Cluster slots – the latest online casino gaming phenomenon

It seems you can barely turn around without a new online slots format grabbing the headlines. Last year, it was all about Megaways, but one of the big gaming trends for 2021 is cluster slots. If you’ve quietly been wondering what they are all about but not quite dared to ask, you’re not alone. Here, we’ll lift the lid on them and pick out a few that are definitely worth a try.  


Cluster whats? 


So what are cluster slots, anyway? In short, they do away with the traditional paylines, where you need matching symbols in a straight (or sometimes even a wiggly) line in order to win. Instead, cluster slots pay out when symbols appear in clusters. It adds an extra sense of unpredictability to the proceedings and the rewards can really ramp up, especially when a cluster pay system is combined with features like avalanching reels.  


As more players try out cluster slot games, so the developers devote more time and resources into them. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular. 




This creation from Play n Go is the game that really brought cluster slots into the mainstream. Initially a massive hit among the slots-mad casino players in Finland, Reactoonz is now achieving worldwide popularity. The 7×7 grid sees symbol drop in from the top, and as winning combos disappear, more symbols keep dropping. It’s a little like Candy Crush (or Tetris for those of us with longer memories).  


Wins contribute to the Quantum Leap Meter, and when it’s filled, a Quantum symbol drops in, which can change the whole nature of the grid, removing swathes of symbols, adding wilds and generally providing opportunities for significant wins. Reactoonz has so much more to it than a standard slots game, you can see why players took it to heart! 


Honey Rush 


Who says a slots game needs a square or rectangular grid at all? Certainly not Pragmatic Play, who have completely thrown the rule book out of the window with Honey Rush. The reels, if you can call them that, form a hexagonal shape like honeycomb and as the clusters form, you boost the rush-o-meter to graduate to the next level. There are four levels in total, each offering bigger reward potential than the last. 


It’s safe to say Honey Rush is like no other slot game you’ve ever experienced. And with an RTP of more than 96 percent, it’s more than just a gimmick.  


Mahjong 88 


It’s back to the cluster masters Play n Go for our third and final choice. Mahjong has been around for almost 200 years, and enjoyed a surge in popularity when versions of the game started to appear online. 


It’s an inspired choice for a cluster slot game and the 8×8 grid can present a cacophony of explosions, which all add up to money in the prize fund. Mahjong 88 also features several bonus games, so there’s always something new happening. 


Cluster slots are a fabulous development in the casino world. There are dozens more you can try, but the above three represent a great starting point.