Blackjack Cheat Sheet

How to use Blackjack Cheat Sheet: Blackjack Tips for Playing like a Pro?

Many of the successful blackjack players are very versed in taking actions on each single hand. They are very knowledgeable about the basic strategy of blackjack, as well as the advanced tricks. If you are just starting out in casino games, it might take you a long time to develop such skills. However, you can make great decisions at tables without previous experience or knowledge. By knowing the appropriate betting moves to take, you can play blackjack like a pro. So how do you know the best betting moves to take when you are just a beginner? This is where the Blackjack cheat sheet comes in!


What you need to know about Blackjack Cheat Sheet?

Casino games has been designed to make players lose in the long run. To make the best of the situation and increase players’ chances of winning the game, gamblers are always looking for various solutions to reduce the house edge. This is why the blackjack cheat sheet has become popular among players. By having the cheat sheet and knowing how to use it, you can easily increase your chances of winning if you are planning on playing a game against the dealer.


The Blackjack cheat sheet is a necessary tool that has been designed to enhance the game of a player and also maximize his opportunity of winning big while reducing the house edge. In this guide, we will look at two different cheat sheets. One is based on a situation where the dealer is positioned at soft 17; and the second on when the dealer plays a hit. First, it is important to understand what ‘soft hand’ means.


Soft hand refers to a situation where the hand consists of an ace and the player cannot bust after a specific draw. Due to the fact that the ace may be regarded as 1, or 11, the full value of the hand you have cannot be more than 21. For instance, if you possess an A and a 6, it could be a 17 or a 7. This hand is referred to as ‘soft 17’. Having this in your possession offers you an opportunity to freely draw without any fear of danger of breaking. Below are all the possible soft combinations you can have:

  • A2/13 – 13 or 3
  • A3/14 – 14 or 4
  • A4/15 – 15 or 5
  • A5/16 – 16 or 6
  • A6/17 – 17 or 7
  • A7/18 – 18 or 8
  • A8/19 – 19 or 9 (mostly likely to always stand)
  • A9/20 – 20 or 10 (Surely and always stand)

Interestingly, if you have an ace with a 10, or a cool face card, you can be assured of an unbeatable blackjack.


There is also something called Hard Hand, also known as total. It is the grouping of any type of two cards with the exception of an ace. With the hard hand, busting is very possible after another set of card draw. Hard totals include the following:

  • 9 – 7 (Hard hand 16)
  • 8 – 6 (Hard hand 14)
  • 10 – 7 (Hard hand 17)

If you have a high card in this scenario, there is a high possibility of breaking. Therefore, making a draw when you have hard hand is quite a risky venture.


In this guide, we will look at the cheat sheet known as the optimal basic strategy designed for 4-8 deck game of blackjack. In this cheat sheet, the dealer is positioned at soft 17. Below is the cheat sheet:




How to read and understand Blackjack Cheat Sheet?

Hit: This means you have to draw an additional card. This decision is required when the dealer already showed his card.


Stand: This means mathematically, your hand is good quality enough to keep. This stands and counts for positive outcome in monetary value.


Double Down: Increase your previous wager two times more if it is allowed.  It is recommended that you select these variations of blackjack that allow players the opportunity to double down. The most regular play in this scenario is when you have hard 10 (the exception is only in cases where the dealer also holds an ace or a ten), or hard 11, you should double down, if it is possible, or hit.


Play in the same way if you possess soft 13-17, and the dealer reveals 5 or 6. This doesn’t mean this is the only scenario that you can play this kind of game. In other to explore the different aspects of the blackjack cheat sheet as well as the different aspects of the game, it is crucial to spend quality time to analyze and understand the cheat sheet as highlighted above.


Blackjack Cheat Sheet Tips: Learn through Analysis

To become a pro in playing blackjack, it is important to analyze the blackjack cheat sheet and arrive at your own conclusions. There is no way you can play like a pro without first analyzing the cheat sheet. For instance, you may discover that in most cases, you are not expected to split pocket pairs that are lower than number 88 in the case that the dealer reveals an 8 or a higher number. One other important tip you should never forget is that under no condition should you split Tens. This is due to the fact that the hand is quite too strong with a total of 20. Under no condition should you split it. It is better for you to keep it and grab your win.


