Sodapoppin net worth

Sodapoppin: The Infamous Twitch and YouTube Personality

Born on the 15th of February, 1994 as Chance Morris, Sodapoppin has become a formidable internet personality since he stormed the scene with his exceptional Twitch and YouTube channels. He is an American internet personality, a Twitch streamer, and a popular YouTuber. He has some of the biggest following on his Twitch channel with more than 200 million views and more than 3 million followers. His YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and more than 330 million views.



Sodapoppin Journey into the World of Twitch and YouTube

Sodapoppin began his journey online in the year 2012 when he started streaming on Twitch. Suffice to mention that he switched to Twitch from Xfire the same year. Few years after he began streaming, he became a successful player of World of Warcraft and attained the top rank with more than half of Twitch’s followers watching his exploits online. Sodapoppin was actually one of the very first Twitch streamers to become successful through Twitch. Of course, there are many people who desire to play video games, and do live vlogs about it, and get paid while at it. However, for Sodapoppin, he has attained his desire and he is absolutely living his dream. Apart from World of Warcraft, he was also streaming other games before he moved to the world of online gambling streaming.


Sodapoppin Early Days as an Internet Personality

Although Sodapoppin is successful today but he didn’t start being successful at the beginning of his career online. As a matter of fact, the road was rocky and full of setbacks. He had to fight against numerous barriers before he could attain his Sub and become one of the most successful online celebrities today. As with everything in life, not everyone favors Sodapoppin. Many don’t appreciate his tricks but many will concur that he is keeping his activities and streaming as real as it can get.


One thing that stands Sodapoppin out of the crowd of streamers is his personality. Sodapoppin is quite unpredictable. Unlike many streamers who are your kind of good guy, chill or aggressive; you can’t possibly pinpoint the class you can categorize Sodapoppin. He is basically a bit of everything on the screen.


Although he started out as a World of Warcraft player, he has dabbled into other games, including casino gambling games. In the year 2014 and 2015, Sodapoppin began to stream blackjack casino gambling on casino platforms. In the course of his gaming, he had won and lost thousands of dollars. For instance, he lost a total of $5,000 on a single hand while playing at the online casino. More than 43,000 viewers watched him lost at the game.


Sodapoppin is definitely not a professional player, neither an e-sport person. However, his personality has enabled him connect perfectly with his audience during his gaming activities or while vlogging. This has distinguished him from the crowd of other streamers on Twitch.


Let us take a look at the events that led to the popularity of Sodapoppin on the internet and how he became the famous internet personality that he is today.



How Sodapoppin became Famous at Twitch and YouTube

Sodapoppin was one of the very first sets of people to engage in the Blizzard game of World of Warcraft. When the game started in its beta stage in 2003, he was one of the very few people that got hooked to the game. It wasn’t until the following year when they released the game that others started latching on to it. Sodapoppin’s love for virtual games started from when he was little. While growing up, he was always excited to show off his PvPs games to everyone that cared to listen. He got involved in his game and was constantly playing and showing off his skills. By the year 2010, he had moved to start playing online and he began to play at the defunct Xfire platform, a live streaming website. While streaming at Xfire, Sodapoppin didn’t get many views but his activities on this platform started off his online streaming gaming career. Before the launch of Twitch, he had about 500 followers on Xfire.


At the launch of Twitch the following year, Sodapoppin stepped out into the limelight. He began to play World of Warcraft and he was receiving floods of views. A huge fan base of World of Warcraft would congregate at his channel to enjoy the amazing performance he brings to the table while engaging in raids and PvPs with one of his friends or his followers. By the year 2018, Sodapoppin net worth is placed at an estimated figure of $400,000.


Today, Sodapoppin has diversified his gaming interest and is not frequent at World of Warcraft games anymore. He has begun to explore other games, including casino games. Interestingly, he has maintained his fan base even though the majority of his followers are die-hard fans of World of Warcraft.


Well, if you are looking for a family-centered platform, Sodapoppin’s Twitch and YouTube channels are definitely not what you are looking for. His channels are nothing like Shroud or Ninja, or any other family-friendly channel at that. Now, it’s not as if he talks trash or something like that. The thing is that his jokes are not something that children should listen or watch and it is something that parents might find quite offensive. His channels are for individuals who prefer real life streaming. He doesn’t fake things neither is he a pretender. He is simply doing his things without any frill or filler.



