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VideoSlots Casino is one of the best-known online gaming platforms in the world. The first impression most people get when browsing their online gaming site is the vibrant colors on the main page. This is largely due to the colorful nature of the many online games that VideoSlots offers.


VideoSlots Casino specializes in instant play games that are designed to give gamers instant gratification. This is done with the purpose of giving maximal value to the customers. VideoSlots Casino has a great range of online gaming options to choose from as part of their effort to reach out to as large a market as possible.


One of the main goals of VideoSlots is to give a stellar first impression so that gamers will spend enough time on their platform to see the long-lasting value they can offer them. VideoSlots sees a good first impression as just the first step in convincing gamers to give their business to them.


Good first impressions are by no means the only way VideoSlots provides value to their customers. From random bonuses to all possible genres of games, there is something for everyone at VideoSlots Casino. VideoSlots Casino is accessible in many countries and accommodates several major currencies including the Euro, Pound Sterling, US Dollar, as well as the Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian Krone.

VideoSlots Casino



One thing VideoSlots Casino has in abundance is promotional offers. Indeed, there are more offering s and rewards than anyone can track. Many of them are offered without any hassle whatsoever. Moreover, these offers, and rewards are offered to gamers at all stages of affiliation, from newcomers to seasoned veterans.



Welcome Bonus

VideoSlots Casino has one of the most attractive welcome bonuses anyone can find. The biggest one is a match of 100% for the first 200 Euros deposited into the gamer’s account. VideoSlots Casino is not shy about advertising this welcome bonus offer to gamers wherever they can be reached.


All customers need to do is to head to their profile and click on the bonus section. There, they will be able to activate this bonus and use it as soon as it is credited to their account. Customers will feel a great sense of value from this offer, which in turn increases the likelihood that they will continue to give their business to VideoSlots Casino.


Weekend Booster

The weekend booster is one of the most popular and reliable promotion that gamers can count on every week. How it works is that the accumulated profits a gamer has over the course of the week are paid out systematically. What VideoSlots does is divert 0.5% of those winnings into a vault that accumulates over the course of the week. At the end of the week, this amount is then automatically transferred to the customer the following Friday, just in time for the weekend.


The idea is that gamers get an unexpected boost to their account balances right before the weekend. This has been known to deliver positive psychological benefits to many gamers.


Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are what many online gamers spend a lot of time looking for. One of the more well-known bonus codes is NIRVANA081215. This bonus code gives gamers 15 free spins, with all the winnings from them going straight into their accounts.


Another great bonus code is EXCLUSIV. This bonus code gives gamers a 10 Euro bonus without needing to make any deposit. These are just some of literally dozens of bonus codes that can be found on many review websites. This is yet another example of the efforts undertaken by VideoSlots Casino to provide the best value for their customers as possible.


Free Spins

When it comes to free spins, VideoSlots Casino is very hard to beat. Most of their bonus codes are for free spins either in general or for specific games on their platform. One such bonus code would be GEMIX011215 which awards users 15 free spins that can be used immediately.


Another such free spin bonus code would be VIKINGS141015. This bonus code will give gamers yet another 15 free spins. There are entire lists of bonus codes that can be applied to dozens of different games so that no one feels left out by these promotions.


Registration Process

The registration process can be tricky. It is not physically tricky, but mainly from a psychological standpoint. A lot of older gamers are having a psychological block when it comes to making the transition to online gaming. This is very understandable since they have only recently had the option of online gaming over physical gaming.


Many are not too good with technology and would rather not have to deal with an online registration process. Fortunately, VideoSlots Casino knows and understands this issue and have designed their registration system to be as efficient and user-friendly as possible.


All gamers need to do is to locate the registration portal on the main page. Once they are in the portal, there will instructions on how to get through every single step. The purpose of this is so that no one feels lost at any point in the process. Gamers are able to register as quickly as their fingers will let them and start playing in no time at all.


Another concern is that of privacy. Indeed, there have been cases in the past of theft and that has understandably given a negative impression of the online gaming industry. Fortunately, VideoSlots Casino is doing their part in mending that image. The Business account of VideoSlots Casino is kept segregated from the individual accounts of gamers under any circumstance. This ensures that no one can ever get away with any misconduct.


Software Suppliers

One of VideoSlots’ biggest security concerns is the threat of a cyber-attack. VideoSlots has addressed this issue by diversifying their list of software suppliers. Some of the big names that service VideoSlots Casino is Microgaming, Rival, and Interactive just to name a few. Another great benefit to this diversification is that VideoSlots is able to offer a wider range of gaming options for their customers. This gives them more options to make wagers, which makes them more satisfied with the platform and increases revenues for VideoSlots.


Game Selection

When it comes to game selection, VideoSlots has done everything in their power to ensure the largest variety of games are made available to their customers, who are their number one priority. From slot machines to table games and everything in between, there is just so much to choose from regardless of anyone’s tastes and preferences.



Some of the best slot games can be found on VideoSlots’ online platform. Indeed, VideoSlots has most of the popular slot games on the internet, in line with their commitment to delivering superior value to their customers. The more options VideoSlots is able to offer gamers, the better their revenues will be and the happier customers will be with the service. Moreover, some of these slot games have very low minimum wager requirements. Some have them as low as 0.1 Euros. This, again, is part of the effort to make VideoSlots Casino as economically inclusive as possible.



As with slot games, VideoSlots offers a whole range of poker games that gamers can chose from. Poker and slot games are key to a strong and basic foundation for any gaming platform to have. VideoSlots is no exception to this rule.