One important thing to note is that you should always split your aces. In addition to this, you should also nearly constantly split 88s. The main purpose for having to split your aces is basically straightforward. Having a complete value of AA, which is 12, is not such a good game. However, if you have two different aces, you may end up with quite a great profit. This means you have 2 soft hands and high possibility of winning double.


In the same vein, if you have a magic pair of cards with 88s, the game becomes quite tricky. This case is a bit different due to the fact that the hard hand total of 2 eights is 16 and this is believed to be the worst total in all of blackjack games. There is rarely any possibility of winning naturally whereas there is a high chance of busting if you choose to draw. At the point of splitting, there is a chance of hitting a 9 or a 10 and make a win with a 17 or an 18. This is apparently of more substance than a 16. A point to note however; if the dealer has an ace, your 2 eight is not going to be of great help. It is better that you surrender if the opportunity presents itself, otherwise, you should hit.


To become a better player at blackjack, it is important that you go beyond the cheat sheet. You have to learn more. Learn about the different strategies of blackjack and understand the basic game rules of blackjack. In addition to this, learn the basic strategy of the game, card counting, as well as how to use the blackjack cheat sheet like a pro. Having an adequate understanding of the basic strategy of the game, as well as card counting, will enable you to play blackjack game seamlessly and nothing will scare you about the game.


Possible Earnings with Blackjack Cheat Sheet

As mentioned earlier, gambling is a game of chance with high possibility of losing than winning. However, with a cheat sheet, your chance of winning increases significantly. Normally, every time you make a decision at a blackjack table, you either make some winnings or losses in dollars. With a cheat sheet, you can increase your chance of winning by about 0.5% which is a high number if you consider what it translate to on the long run.


With the accumulation of little benefits of the blackjack strategy, you end up making more money on the long run. It is important to mention that the amount you earn at the end of the day is dependent on the amount of money you invest in playing blackjack and the specific stakes you are playing. However, it is essential to have a cheat sheet with you when you are engaging in a game of blackjack so that you can refer to it from time to time.


Blackjack Quick to Remember Playing Tricks and Tips

When it comes to Blackjack, the simplest and basic rules revolve around knowing the specific time to double down, split, purchase insurance (do not attempt it), and the exact time to take the hit. There are some basic dos and don’ts of Blackjacks that will significantly increase your chances of winning at the game. Below are these dos and don’ts:


Dos of Blackjack Game

  • Split pairs of 8s and Aces
  • Split 2, 3, 6s, 7s, and 9s, except the dealer has a 7 or a higher number
  • Double down when you have a total of 10 except if the dealer shows a 10 or an ace
  • Double down when you have 11 except if the dealer shows an ace
  • Take the hit when you have an 11 or a lesser number
  • If you possess between twelve and sixteen, take the hit if the dealer has a 7 or higher
  • It is recommended that you do not get any more hits if you have a hard hand of a seventeen or higher
  • Take a hit when you have a soft 17 or something less
  • Take a hit when the dealer possess a 6 or lower and you have a soft 18
  • Use the basic blackjack strategy

Don’ts of Blackjack Game

  • Don’t split pairs of 10-value card – Jacks, 10s, Kings or Queens
  • Don’t buy insurance. The dealer usually gets a normal thirty percent most of the time when he has an ace. It therefore does not make any sense to wager on him
  • Don’t adhere strictly to the dealers rules
  • Don’t take any other hits when you have soft 19

In addition to the dos and don’ts highlighted above, it is essential that you understand the following:

  • In case you are dealt with a pair of Aces, or 8s, it is recommended that you split them. This is because a couple of 8s normally gives a total of 16. 16 is the worst hand of blackjack you can have and in most cases, the basic strategy will make you stand
  • On the other hand, a couple of 10-value card makes a total of 20. Having a 20 is an excellent hand to take a risk on.
  • Under no condition should you stick with the dealer rules. The dealers are required to hit on a 16 and stand at a 17. This is for the dealer and not for you. You should not follow this same rule. It is important that you know that the players and the dealers do not have equal rights. If the dealer and the player bust, it is the dealer that wins the game. This is why the rule does not work for players, but only the dealers.


How to win at a Game of Blackjack?