Sodapoppin Banned

Sodapoppin has more than 3 million followers on Twitch and a total view that exceeded 330 million. Currently, he occupies the 16th position in the Top 100 Most Followed Streamer on Twitch. When Twitch platform was first created, Sodapoppin practically lived on the platform. The only thing he did then was always to stream his gameplay at the Blizzard most successful World of Warcraft. The core of his streams then were PvPs. He was the rave of the moment as everyone wanted to watch him play. Apart from his games, his humor and jokes made him the favorite streamer of all times. He was one of the first set of streamers to make the most natural slang in the Twitch community, ‘POG’ to become a trend.


On various occasions, Sodapoppin has been banned from Twitch. As a matter of fact, he is one of the Twitch personalities that received the most banned slots on the platform. You might want to ask the reason why he was banned. First, his ex-girlfriend was in possession of firearm while he was streaming live. Second, his ex also revealed her ass while Sodapoppin was streaming live. Another time, it was a case of his girlfriend revealing a lot of cleavage on live streaming, which Twitch tagged as inappropriate for viewers.


Although he was banned severally, Sodapoppin still found his footing after many struggles. He activated his Sub and became a fully active streamer on Twitch. Today, he is one of the top Twitch streamers pulling hundreds and sometimes millions of viewers per live stream. Many people have wondered about what distinguishes this young Twitch streamer from the rest of his contemporaries. Some have argued that he is more of a comedian, which was why he has enjoyed so much followership and views on his videos. However, Sodapoppin is more than a comedian. No doubt, he is always cracking one joke or the other about his gaming escapades and World of Warcraft. When you are looking for a sarcastic streamer, Sodapoppin comes to mind without any stress. In fact, his heights of sarcasm often leave new viewers who have no inkling about gaming in a world of confusion when he makes his satirical statements.


In all of these, Sodapoppin is not entirely unserious. He makes some serious and realistic statements that his viewers find realistic. He is also very open to share his opinions about any issue he is dealing with. For instance, there was a time he made an open statement about how tired and sick he feels when he thinks about female “twitch streamers”. The underlying meaning of his statement borders on the reality of many streamers on the platform. According to him, many of these streamers are unreal and have nothing significant to offer their viewers.


While talking about his feelings on female streamers, Sodapoppin made a valid point. Although he tried to be nice and not rude, he went straight for individuals who are really streaming to make cheap money and increase their viewership. He accused them of just forming sexy before the camera without necessarily having any skills in gaming or stream entertainment. According to him, the only skill and feature they have to offer is their boobs. For many of his followers, Sodapoppin is just being real and making the obvious known. It is statements such as this that make people feel and think that he is indeed a real person that is willing to say it as it really is without fear of being judged. And of course, this is the kind of attitude that many followers are looking for. Sodapoppin doesn’t feel any qualms expressing whatever he is thinking per time. It doesn’t matter if he gets banned because the admin of Twitch thinks he is making and encouraging hate speech in his videos. He definitely will say it the way he feels about it.


Sodapoppin usually streams his video live. However, if you don’t get to watch the live stream, you can always watch the replay on his YouTube channel. Let us look at some of his most watched live streams on Twitch.


Stream Decides The Music #12


Sodapoppin uploaded the Stream Decides the Music #12 in August of 2017 and the video has enjoyed immense views since it was uploaded. Currently, there are more than 4.7 million views on this video alone. As the name indicates, the music underlay for videos shown in the stream is determined by the specific stream. Sodapoppin has been able to practice the skill of videos and music underlay to a great extent and this has made him the favorite of many of his followers.


Stream Decides the Music #21 (Sellout Sunday)


This is another of his series of Stream Decides the Music. This edition has a total of over 2.9 million views on his page. The video contains a 13 minutes and 52 seconds content that streams different clips of videos from different sources. This video is underlay with music and shows Sodapoppin laughing heartily to the hilarious video clips and making comments at some.


Another of his most watched video is the Stream Decides the Music #23. The live stream had over 2.8 million views. The video shows the same series of videos like the other Stream Decides the Music series of Sodapoppin.


