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Queen Play Casino is an online gaming platform that seeks to provide the thrill of the casino to gamers without forcing them to leave the comfort of their homes. Queen Play Casino is as fresh as you can get, having just launched earlier this year. While reviews usually center around industry veterans that everyone knows about, it might be exciting to look at a newcomer and what promises they have in store for online gamers.


Queen Play Casino is not letting their age hinder their expansion efforts and long-term ambitions. They are already operating in dozens of different countries and have made the website available in English, German, Finnish, and Norwegian. Clearly, Queen Play is looking to catch the industry by surprise with what they are doing.


The extensive efforts taken by Queen Play Casino to attract and retain customers form around the world also shows that they wish to provide as much value to their customers as they can. Queen Play, even at such a stage in their development, understands the need to make their customers happy and to persuade them to give them their continued business for many years to come.


Queen Play Casino is definitely one of the newcomers that older platforms should watch out for. In the next few months, we will definitely see if Queen Play is able to catch older industry players off-guard. Industry veterans can either take this competition seriously and adapt or brush it off and potentially suffer.



In line with the need to establish themselves as a source of value, Queen Play Casino makes a great effort to show that they are worth a visit. Queen Play Casino offers many different promotions and will almost certainly develop more as they mature in the industry.

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Welcome Bonus

Queen Play Casino provides a pretty attractive welcome bonus for those looking to try them out. Welcome bonuses primarily function to give gamers an initial taste of the value they can get from the gaming platform. This is a great way to get gamers to explore the platform and find the selection of games they enjoy, which could convince them to stay on for the long-term.


Queen Play Casino has a 100% match on gamers’ initial deposit up to a certain amount. On top of this, initial deposits of a certain amount are rewarded with 100 free spins on the many slot games offered by Queen Play Casino.


Registration Process

The registration process is the area that outside forces have a big influence in. The main influence comes from older gamers who are used to only placing wagers in-person at the casinos or booking agencies. Making virtual wagers online might come as a large shock to them as well as being a technical inconvenience.


Queen Play Casino seeks to solve this problem by being as user-friendly as possible. At the main page, there will be a “join” option towards the top right corner of the main page. Once gamers have clicked on it, they will be shown a two-step process of registration. The first one simply asks for an email address, account user name, and password. Once that has been done, the gamer will be taken to the second step which is just as simple.


Another issue many gamers have is regarding the potential for identity theft of gamers’ information. This is a very understandable concern because of what has happened in the past. There have been cases of defunct gaming outlets that secretly abused the personal information of account holders for their own gain.


Fortunately, Queen Play Casino understands this and have come up with excellent balancing mechanisms that ensures the safety and security of their account holders. Business accounts and gamer accounts are held perpetually separated, making it impossible to get away with unauthorized access.


Software Suppliers

When it comes to sourcing software suppliers, it is very important that platforms diversify their selection as much as possible. This is in order to prevent any cyberattack from crippling the entire platform. But another important reason is so that gaming variety is also maximized for the enjoyment of their customers.


In this regard, Queen Play Casino has done very well. They have sourced their software from over a dozen different suppliers. Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming are just two of the many well-known suppliers that work together with Queen Play Casino to make their online gaming platform as enjoyable as possible.


Game Selection

Because of Queen Play’s efforts to diversify their software, their gaming selection has been one of the first features to have benefited. Indeed, with so many games on the platform, Queen Play Casino is making it clear that age can be just a number in the online gaming world as well.

Queen Play Casino - Game Selection



Queen Play Casino has a very balanced selection of video slot games. Many classic favorites are available alongside brand-new video slots. VIP Gold and Fruity Friends are just some of the industry favorites that gamers will be fondly familiar with.


Queen Play Casino understands the need to expand their variety of video slots. In a time of increasing time preferences and product life cycles, it is important to constantly focus on keeping customers interested. This is usually done by providing a sense of novelty on a regular basis.



Poker and card games in general are a must-have for any self-respecting online gaming platform. Having a good selection of poker and card games is essential in showing that your platform is serious about trying to replicate the experience of going to a real-life casino.


Once again, Queen Play Casino does not disappoint. Games such as King of Clubs and Queen of Diamonds are just a couple of the card games that can be found on Queen Play Casino’s platform. There are so many that it is a challenge to get through and sample all the games being offered.


Table Games

Table games help to give a very well-rounded feel to any online gaming platform. Without table games, there would be a feeling of emptiness felt by gamers and the whole platform would not feel like a genuine alternative to a physical casino.


Fortunately, Queen Play Casino knows this very well and has given gamers a nice selection of different table games to sample and enjoy. Roulette Lounge is one of the most popular online table games around, and Queen Play Casino has been perceptive enough to include this in their online table games selection.


Live Casino

Live casino is the final touch in replicating the environment of a physical casino. Live casino games are created with the purpose of giving as realistic of a replication of a physical casino as possible. Many gamers are still reluctant to make the transition to online gaming platforms because they are worried that online platforms will not give the same feel as a physical casino will.


Queen Play Casino has made considerable effort in making their live casino games as realistic as possible to address this concern. AI dealers are designed and engineered to be as human-like as possible. Casual conversation sentences have been inserted so as to give off a feeling of human authenticity.


Blackjack has been a very popular casino game for as long as it has been around. Because of this, having a good blackjack selection is very beneficial for any online gaming platform. As it turns out, Queen Play Casino has a great selection of live casino blackjack games to choose from. Every conceivable style and setting of blackjack is at the gamers’ fingertips to enjoy.