No doubt, blackjack is a game of probability but you can increase the odds in your favour when you are calm and level headed, and you can engage in reflex calculations. What makes the difference in blackjack are stamina, religious respect for the rules and strategy of winnings, as well as patience. Irrespective of what you might have heard, long term, and short term strategy are important to your game and your chances of winning. There are some basic techniques that you must have under your belt to make the best of your opportunity at the game. You must understand that blackjack game involves high level mathematical odds. To increase your chances of winning, you must be equipped with:

  • Come to the blackjack table prepared
  • Understand the rules
  • Utilize a good blackjack strategy
  • Don’t bother about your heart; use your head in the game
  • Be cool and calm when there is trouble in your game

Blackjack Basic Strategy

It is essential to point out that Blackjack is one of very few casino games that have a lot to do with mathematics and having an understanding in this field will greatly increase your edge over the house.


With a background in statistics, you can easily get a grasp of the strategy and rules of the game. For instance, if you are aware that the dealer is at a soft 17, he will surely go bust at about 29% of the gaming time. With mathematical knowledge, it will be easier for you to make precise predictions during your game.


Best way to win at Blackjack Game

Blackjack is based on plain strict rules and there is a hard science supporting the game. Blaise Pascal, the brain behind the science of blackjack developed the Theory of Probability which applies to casino gaming generally. Taking time to understand the statistics theory behind the game will be of great help to you in your gaming activities. When you understand the statistical theory behind blackjack, you will know that the overall possibility of winning at a table is about 42%.


The possibility of winning 6 hands on a row is about 0.99%; and the chance of having blackjack in a 6-deck shoe is a little lower than 5%. 


Blackjack Game and Card Counting

In Blackjack game, there is a specific discipline of card-counting. Technically, the possibility of your winning at the table is increased by only a tiny proportion of a percentage. As a rule of thumb, you should not count cards hoping to have a significant improvement in your chances. However, it is excellent if you are just playing the game for fun.


Additionally, when it comes to statistical probability and its possible outcomes, it is essential to note that there are two kinds of probability. There is absolute probability and relative probability. Absolute probability has to do with any activity that occurs for more than fifty percent of the gaming time. Relative probability on the other hand concerns any activity that is lower than 50%. When making an immediate decision, it is best to depend on odds associated with absolute probability. For instance, if you have a hard 18, it is an absolute probability that you will go bust if you get another hit. When making an assumption on what some other cards might turn up, it is important to keep in mind the number of cards that are within the pack and what their probability of turning up is.


Ensure you make cautious decisions concerning statistical probability of each card that is turning up and check to see that it is close to 50% as much as possible. For instance, if you are informed to presume that the hole card of the dealer is 10, you must bear in mind that there are just 16 cards out of a total of 52 that count as 10s. Therefore, the probability of getting a 10 is lower than thirty percent, which is not a good bet. It is therefore important that you consider the possible outcome of a game carefully before making a bet.


What you need to know about Card-Counting Hi-Lo Strategy?

There is a strong relationship between the Hi-Lo strategy and the card counting system. Based on the Hi-Lo strategy, very high valued cars, such as aces, 10s, and face cards, count as card -1. The low valued card on the other hand, (between 2 to 6) counts as +1. 7, 8, and 9, all count as 0. The aim is to add up the various cards that appear in a game.


If the cards dealt include K, 5, 3, 9, J, 7, 2, A, K, the count will be -1-1+1+0+1+0+1+1-1=-1. In this calculation, -1 is considered the running count. Adding up all the many cards dealt at a game gives you the opportunity to count the house edge at a specific point during the game. When counting cards, it is also important that you count the True Count. To achieve this, you will have to divide the total running count by the total amount of the decks. In other words, if the running count is five and six deck remaining, then it is 6/5 which is equal to 1.2. In this scenario, 1.2 is the true count number. Note that the higher your true count, the higher the advantage you have over the casino.



It is important to note that the card counting rule does not work at the online gaming platform. So you have to stick with the basic strategy of blackjack when you are playing online. One other crucial thing to watch out for when you are playing blackjack or any other casino game for that matter is your mental attitude. An individual’s mental attitude is the manner in which they respond to situations that they do not have control over. Whenever you are at the game table, always have a positive outlook at things. When you are playing, it is sure that you will lose at the game more than you will win. When losing, maintain a positive attitude and a calm demeanor. This will help you make better calculated moves to ensure your winnings.