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ComeOn Casino is an online gaming platform dedicated to bringing a rich and holistic gaming experience to gamers of all types. ComeOn Casino was first established in 2010 and is headquartered in Malta. Many such online gaming platforms are licensed and headquartered in Malta due to the favorable legal environment.


ComeOn Casino serves many countries in the European market. This is reflected in the fact that ComeOn Casino deals in Euros, as well as Swedish and Norwegian Krone. ComeOn Casino also provides its services in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish. German, and Spanish in order to be as inclusive to potential customers as possible.


ComeOn Casino has made waves in the online gaming industry by offering gamers a very wide range of gaming experiences to appeal to their increasing need for novelty. As product life cycles become shorter over time, consumers will become increasingly prone to changing their tastes. ComeOn Casino has been making efforts to respond to this market reality by providing many different types of gaming options in order to satisfy market demands.


Indeed, ComeOn Casino has been touted by many reviewers as a platform that listens to the needs and desires of the online gaming community and has constantly been able to deliver value to them. Such consistent value is key to ensuring the relevance of ComeOn Casino in an increasingly competitive industry.



ComeOn Casino offers a whole range of different promotions and bonuses. Moreover, these rewards are of a diverse selection that contains something for beginners and seasoned veterans alike. Many see this as a great indication of ComeOn Casino’s commitment to providing superior value to their customers at all levels.


Welcome Bonus

ComeOn Casino has a number of welcome bonuses that can be taken advantage of. The most basic and universal one of these is five free spins upon signing up with ComeOn Casino. As soon the registration process is finalized, five spins are almost immediately credited into the gamer’s account. This can be used without much restriction.


These types of welcome bonuses are indicative of a gaming platform that is willing to risk losing money in order to show their sincerity in delivering value to gamers. There is always the potential of bargain hunters taking their winnings from their no-deposit free spins and never returning. ComeOn Casino is willing to take that risk.


Welcome Bonus ComeOn Casino


50 Free Spins

There many other welcome bonuses that do not require a specific deposit. They however do require that a bonus code be inserted before releasing the constituent free spins to the account. One such offer provides the gamer with 50 free spins. The conditional bonus code is NEON50. Once that code has been entered, the 50 free spins will be released, with the terms of its use spelled out in plain language.


20 Free Spins + Additional Deposit Bonus

Another very attractive welcome bonus can be obtained by putting the bonus code FREE88. This bonus code affords the gamer 20 free spins. What makes this offer attractive is the other component to it. This bonus code also makes the gamer eligible for a 100% deposit match up to a certain amount.


This is one of the most appealing welcome bonuses of any online gaming platform and reflects the level of competition in the industry. As with any industry born out of the internet, competition is very scarce in the first few years but comes in very quickly and intensely afterwards.


Free Spins

The best offer with regard to free spins can be accessed with the bonus code JOHNNYBET. This bonus code affords gamers a total of 50 free spins on ComeOn Casino’s platform. On top of this, the same bonus code also credits $25 into the gamer’s account as a bonus without having to deposit any funds whatsoever.


This is another example of the risk-taking that ComeOn Casino is engaging in as part of their effort to convey their sincerity towards serving their customers. And from the looks of it, this risk seems to be paying off quite well.


Registration Process

The online registration process is where some people become a little worried. This is due to two main factors. The first one is the concerns over privacy and the history of the industry in not being able to or deliberately unwilling to protect the privacy of their customers.


This is a very understandable concern that owes itself to the past actions of some questionable online platforms. Fortunately, this concern can be laid to rest with ComeOn Casino. This is because of their insistence on keeping their business account completely segregated from that of gamers’ individual accounts. Funds are never intermingled, which makes it all but impossible for anyone to get away with stealing money as well as personal information.


Another concern about the registration process is that of complexity. This is a concern specific to older gamers who might not be very familiar with electronic devices and how to navigate them. Fortunately for them, ComeOn Casino understands this concern and has setup their registration system to be as simple and unambiguous as possible.


