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Jackpotjoy Casino is an online casino that has won several awards over the past years, and is now a popular name in the casino network world. The casino was found in Britain and is now the world’s largest bingo site with over four million members.


In 2011, they won the titles of being the Year’s Bingo Day and the Year’s Slot site at the eGaming Review Awards.In February 2012 Jackpotjoy branched out to Sweden. The Swedish Jackpotjoy also gained immense popularity and success, just like its British predecessor.


Jackpotjoy is most famous for Bingo, however, they have managed to keep up with the demands of their users by offering them numerous other games too ranging from slot machines, slots, video poker, fast win games, table games and of course, bingo.


Jackpotjoy Slots

Although Jackpotjoy started off as a Bingo site, but now they are equally famous for their slots. What sets the jackpotjoy slots apart is the fact thatthey have created their own slots, instead of using those created by a provider. This is what makes their slots unique, fun and innovative. Jackpotjoy offers around 20 different slot machines and the common feature of all of these slot machines is their colorful and stylish touch. Not only that, they are also very simple to learn.


Jackpotjoy bonus code

Jackpotjoy offers new members a truly generous welcome bonus. It promises to increase your first deposit by 200% up to $2000. So, you can get started with quite a bit of extra cash.


Jackpotjoy free spins

Jackpotjoy has something for their old members too. They regularly offer members a chance to win exciting prizes that aren’t just limited to the casino world. Instead prizes also include real world things like a trip to some exotic holiday destination, or receiving a fun gift through the mail. To stay in the loop for when these free spins are offered, subscribe to their newsletter and go through it often.



All of the games and information is available in both English and Swedish, so that users are always at ease.



You can access all of the games the casino has to offer on all the mobile devices. In fact, Jackpotjoy offers even more games on mobile devices than it does on PC. More games are added almost daily and Jackpotjoy is working to expand its mobile site continuously. So, you can enjoy great casino gaming experience no matter where you are.