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When you are ready to hit casino sites and play for big money, there are some platforms that stand out of the crowd. Your preferred casino should offer you the opportunity to not only enjoy your games but to win big while at it. In this casino review, we will look at BitStarz Casino in light of what it has to offer its players. Truthfully, this is one of the casinos that does not have very strong presence on the internet, so the whole idea of reviewing them is to really know what they are up to and what they have to offer players. Interestingly, we were wowed by what we discovered.


Overall Review of the Site

Before we go ahead to expatiate on our findings about this site, we would like to confess our first impression about the casino platform. In our opinion, BitStarz is quite low profile and it might really not worth going through the stress of reviewing it but thankfully, we didn’t fully trust our opinion. Based on our findings, we will share some amazing discoveries about the casino site. Please, understand that our review is a factual account of the state of affairs of BitStarz. We look at both the positive and negative aspects of the platform to give you a holistic picture of the casino site. So, relax and enjoy reading.


BitStarz casino is top notch in any way you want to look at it. Based on our assessment, this casino site ranks among the top casino sites in the world. One thing that stands out, the casino site is not your regular site. It is not just another run of the mill platform dedicated to Bitcoin casino. All games on the platform are of the best quality and they are well laid out in an organized manner. The promotions as well as bonuses offered on the platform are also exceptional. When you create an account on BitStarz, you immediately get free spins without making any deposit first. You can also play all the games on the site before even creating an account. This allows you to evaluate the quality of the games before signing up on the site.


When it comes to financial aspect of the site, depositing and withdrawals are seamless. The casino platform offers free withdrawals which is quite unbelievable. The support system on the site is also one of its kinds. You can access the support system offered on the site without any stress and the customer support team are always ready and willing to assist you with whatever issue you have. No doubt, BitStarz casino is one of such casinos that are worth taking a second; a third; a fourth; and even a fifth look at. Let us look at the various areas of the casino site in details.



Available Games

Now, if you are looking for a wealth of variety of games, this is a platform to look out for. The platform offers some of the best quality in terms of games. The graphics are great and very fast in loading. All games on BitStarz are designed on full display and you can play any of the games without creating an account. In other words, you can first test out all the games in free-play mode and see if you like them. If you don’t, you can walk away without leaving any of your information behind. There is a wide variety of high quality casino games as well as live dealer games offered on the platform.


Generally, casino platforms have their strengths in the kind of games they provide to their players. For instance, some sites offer amazing slot games but nothing to write home about when it comes to table games. However, this is not the case with BitStarz casino. We took our time to go through each of the games on the site and believe us; they are all worth checking out. None of the games on the site is of low quality and you can be assured that signing up on the site is worth your while.



Highlights of Games on BitStarz Casino

We don’t always want to hype casino sites when reviewing them but it has been a very long time that we came across a site like BitStarz. It is, therefore, imperative for us to go into the details on what we have found on the site. Therefore, we will go a little deeper into talking about the varieties of games found on the casino site.


Slots Game

We were pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed while going through the slots available on the site. In fact, we spent some time trying our hands on some of the games and you can only imagine the fun we had on the site. Amazingly, we didn’t even have to register an account before we could access all the games on the site. All the games can be played free of charge without any condition. One thing we discovered that made us speechless was the quality of the games. The graphics are impeccable and of very high quality.


We must confess; it’s been a very long while that we saw something of this excellent taste in the online casino world. Honestly, we do not think that there is enough recounts that we can give about this site that will do justice to what we found. So we will recommend that you go through the site and see yourself to better understand what we are saying. One minor downside to the slots varieties is the absence of branded games. Branded games are those that are named after specific movies or TV shows. The site doesn’t have much of this. Of course, it is not totally compulsory to have such games but many slot players love playing them. Other than this negligible thing we noticed, the slots section is amazing and very rich in quality and content.


We cannot forget to mention the layout of the slot games. Whoever did the job of organizing the games did a great job. Slot games were arranged in such a way that it is very easy for players to find what they are looking for. They are listed in a searchable format and arranged based on the gaming providers or in alphabetical order. Some of the slot games providers on the platform are Asia Gaming, Booming Games, Betsoft Gaming, Endorphina, SoftSwiss, and pocketdice.