Gamers can simply click on the registration option on the main page and will be taken to the registration portal. Once there, there will be helpful pointers on what to do next so that nothing is left to the imagination. This ensures a smooth and stress-free registration process that helps all gamers start their gaming schedules as soon as possible.


Software Suppliers

When it comes to sourcing software providers, ComeOn Casino is very concerned about keeping their selection as diversified as possible. This is so that any cyber-attack will not risk shutting down their entire operation. Another reason is so that ComeOn Casino can provide as wide a selection of online gaming options to their customers as humanly possible.


Yggdrasil Gaming, Thunderkick, and Microgaming are just some of the famous suppliers that service the ComeOn Casino platform. All have their specialties and strengths. ComeOn Casino is aware of their different niches and seeks to combine them as optimally as possible to deliver superior value to their diverse customer base.


Game Selection

Because of the efforts ComeOn Casino has made over the years, they have accumulated a very attractive range of gaming options. This range of options was designed with the goal of being as inclusive to as many potential customers as possible. As people will be able to see, ComeOn Casino has been very successful in this regard.


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One of the more unique features of ComeOn Casino is the selection of video slots that are said to be one of the best in the world. Video slots offer a very immersive experience that is in some ways greater than real-life slot machines. Ramses Book is one such video slot game. Gamers are able to see a glimpse of a bygone world while placing a wager.


While slot machines at a physical casino can be exhilarating to many, there are many ways that technology can be used to improve this experience. Video slot games attempt this by providing a virtual environment around the slot game itself to provide a more immersive experience to the gamer that is somewhere between a real-life slot game and a movie. This interesting balance has been popular amongst a large segment of gamers.



ComeOn Casino, in line with their diversification efforts, offers customers a wide range of poker games in most of the major styles. The most popular poker styles in most countries they operate in are Texas Hold’Em and Omaha. Not only are different poker styles offered, but the finer details of each game are designed for as many aesthetic tastes as possible. Sometimes, gamers simply want a certain background setting in which to place bets on poker. ComeOn Casino respects this preference of their customers and has worked hard on working with suppliers in designing game environments that appeal to their customers.


Table Games

Table games are an essential component to any online gaming platform. While slots and poker games can be exciting, gamers very often look for a change in their gaming routine, and table games can come across as very glamorous to some. ComeOn Casino understands this desire and caters to them accordingly. One of the most popular table games ComeOn Casino has to offer is Roulette Nouveau. Roulette Nouveau is a very popular game amongst the general online gaming community which is why ComeOn Casino was so keen on including it on their gaming platform.


Live Casino

Live casino games are absolutely essential for online gaming platforms in order to provide a well-rounded customer experience. This would be in line with any gaming platform’s efforts to provide their gamers with value in excess of the competition. Live casino games seek to replicate the feel of a real casino experience as much as possible. Live casino games seek to immerse the gamer in the setting and make them feel as if they were in a physical casino. Only then will the transition to online gaming be worth it. A big reason why this is so necessary is the “Caveman Syndrome”.

This is a psychological phenomenon whereby the brain wishes to be in an evolutionarily familiar setting. This is why the transition to the paperless was so difficult to achieve. The same phenomenon is at play with regards to the importance of live casino games. Fortunately, technological developments have made it easier to recreate the environment of a physical casino. By deploying realistic graphics and AI dealers that can interact more holistically with gamers, at some point the brain will be convinced of the authenticity of the setting and genuinely believe that it is in a physical casino.


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Deposits and Withdrawals

Having such an international customer base, ComeOn Casino understands the need to have as flexible a payment system as possible in order to cater to the different financial systems of the countries they operate in. Indeed, ComeOn Casino provides users with a variety of international and local processors that seek to keep their platform as accessible as possible.