Stream Decides the Music #23


What is the Stream Decides the Music all about?

With Stream decides the music, Sodapoppin doesn’t create any video or stream a personal video or something like that. He only takes other people’s videos and streams it live while he watches the video itself. The videos on Stream Decides the Music are picked randomly from other YouTube videos and are shown on Sodapoppin’s Twitch channel. He streams himself watching the videos while he gives his remarks or just laugh about the video. In spite of the fact that there is no originality of concept or idea in the video, millions of people still sit to watch Sodapoppin does his things.



Sodapoppin YouTube Channel

Sodapoppin’s Twitch channel is basically about his gaming exploit and an IRL streams. His YouTube channel, on the other hand, focuses mainly on the highlights from his Twitch platform and his personal vlogs. He currently has over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 330 million viewers.


Sodapoppin Net Worth

Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris, popularly known as Sodapoppin is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer. His net worth is estimated to be about $6 million USD. He makes his money from posting videos on his YouTube and Twitch channels. He does this multiple times within a week. When he first started on Twitch, he was known for playing World of Warcraft. With time, he began to stream gameplay of some other games, such as Dead By Daylight, IRL, The Joy of Sex, God of War, Overwatch, and The Spire, among others. He began to stream on Twitch in the year 2012 after leaving Xfire. Since he began his online streaming career, he has stepped up to occupy a position among the top twenty most followed streamers on the platform.


In addition to being an internet personality, Sodapoppin was also the co-owner of the Canadian e-Sport company, Northern Gaming. Later on in the life of the organization, NRG Esports made a bid and bought the company. Suffice to mention that NRG Esports is owned by Alex Rodriguez, Shaquille O’Neal, and some other partner. Sodapoppin has also become a partner in the organization.


In the year 2017, Sodapoppin participated in the H1Z1 Invitational tournament and started out on a good note. At the initial stage of the game, he eliminated a fellow streamer by the name, Dr. DisRespect. Unfortunately, Sodapoppin didn’t make it to the top ten in the game.


How much does Sodapoppin make on YouTube and Twitch?

With over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 330 million views on the same platform, it is not out of place to say that Sodapoppin is making huge money from being an internet personality. On average, he gets about 340,000 views on a daily basis from various sources online. These views basically would generate revenue of about $600 USD per day for him. This means that from his YouTube channel, he makes an estimated income of $220,000 per year. This earning is from various ads that come up on his videos.


Generally, YouTuber makes between $2 and $5 per one thousand monetized views on their channels after YouTube has taken its cut. Usually, monetized views vary from 40% to 60% of total views on the channel. It is essential to point out that everything regarding monetized views is impacted by different factors, such as the viewer’s location, device played on, and ad inventory. Other factors that impact on this include the number of ads that were placed on a video, the ad engagement, as well as the number of people that skipped the ads, among others. The cost per ad view is determined by the auction between the advertisers and the views.


Additionally, there is a program called Google Preferred, which allows big-spending organizations to target ads on the top 5% most viewed contents. For this, the rates for the ads are higher than the standard. In addition to ads, YouTubers also make additional income from YouTube Red viewers. These are individuals who pay monthly subscriptions to view videos without ads and watch premium contents on YouTube. YouTubers get paid based on the watch time for their videos. In other words, the longer they watch their videos, the more they earn at the end of the day.


For Sodapoppin, he makes money from these different sources. However, his major source of income is Twitch. He makes money on this platform by paying the subscribers, donations, ad revenue, and Twitch bits. He currently has over 3 million followers on Twitch and he has an accumulated view of over 200 million. On average, he gets about 27,000 viewers per stream. He has been able to acquire over 15,000 subscribers on his channel. From these subscribers, he makes a minimum of $2.50 USD from each of them on a monthly basis. This makes about $37,500 USD per month and $450,000 per year.


It is important to mention that the fee being paid by each subscriber is $4.99 USD. However, Twitch Partners and Affiliates will get 50% of the subscription fee, which means the streamer will end up receiving about $2.50. For popular streamers, they can earn more than this basic figure as Twitch pays them more than the standard streamers. This is to encourage them and retain them on Twitch platform. Some of these popular streamers are upgraded to between 60% and 100% of their monthly fee.