Currently, there are over 160 slot games at BitStarz and about thirteen of the games are also linked to jackpots. The jackpot offered on slot games at BitStars range from about €3,000 to €25,000. This site is definitely one of the best places to make your dream of winning a big jackpot true.



Variety of other Casino Games

Apart from slots, there are other games that can be played at BitStarz. These games are arranged according to the sections which are categorized as Live Casino (also known as liver dealer) and Table Games. There are a total of six offers for live casino in the section of the Live Dealer. These six different offers are of the best quality. However, before you can access the live casino, you will be required to log-in which means you have to create an account first. Majority of the game selection for live casino is Baccarat. The pictures of the dealer listed on the platform are mainly Asian Dealers.


There is also an amazing selection of table games that players can explore. Unfortunately, craps players might not find the ideal games on this site because it seems BitStarz casino doesn’t have the game. If you decide to ignore the unavailability of crap games, you will enjoy playing top notch table games on the site. All games are very contemporary and the quality is quite high. The games are current and feature the latest technologies in the industry. Just like the slots, all games available in the table games section are also available for free-play mode. You don’t need to create an account before you play any of the table games on the site. There are over 20 table games that players can explore on the casino site.


Banking Options at BitStarz

Known majorly as a Bitcoin gambling site, one would ordinarily assume that the only banking option on the site is Bitcoin and maybe a handful of other options. However, we were surprised to discover that there are quite a number of other banking options available on the site, in support of Bitcoin. BitStarz offers thirteen different options for deposits, and nine options for withdrawals. It is obvious that this casino site is customer-focused and understands the needs to provide flexibility of options to players in terms of their banking needs. Another top discovery for us is the free withdrawal. We were pleasantly shocked when we discovered that players can make withdrawals for free on the site and without any issue. One thing though, players are charged a little fee when making deposits on the site. Although this seems a bit odd but when we consider the free withdrawal, we think it is not such a big deal after all.


Also, there are some other options of deposits that do not require any fee which means you can easily avoid the fee if you want to. Moreover, the deposit fees were quite minute. Apart from being free, the withdrawal process is also exceptionally fast. For some, it is instant which means you will receive your withdrawal in your account immediately after placing your withdrawal order. If it is not instant withdrawal, then you can expect your money in your account within 1 to 3 working days. This is actually very exciting and novel as many of the casino sites around require longer processing time to get your money into your account. You don’t have to worry about getting confused when depositing or making withdrawal on the site. There is enough information on deposits and withdrawals on the site that will make your transaction as seamless as possible.


Options of Deposits on BitStarz

As highlighted earlier, there are thirteen options of deposits on the site and you have the choice to use any of them. Some have as low as a fee of 0.5%, some others have 2.5% while some are free. The highest deposit fee on the site is 5% and this is associated with only ComePay payment method. If you are making deposits with Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Sofort, iDEAL, and Trustly, there is no fee required on the deposit. Paying through Cubits attracts a deposit fee of 0.5%, while Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard, attract 2.5% deposit fee.


Withdrawal Options at BitStarz

As mentioned earlier, making withdrawals on the site is free. Some withdrawals are processed immediately which means you get your fund in your account immediately. Others are processed between one to three days, meaning the fund will reflect in your account within one to three days. Withdrawal with Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, and Sofort takes one to three days to process while Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Cubits and ComePay are processed immediately and payment made immediately. It is important to mention that withdrawal on the site is free. However, if you are withdrawing through ComPay, you will be charged a small fee of 0.2%.


User Interface

We have been to some casino sites and we felt like fish out of water. We had to ask ourselves how we landed on such sites. With BitStarz, the experience was seamless. All segments on the platform are properly categorized and well laid out. Whatever you are looking for, as long as it is on that site, it wouldn’t take you long to find it. All games are well arranged and players can easily sort them out. There are multiple ways in which you can sort out the games; either by going through the game providers, or the alphabetical order. The layout and graphics are exceptionally designed which gives players and visitors a remarkable casino experience. As soon as you log on to the site, you will be highly impressed with the look and feel as well as the quality of the site. You may not really understand the beauty and excellence of this site until you check it out. So we recommend that you go through the site and see it for real.