When it comes to deposits, online bank transfers as well as Visa and Master cards are acceptable universal payment methods. Maestro, Skrill, and Neteller are just some of the regional payment processors that is usable in the ComeOn Casino platform. When gamers use the funds in their account to place a wager, that amount will be specifically demarcated towards that wager, leaving the remaining amount that is not demarcated for any ongoing wager as the “Available Balance”, like how checking accounts work with the accompanying debit card.


With regards to withdrawals, there are a number of methods that gamers are able to use based on their time preferences. Both card and bank transfers will take somewhere between two and seven days to fully process. Another option would be EWallets, which can finish the process within 24 hours. So far, there is no official limit to how much can be withdrawn in any given time space. Legal limits set by local governments will still apply though.


Customer Service

ComeOn Casino needs to have an extensive customer service network simply because of the size of their operations. Unfortunately, ComeOn Casino has received an unusually high number of false or unverifiable complaints in recent times. Because of this, ComeOn Casino does request that gamers seeking to file a complaint do so with the account details so that ComeOn Casino is able to verify the identity of the gamer.


Having said that, ComeOn Casino takes any complaint very seriously. This too is in line with the overall goal of ComeOn Casino to deliver the best value possible to their customers and best the competition. This cannot be done without addressing complaints from customers and learning from every one of them.


If gamers find a discrepancy between what they won and how much was credited into their account, they have the option of notifying ComeOn Casino. The complaint must be resolved by the customer service team within 7 business days without any exceptions. If the final verdict is not to the gamers’ satisfaction, they are also encouraged to dispute the verdict. This disputed verdict will then be handled by the Head of Customer Support, who also must resolve the matter and come up with a verdict within 7 business days for the customer.


VIP Offering

ComeOn Casino is looking to establish a VIP rewards system that encourages long-term use of their gaming platform. For now, ComeOn Casino has a very respectable variety of weekly and monthly offers that everyone can take advantage of no matter how long they have been a customer for. With the industry becoming so competitive, it is becoming increasingly important to show gamers that they can get the most value on ComeOn Casino’s gaming platform instead of others. This is key to attracting new customers onto the platform, along with the welcome bonuses that ComeOn so generously offers.


But this is not a sufficient measure to remain relevant in the long run. For that to be the case, industry players also need to focus on retaining their existing customers. Studies have shown that the cost of retaining an existing customer is far lower than trying to recruit a new one. As the online gaming industry starts to mature and saturate, it will become increasingly important to focus on customer retention. In order to do this, online gaming platforms need to show their customers that their business is still valued. This is most commonly and visibly demonstrated by having VIP rewards systems as well as loyalty programs in place. Fortunately, ComeOn Casino recognizes this trend and is working tirelessly to make this happen.


Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is the wave of the future for the online gaming industry. The proliferation of smartphones over the last decade has led to the increasing use of mobile devices to access the internet relative to laptops and PCs. Because of this, the long-term relevance of any online gaming platform will largely depend on their ability to provide access to their games via mobile devices. As it turns out, ComeOn Casino is ahead of the competition in this regard. As of writing this article, ComeOn Casino already had over 540 games that are compatible with mobile devices. This gives mobile gamers a massive selection to choose from when they are moving around and wish to place a wager.


Moreover, ComeOn Casino has a mobile app that can be downloaded to allow for better access to games. Without the app, gamers will still be able to use their phone’s web browser to access their account and make bets. The only caveat is that the app would make the process a lot quicker.



At the end of the day, the online gaming industry is one of the most dynamic and fast-changing industries out there. Only the most nimble and flexible players can hope to stay relevant for an extended period of time. Over the years, ComeOn Casino has shown themselves to be just such a platform. ComeOn Casino has been able to go from strength to strength by utilizing its advantages to create the next set of advantages in the future.


By leveraging technology from the beginning, ComeOn Casino was able to use their foresight to engineer a gaming platform that is fit for the future and not the past. ComeOn Casino is able to stay relevant for so long because they do not rest on their laurels. Constant innovation and adaptation are the ethos of this online gaming platform.


It is because of these reasons and more that we can recommend playing at ComeOn Casino.