere itself.


Put simply, the ambience of the casino with its low-hanging ceiling is very hard to replicate on a computer screen. But what Mr. Play Casino has been working on is to provide as realistic of an experience as possible. One of the ways they tried to do this is by making their AI dealers as human-like as possible.


The AI dealers at Mr. Play’s blackjack game tables are programmed to be as realistic as possible, with casual conversation lines that do not seem forced as well as good graphic rendition. With the proliferation of VR headsets, it seems like only a matter of time before they will be incorporated into Mr. Play’s online gaming systems.

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Deposits and Withdrawals

Being able to easily make deposits and withdrawals is very important for any online gaming platform. This is because having easy money transfer systems adds to the user-friendly aspect of online gaming systems. Again, Mr. Play is at the forefront of developing easy money transfer systems for their platform in order for customers to move their funds around quicker and with less hassle.


Regarding deposits, Mr. Play Casino allows for many routes to be used. Direct wire transfers as well as Visa & Mastercard options are available for any country Mr. Play operates in. Neteller and Skrill are some of the more popular regional payment systems customers can use to deposit funds into their account. A very modest minimum of 10 Euros is needed for each deposit.


For withdrawals, Mr. Play does have relatively relaxed conditions on how much can be transferred out and how quickly it can take place. PayPal, Visa, Master and wire transfers are universally accepted on Mr. Play’s platform. Skrill and EcoPayz are popular regional payment processors that can be used as well. Card and bank transfers will take somewhere between three and seven days to fully process whereas EWallets will be done within 24 hours. Up to 7,000 Euros can be transferred out every day.


Online gaming platforms that do not make an effort to offer multiple routes of transferring funds will undoubtedly fall behind those that do. This is especially true for gaming platforms that operate in several countries with different currencies. Fortunately, Mr. Player is one of the last platforms that can ever be put in this category.


Customer Service

Customer service is becoming an increasingly popular field which competitors are doing battle with each other. This is very natural in an increasingly competitive industry such as online gaming. Customer service is a key area of advantage that can be built without offering any new product or service. What you are offering instead is to treat your customers better than your competitors do. This resonates with a very large segment of the market.


One of the best parts of Mr. Play’s customer service system is their FAQ section. While Mr. Play Casino welcomes active inquiries and feedback, they also recognize that some customers simply do not have the time or do not wish to write down an inquiry or complaint and wait for a response.


In anticipation of this, Mr. Play Casino has developed a ridiculously extensive and systematic FAQ system which is carefully designed to help customers as effectively and efficiently as possible. When a customer takes a look at the FAQ section, they will first see the top five most asked questions displayed at the very top of the page.


Immediately after that, what people will see is a meticulously categorized eleven main categories and dozens of sub-categories. Anyone will be able to navigate this list that is free of any ambiguity and will answer just about any question possible.


VIP Offering

Mr. Play Casino has one of the most elaborate VIP offering system of any online gaming platform in operation. One quick glance at the VIP section of the Mr. Play site will reveal a multi-tiered VIP system that ranks gamers very specifically based on the amount of time and bets made since they signed up.


Mr. Play offers gamers half a dozen different VIP tiers that offer increasing benefits and privileges. The first four tiers can be obtained through a point system. The top two tiers of VIP can only be obtained through an explicit invitation from the administrators of Mr. Play.


What this does is it adds a real sense of exclusivity to gamers who have been loyal to Mr. Play’s platform. In an increasingly saturated market, both customer service and loyalty programs become the main areas that businesses compete in.


In that case, Mr. Play seems to have a great competitive advantage over the competition through the development of their VIP tier system. Not only is this good for business, this also shows that Mr. Play Casino does indeed remember and care about their customers. By having a very well-thought out VIP rewards system, Mr. Play is making it quite apparent that they do value the continued business of their customers long after they have signed up with them and have exhausted their welcome bonus.


Mobile Gaming

Many experts have speculated that mobile devices represent the future for the online gaming industry. This is generally because of the fact that people are on their mobile devices longer than their computers and that there are simply more mobiles than computers at this point. As such, it would make sense for any online gaming platform to make sure that their games work well on mobile devices and computers alike.


As it turns out, Mr. Play Casino is also ahead of the competition in this regard. While many players in the industry still do not have mobile compatibility, Mr. Play has made their online platform entirely compatible with any electronic device type currently in circulation.


Moreover, Mr. Play is consistently rated very highly for the quality of their mobile-friendly platform. Most people who primarily use their mobile devices to access the online site find the mobile versions of the platform very enjoyable. In fact, Mr. Play even has an app that can be downloaded onto people’s phones or tablets.


As with other mobile-friendly gaming platforms, there is usually the option of simply accessing the site through the web browser like how it is done through computers. This is indeed possible, but this tends to be a lot less efficient than simply downloading the app.

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In summary, Mr. Play is a very well-rounded and well-reputed gaming platform that entices gamers of all possible stripes to place wagers. Mr. Play Casino has been able to use the level of technology available to them and leverage it with their existing strengths to create new ones. This only serves to further cement their position amongst the very top tier of online gaming platforms.


By committing fully to meeting and exceeding the demands and expectations of their customers, Mr. Play Casino has been able to hold onto their customers and persuade them to visit Mr. Play to meet their gaming needs.


Mr. Play Casino is able to anticipate many future needs of their customers and even potential customers. By anticipating as well as preparing for those anticipations, luck indeed favors the prepared as Mr. Play has been proven right on many of their predictions such as the elderly moving onto online gaming platforms as well as the future of online gaming being on mobile devices.


By never resting on their laurels and constantly re-inventing themselves, Mr. Play Casino has been able to transform themselves from being a relative newcomer onto the online gaming scene into one of the most recognizable names in the business. Only time will tell if Mr. Play will be able to hold on to their advantages, but if the past is any indicator, it looks like they will be around for many years to come.