Bonus and Promotions at BitStarz

The section for bonus and promotion on the site is also very impressive. It is nicely laid out and easy for you to view. There are amazing bonuses and game promotions going on in the site on regular basis. You can explore specific promos for specific games and there are also some general promos that you can also enjoy. The promos on the site do not need you to opt-in to enjoy the promos. All promotions and bonuses are automatically available to all players on the site. There are numerous deposit and welcome bonuses as well as individual game promos and some rake-style race competition.


It is essential to mention that the deposit bonuses on the site are not very fantastic. They are quite small when compared to other sites that have been reviewed. You don’t have to browse through the whole site to see the available promos and bonuses; they are well laid out with details of each of them. Unlike many other casino platforms, you don’t need to contact any support team in order to gather all the information you need on a specific promo or bonus. All the details you need are clearly specified on the promo page.


Let us look at some of these bonuses and promotions in detail.


Bonus on Sign Up

When you sign up on the site, you get instant 20 free spins. You don’t need to make any deposit to enjoy these free spins; all you need to do is to create an account and you can have your bonus spin. You might want to check this out even if you are not looking to play on the site for long. You can just sign up and enjoy some games with your free spins; but beware; you might end up changing your mind about sticking around for a very long time on the site.


Bonus on First Deposit

After creating your account; and you decide to start playing on the site, you will be required to make deposit in order to access the various features on the site. For your first deposit on the site, BitStarz offers you a 100% match-bonus which may be up to 1 Bitcoin or €100, in addition to 180 free spins as bonus.


Bonus on Second Deposit

When you make your second deposit, you will receive a 50% match-bonus up to 1 Bitcoin or €100. For this deposit, players do not get spins.


Bonus on Third Deposit

For your third deposit, you will receive a 50% match-bonus which is up to 2 Bitcoins or €200.


Bonus on Fourth Deposit

Your fourth deposit attracts a match bonus of 100% up to 1 Bitcoin or €100.


Bonuses on Monday Reload

Players who make deposit into their account on a Monday also stand a chance to enjoy some bonus. Monday Reload bonus is 50% of up to 250 mBTC, or €50.


You don’t need any bonus code to enjoy any of the deposit bonuses. In other words, as soon as you make the deposit, the bonus will be applied to your casino account automatically.


Free Spins Wednesdays

Players who make deposits on Wednesday and place bets on the same amount they deposit before midnight of the day will receive a good number of free spins.


Rook Double Cash Bonus

Players who play Rook’s Revenge Double Cash will receive double of their win if they land together, the red mask symbols on horizontal row.


Slot Wars

Players can receive additional free spins and free cash every week simply by playing their favorite slots. When playing, you earn some points for the number of games you play and you will be placed on a leader board for that week. If you are among the top thirty players in that week, you will receive a part of the €1000 prize pool and additional 250 free spins.


Table Wars

This is almost like slot wars with the only difference of this being for table games. The sum of €1000 is placed in the prize pool for the week and it is paid to top twenty players. This means that the winners receive more prize money than in slot wars. In other words, they receive €500 instead of the €300.


It is crucial to mention that players do not need to opt-in in order to enjoy bonuses on BitStarz. You automatically receive the bonus and promos if you qualify for them. This makes the casino site one of the best in the industry as there are very few casinos that offer bonus and promos in this manner.


Customer Service at BitStarz

Customer support at BitStarz is exceptional. The site offers email support, phone support, live chat, and social media support, including Facebook and Twitter. Another exciting customer support feature offered on the site is the ability to request for a call from the customer service team without bothering about being charged on phone calls. Also, the response time of the team is quite efficient. At BitStarz, players get their issues resolved in a timely manner without the frustration of waiting forever to receive a response from the site.



We have been opportune to review numerous casino sites but BitStarz wowed us on a different level. Seriously, we got more than we bargained for. We were not expecting something out of the ordinary from this site but they surprised us in a very great way. With amazing and top notch games collection, exceptional customer service, free withdrawals and fast processing, innovative bonuses and promotions, BitStarz surely surpassed many acclaimed leaders in the online casino industry. The only shortcoming that seem to cast a tiny gray on the casino site is the little deposit fee. However, we can forgive them for that, especially when we consider every other amazing feature available on the site.