In addition to the revenue sources highlighted above, another source of revenue for streamers is through the Cheering feature installed on their channel. This feature works with the chat feature of the channel. When a fan cheers a streamer with bits in chat, the streamer gets paid. You might be wondering what the Cheering is all about. Well, a Cheer is an animated chat emotive that utilizes bits. By typing ‘Cheer1’, a bouncing gray triangle will be generated and this would cost the fan 1.4 cents. If you type ‘Cheer100’, a dancing purple diamond will be generated and this would cost you $1.4 USD. Fans have the opportunity to cheer any amount they desire. This includes any irregular figures. When you cheer any amount, you can expect the corresponding emotive to commensurate the amount. In other words, the larger the cheer, the larger the cost you would have to pay. For instance, if you type ‘Cheer10000’, you will generate a fractured red star and this will cost you $140 USD.


For every Bit pledged, the streamer will receive one cent and Twitch will retain the 0.4 cents. Fans also have the opportunity to donate money directly to their best streamers. They can do this through cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. They can also redeem their pledge through Paypal. There are different third-party service providers that Twitch streamers can use to connect their account in order to activate the extra features. These features include alerts and donations. There are some other popular services on Twitch, which include StreamTip, Gaming for Good, Stream Elements, StreamLabs, Muxy, and StreamTip. These services are designed to offer special donation page for streamers to host their channel on their own server. With this, streamers can easily direct their viewers to make donations.


These donations also make a large percentage of Sodapoppin income generation on Twitch platform.



Controversies surrounding Sodapoppin

On a number of times, Sodapoppin was banned from Switch because of some controversial contents he posted. In fact, Twitch sees him as a rebellious individual who rarely plays by the rules. Prior to the year 2014, streamers could stream any unfiltered contents that many people would consider very offensive. However, after Amazon bought over the website, things automatically changed. Streamers had to filter their contents to make sure that they are not offensive and not seen as hate speech. For individuals like Sodapoppin and other streamers, conforming to the rule was quite a struggle. As a result of this, they got banned from streaming whenever they posted any content that is believed to have caused anyone hurt or offended anyone.


Over the years, Sodapoppin has adjusted to the requirements of Twitch. Although he has curbed his excesses in terms of unfiltered contents, his contents still remain gritty much more than many other popular YouTubers like Shroud and Ninja. There was a time he got banned at World of Warcraft and had to contact the customer support of Blizzard before his account could be restored. Not long after his account got reactivated, he got banned again in the April of 2018. Fortunately for him, the ban was lifted the following day and he was able to return to live streaming.


Sodapoppin’s Relationship with his Fans

Although many people seem to have a lot of negative things to say about him but there are many people who see him as the best in Twitch. If you don’t believe this, you only need to check the number of his followers, subscribers, and viewers. He won’t have such a huge followers and viewers if he is really bad as many people think. Anyway, the major thing that has kept him at the top on the platform is his ability to interact well and freely with his viewers. He doesn’t talk at his viewers or over them; he allows them to contribute and chart the course for his live streams. There are times when he allows the comment section take over and determine the content of the rest of his stream.


His ability to interact with his viewers is a big plus for him and this has significantly influenced his clout on Twitch. He treats his viewers as brothers and sisters, and he is always ready to listen and respond to them. His behavior is more pronounced on the site especially when you consider the fact that many streamers do not interact well with their followers.



Who is Sodapoppin’s girlfriend?

Sodapoppin is currently dating Lea May Currier. She is also a Twitch streamer with the screen name, LegendaryLea. Although, the couple has been going steady for some times but no one could categorically predict the direction of their relationship.



Sodapoppin is more than your regular YouTuber or a live streamer. He is more of an all-round performer. There is always something new he brings to his shows. He is not focused on a single game or just talk all about games. He interjects with other aspects of life and many times, he leaves his contents to be determined by what his followers really want. For many of his viewers, the attraction for him is beyond his skills and professionalism in gaming but more on his personality and attitude when playing. Although he has practically stopped playing World of Warcraft, he still maintains his popularity and fan base, which is quite a laudable feat.