Thanks to advances in information technology, these realistic features will get even more realistic and convince even more people to make the transition to online gaming. The graphics of the live casino games are becoming more realistic and the AI programs are becoming more human-like. Soon, VR technology might be able to be incorporated to give gamers a truly immersive experience and take away any of the worry about authenticity.

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Deposits and Withdrawals

Being able to easily make deposits and withdrawals is essential for gamers. As such, online gaming platforms need to provide as many ways to transfer funds around as possible in order to remain inclusive to their customers. This is especially true with platforms that operate in many different countries that use many different currencies. Payment processors that work in some countries might not be in operation in others. Platforms ignore this aspect at their peril.


For deposits, Queen Play Casino has greatly diversified the payment processing options they offer gamers. Bank wire transfers, Visa as well as Mastercard are the universal processors that anyone can use from anywhere. Trustly and Skrill are just some of the regional payment processors that service more local markets that Queen Play Casino has worked with to allow for transferring funds to the gamers’ accounts with them.


For withdrawals, Queen Play Casino recognizes the benefits of making outward transfers easy for gamers and the pitfalls of failing to do this. As such, Queen Play Casino has a very extensive list of withdrawal options that gamers can exercise. Neteller and EcoPayz are other methods that can be used that were not mentioned previously. Processing periods differ from as quickly as 2 hours with EWallets to about 7 days with cards sometimes.


Customer Service

Customer service is another very important area to be competitive in. This is especially true in industries that are becoming a lot more competitive. As competition increases, businesses have to compete not just on the products and services they offer, but also how they interact with their customers.


Good customer service conveys two main things. Firstly, it shows that the business is long-term oriented and understands the benefits of creating lasting commercial relationships with their customers. Studies have repeatedly shown that retaining existing customers is far cheaper than recruiting new customers. Secondly, it shows customers that the business does indeed care about them and value their business. In the long run, this is a winning strategy, especially if the market becomes saturated and there are no more potential customers.


As it turns out, Queen Play Casino offers their customers excellent customer service. All gamers need to do is head to the “help” icon towards the top left corner of the main page screen. From there, they will be transported to the customer service portal. Queen Play Casino has designed their customer support page to be very user-friendly and systematic.


The first thing gamers will see is list of categories that correspond to the more frequently asked questions. This saves gamers a lot of time by letting them find the solution without having to wait for anything. Should the list not be satisfactory, there is an option right below that allows customers to contact Queen Play Casino directly.


VIP Offering

VIP offerings are an important component of any sensible plan to retain valued customers. Many online gaming platforms repeatedly face similar issues. Once gamers have exhausted their welcome bonus, many of them tend to leave and search for another platform that will offer them a good welcome bonus. This process continues for as long as there are gaming platforms that have not been tried by the gamer.


The problem is that there is not much incentive for these gamers to stay with the platform and every incentive for them to look for new ones. Therefore, what needs to be done is for gaming platforms to provide incentives that are sufficient for gamers to want to stay with them.


One very effective way of doing this is by creating a VIP program that encourages gamers to stay with the platform and channel all their gaming desires through them in order to gain more benefits from the platform. In the case of Queen Play Casino, there are half a dozen different VIP tiers that offer ever greater benefits for playing.


The first four tiers can be obtained by moving up the point system that Queen Play Casino offers. Each subsequent tier will offer the gamer ever greater benefits. For the two highest tiers, membership is done by invitation only. This adds a sense of exclusivity that makes gamers feel special when they obtain it and hungry for it when they have not. This is a very smart marketing strategy on the part of Queen Play Casino.


Mobile Gaming

In today’s world, it is becoming more and more important for businesses of all types to be aware of changes in technology. Because technology changes so quickly, these changes need to be monitored constantly by businesses. Businesses need to be aware of new technological developments as they happen and do what they can to incorporate these changes to advance their business model.


When it comes to online gaming platforms, the most important technological development in recent years has been the mass proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices that can connect to the internet. This is because online gaming has very quickly trended away from laptops and PCs onto mobile devices. This is primarily due to the convenience offered by mobile devices in terms of being able to go online anywhere the person is.


Many online gaming platforms have not setup a proper mobile gaming option for their customers. The result has mainly been that they have lost many customers, especially amongst the younger age demographics who tend to use their mobile devices to access online gaming platforms. A lot of this business has gone to platforms such as Queen Play Casino.


Queen Play Casino recognizes the importance of making their platform as mobile-friendly as possible. This is why they have made their games completely compatible on mobile devices. As a result, they have positioned themselves perfectly to handle the competition very well and will continue to reap the benefits of this move for a while.

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All in all, Queen Play Casino is definitely not an outfit to dismiss. Although new to the online gaming scene, they have definitely made quite a splash in their short few months of operating. We can definitely recommend playing at Queen Play Casino. This recommendation is well-deserved because of all the efforts Queen Play Casino has taken to deliver superior value to their customers.


Queen Play Casino has been able to leverage the latest in technological developments in order to deliver as much utility to their customers as possible. Queen Play Casino uses the economic tools at their disposal and adds as much of a human touch as possible in order to give their customers an ease of mind and a feeling of being valued and appreciated.


Older industry players ignore the challenge of Queen Play Casino at their peril. Queen Play Casino’s story might be worthy of articles in business magazines around the world. Queen Play Casino has a lot of room to grow and mature their gaming systems to accommodate as many gaming tastes as they can see.


Queen Play Casino might not be known by many people simply because they are brand new. But that does not mean this will stay true forever. Over the next few months, more and more gamers will hear about Queen Play Casino. They will hear about the things they do for their customers. They will hear about all the positive reports from people who use their platform and might someday choose to do the same.