Table Games

When it comes to table games, VideoSlots has a host of blackjack games and many others that gamers are able to sample from. With their selection, VideoSlots makes it clear that they are not going to rest on their laurels. What table games can do is recreate the environment of a physical casino. Indeed, with technology improving constantly, VideoSlots Casino will be better able to recreate a convincing casino setting through a screen one day.


Live Casino

Live casino takes the desire of gamers to feel the sense of being in a physical casino to the next level. While some argue that it would be easier to just visit a physical casino, this is not an option for many people. In order to attempt a recreation of a physical casino setting, live casino games have been introduced to try to simulate this feeling.


Every casino table game can now be played on VideoSlots’ online platform. VideoSlots has made a considerable effort to include as many different versions of these games in as many genres as possible. For example, there are different styles of roulette with their unique rules that gamers can choose from.


Again, the goal here is to convince the brain that it is indeed inside a physical casino. In accordance with this spirit, VideoSlots Casino has done everything they can to make their live casino games as realistic as possible. AI programs are made as sophisticated as possible in order to make the atmosphere as authentic as possible. And with technology improving at such a rapid pace, it might only be a matter of time before platforms like VideoSlots Casino are able to fully immerse their customers into an authentic virtual casino.


One of the most interesting games of any type would probably be the Monopoly Roulette Tycoon game. Many people are not aware that platforms such as VideoSlots have been able to work together with software suppliers to come up with versions of Monopoly that are not just a simple PlayStation rendition, let alone one that allows people to place bets on.

VideoSlots Casino Options


Deposits and Withdrawals

Allowing customers multiple and flexible ways of depositing their funds for gaming is very important for any online gaming platform to be good at. As it turns out, VideoSlots has a whole list of viable payment processors that they will accept. The main international include both Visa and Mastercard as well as bank wire transfers.


Regional processors that are usable include Skrill, Klarna, and many more. It is very important for an online gaming platform with an international customer base to have a very flexible payment processing system, otherwise many potential customers would be excluded from participating.


When it comes to withdrawals, there are also many different avenues from which to liquidate account holdings. Both Visa as well as wire transfer are the acceptable international methods of withdrawing funds. For regional processors, Neteller and Skrill are some of the accepted forms of outbound fund transfers.


VideoSlots Casino allows for up to 30,000 Euros to be withdrawn every month. This will take different amounts of time depending on the method used. Cards and wire transfers both take somewhere between three and five days whereas EWallets does it within the hour.


Customer Service

Having good customer service is a very important component of remaining competitive. This is especially true in industries that are undergoing homogenization. As industries homogenize, the differences in the products and services they offer their customers starts to decrease. This means that in order to remain differentiated, industry players will need to look at other places to stand out in, and one of those is customer service.


It is still unclear if the online gaming industry is in the process of being homogenized. But regardless, it still does not hurt to be nice to your customers. This is in fact what VideoSlots Casino tries to do. Rather than focus on the product and completely ignore customer support systems, VideoSlots has decided to be good at both of them.


The FAQ section is very detailed and contains questions that are exhaustive and properly categorized. Each question contains a well-written answer that seeks to be informative as well as polite. Some questions are even anticipatory and address potential complaints directed towards the many safety measures designed to protect the gamers on the registry.


If that is insufficient, there many other ways of reaching out the customer support team directly. Not only is there a standard email portal, there is also a live chat option that can be accessed at any time. On top of that, there is even an option to give the customer service team a call. One caveat that should be mentioned with regards to calling is that standard international calling rates may apply depending on your local phone carrier.


VIP Offering

It is one thing to attract new customers onto an online gaming platform. It is a whole other task entirely to convince them to stay on. In fact, studies have shown that holding onto an existing customer is far and away cheaper than trying to attract a new one. As markets mature and saturate, new customers will become increasingly harder to find. This is why as time goes on, it will be essential for online gaming platforms to deliver continuous value to their existing customers so that they stay on.


One way of doing this is by creating a VIP section that long-term customers can qualify for. Most do this by setting a betting threshold amount that gamers need to meet in order to qualify as VIPs. Once VIP status has been achieved, gamers will be able to take advantage of either a new set of exclusive games or simply better odds and rewards when they bet in general.


In the case of VideoSlots Casino, they have chosen to offer exclusive games to their VIPs. The main game of choice for VIPs is live VIP roulette. The graphics in this game are simply out of this world. Moreover, VIP gamers can still pick their choice of roulette style to play with. This is simply one way for VideoSlots Casino to say thank you to their loyal customers for their continued support.


Mobile Gaming

Having the gaming platform available in mobile form is absolutely essential for an online gaming platform to survive these days. Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic shift away from the prominence of laptops and PCs as the main conduit to access the internet towards the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The proliferation of smartphones over the last decade has been particularly telling of the trends in information technology.


In line with these trends, VideoSlots not only makes their online platform accessible through web browsers on smartphones but has actually developed an app that can be downloaded on mobile devices. Both ways work on mobile devices, but the app just makes things faster. The presence of an app is indicative of the level of commitment VideoSlots has towards serving their customers. It also shows how prepared they are to take control of the technological trends of the coming decade.



In summary, there is a lot that can be said about VideoSlots Casino. They are one of the premier online outlets that gamers patronize because of how well-run the platform is. From the selection of games to the ease of payment processing, there is no shortage of benefits of signing up with VideoSlots Casino.


We can most definitely recommend playing VideoSlots Casino because of all the ways VideoSlots Casino makes itself valuable for the customer. No longer will it be considered acceptable to attract new customers only to treat them poorly once they are signed up. No longer will it be permissible to use their information without their express notification and consent. Gone are those days, and VideoSlots Casino played a big part in bringing an end to them.