13 Facts You Need To Know About Blackjack

Over the years, the popularity of Blackjack and the thrill that it provides has never dwindled, but there are a number of facts about the beloved game that some people may not know. In this article, we are going to give you the 13 facts that you need to know about blackjack before making your way to the table.


  1. In 100 hands of blackjack, you will win 44 as odds are often much higher than initially thought. Not only are you likely to win a fair number of games but this can be completely influenced by the decisions that you make during a game. This is one of the reasons why this game is so popular with regulars as there is more chance of you winning in the long term.
  2. Blackjack has its own key phrases such as Split and double down that are vital to your success in the game, but there are also other need-to-know blackjack phrases that you will need to learn before taking on the pros.
  3. Blackjack is one of the oldest card games still played in a brick and mortar casino. This simple game is a favourite to many as the odds are far more level than other card games such as Poker.
  4. The house chance of winning is less than 1% this is key to the game as you can play in confidence knowing that you have just as much chance of winning as the house does.
  5. Blackjack is the most popular game in many casinos due to the level of skill that you have to have to play. Because the rules are relatively easy to grasp it is available for all skill levels to play.
  6. Counting cards is not illegal although it is not advised. If you master the art of counting cards, you have more of a chance of beating the house. Though this can take time, it is a fun trick to pull when playing with friends.
  7. A hand of 20 is the second-best hand in Blackjack behind 21 of course. This is one of the best hands in the game and gives you a larger probability of winning as a result.
  8. 16 is the worst hand in Blackjack as it leads you in the worst odds to achieve 21. It is also risky to split at this time as you can lose two bets rather than one.
  9. Blackjack requires skill in order to achieve outstanding results, even if this is very little knowledge, it is important to have the core rules mastered as this will work in your favour to win.
  10. Insurance is not worth the money so avoid buying in when you are offered. This will act as a side bet giving you 2 pounds for every one pound bet. This is not worth the investment as you could lose more in the long term.
  11. You can earn a living playing Blackjack professionally for a team which is something that you cannot do with any other card game, making this a popular sport for many of the more experienced players.
  12. 5 is the most influential number in a game as this can make or break your hand and your ability to win the game. Although it may be beneficial as a starting card, this could lead you to bust later in the game.
  13. The origins of the game are unknown as there are early signs of the game dating back as far as Spain in the 1600s and again in French literature from the 1700s.

Whether you are new to the sport, or you have been playing for a while now, here are some of the facts that you may not know about the game and who knows, they may even benefit you the next time you sit down to play.