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888 Casino bonus code & review

For anyone who has been a lot into gambling or even remotely interested, knows that 888Casino is a huge name in the industry. It’s as old as anything and is still always roaring with customers like crazy. It was established in 1997 and is still going stronger, getting better and better everyday. 888Casino has a stunning 25 million players customer base and it increases regularly. 888Casino has achieved this status by providing quality safe gambling, with excellent offers, and lots of support from customers. It’s based in Gibraltar, the hub of gambling and started from there when it first began services.


In terms of being up to date, 888Casino has been upgrading their system ever since they were founded. It was originally a small software and a mini business but provided services to many gambling enthusiasts. It has some very old customers as well. 88Casino takes care of its players and most of the customers that avail their services always put in a good word for them. Users can also find their online casino on PC Gaming or on Flash Casino. For downloads, they are available on windows. Mac users can use the Flash Casino option. 888Casino is a users’ favorite.


888Casino uses multiple languages in its database. This is because it acknowledges that its customers come from around the world. 888Casino is a very old casino hence they don’t just have customers or players from one place on Earth. Though they are based in Gibraltar, they accept players internationally. Except US. US has very strict laws for online gambling due to which many casinos cannot operate in their country. For the same reason, 888Casino does not accept customers from US as it’s illegal there to transfer money to an online casino. So anyone willing to gamble from US will have bad luck.


888Casino is a game that can only be downloaded on your personal computer. This is one of the very few downsides of 888Casino. Being an online casino, it should have the option to play through your phone by downloading an app. But you have to download the software in your personal computer in order to be able to access the casino. Mac users can’t download the software either. This is for windows users. That is also a drawback. If you don’t have your laptop with you at all times, you can’t instantly gamble on 888casino which is a bummer. But there are plenty of other excellent casinos that offer online gambling.


This casino is designed to give you ease of access and make your gambling comfortable. 888Casino has won Best Casino of the year and Best Operator 2015 rightfully so. So these awards tell you that we are not just hyping this casino up, it really deserves the recognition it gets every day. 888Casino is a big and old name in the online casino business and it deserves to be. It has been operating flawlessly since 1997. That’s when most people weren’t even aware about the internet or online gambling yet.


When you first join 888Casino, you will be asked to give some of your personal information. This will include your email address, your phone number, and a picture of your national ID card. Don’t worry, these things are asked to makes sure they are dealing with someone who isn’t a fraud and that they can be traced back. You can do the same. 888Casino is licensed and you can view the license on their website or request to view it. They also have excellent SSL Encryption which is something that keeps other people from tracking your information like your account number etc.


When it comes to licensing, casinos have to provide a lot of things to obtain a license. They have to give their proof of employment in most cases. This helps the governments track the owners to some place where they can be vouched for. They have to give their valid addresses and their valid identity cards. Casino owners have to be very invisible in order to get a license. So in terms of security, you can trust 888Casino. Their customer service is also very excellent. Their response rate is super fast so if you have any query, you can contact them without hesitation.