Return to Player (RTP) Explained—Tips and More

Slot machines are games of math. Programmers use statistics to create winners while also ensuring casinos make profits. Winners are created through Random Number Generators (RNG).

The RNG software is linked to the images on slot games. And it chooses what images to appear on the screens randomly. Sometimes it selects paying symbols. At other times, it displays images that don’t come with pay.

Against that backdrop, your objective is to find slots whose RNG software generates paying symbols often. Additionally, you want a game that pays out generously. And that’s where RTP comes into play.

What is RTP?

RTP is short for Return to Player. It describes the amount of gambled money a machine is programmed to pay back to players. Theoretically, a game with 95% RTP pays back $95 for every $100 people bet. A 99% RTP pays $99 for every $100 wagered.

Unfortunately, RTP is only an estimate of the amount a slot will pay over time. Additionally, there are more factors that influence winning. Still, to be clear, it’s an essential tool in helping you find the right casino games.

Precisely, high RTP games tend to have the best features of all slot machines. For example, they feature wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, multipliers and jackpots. These are necessary features in buying you gaming time or increasing your profits.

Why Casinos Feature High RTP Slots

Think about it. Casinos are in the business of making money. Logically, they should provide games with a big house advantage—AKA—low Return to Player rates. Instead, they compete to feature games with the best RTPs. Why?

People would stop playing if slots paid out poorly. And then the casinos would collapse. As a countermeasure, gaming operators provide RTP rates that attract players. Truth be told, they don’t have a choice, either.

Most gambling regulators have a minimum acceptable RTP—usually 85% to 88%. To beat the competition and attract customers, casinos provide games with competitive RTP rates. The best casinos offer slots with extremely high RTP rates to stand out.

In other words, an easy way to find the best paying online slots is to look for top-rated online casinos. But how do you find these websites? Check out recommendations on review websites. Or join casino forums to learn the best operators according to fellow gamblers.

How to Find the Best RTP for You

In the casino world, everyone wants to win. But with casinos having the advantage. How do you find games with a realistic chance of winning? Well, we’ve already said you need to pick high RTP slots—95% to 99%.

With RTP covered, here are some other factors to consider:

  • Check Game Volatility/Variance

After slot developers decide on an RTP, the next thing they take care of is variance.  To expound more, they determine the frequency with which a game should payout. What’s more, they decide the game’s generosity.

Low variance games payout often but in small amounts. In doing so, they buy you time by helping recoup some of your gambled money. If you’re lucky, you could walk away from these machines with a profit but it’s rarely a huge amount.

On the flip side, high-volatility games pay out big amounts but less often. As such, they could wipe out your bankroll fast. Or they could reward your risk with a decent payday.

  • Choose Games from Respected Providers

Software providers are the people that design RNG software. Also, they approve a game’s final RTP percentage. With that in mind, you want to play slots from renowned software developers: trusted, licensed and reputable companies.

That way, you can be certain a game really has the stated RTP. More importantly, it provides a fair chance of winning. Fortunately, we live at a time when you don’t have to trust a developer’s words about its games.

Some casino regulators and independent auditors verify RTP rates and RNG software to ensure games are safe.

  • Find the Right Theme

It’s not always about winning. You also want to enjoy the casino experience. And you can only cherish a slot if it appeals to the things you like. A sports fan, for example, will find more joy playing a football or baseball slot than a game based on anime.

In contrast, an anime fan might like an anime slot more than a game based on reality TV shows. Likewise, there are slots for people that like TV, video games, movies, ancient worlds, religion and politics.

When selecting themes, choose games with interesting storylines. You don’t just want a horror-themed slot. You want a game that hooks you with an interesting story. And takes you to the deep end with a series of jump scares and rewarding missions.

  • Check Betting Features

What’s the minimum you can bet? How many pay lines are there? Is there an autoplay feature? These little things influence your gaming experience. Precisely, maybe you want to maximize your bets to increase your profits.

That’s not effective on games with five pay lines and a low maximum bet. Alternatively, you probably prefer games with autoplay features so that you can play hands-free. On the flip side, some slots have unique betting features: a profits’ gambling feature, a jackpot betting option or a way to buy free spins.

  • Choose Top-rated Slots

There’s a reason why some slots are more popular than others. And it’s not just because they have cool graphics and adjustable betting lines. Some games are famous because they feature everything players like in slots.

These are the games you want to play. Because if a handful of people played the game and won, there’s a chance you could also win. By comparison, poorly rated games are probably not worth your time.

They might have a decent RTP and come from a respected software provider. But if reviews say a game has cold reels, you should believe them. Most casino players and experts are honest about slots. If a slot is good, they will tell you so. And if a machine isn’t worth playing, they will also tell you why.