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Swedish “spelpaus” explained

Online gambling is a hobby, which entertains all around the world. This lets people connect with each other, regardless of where they happen to live in. Still, an aspect that needs to be kept in mind is that different countries have different legislation and rulings.


Some countries allow much more when it comes to gambling. This isn’t necessary even connected to how popular gambling would be in a country. Nordic countries are a great example of this. Nordic people are enthusiastic gamblers, but Nordic countries tend to be stricter regarding gambling when compared to other European countries. This time we will focus on the Swedish concept “spelpaus”. What does this mean, and how does it affect players?

What does Spelpaus mean?

Directly translated from Swedish to English, the word “spelpaus” means gaming or gambling pause. It is a function, that was introduced in 2019 when the Swedish gaming license was originally launched. The function is available on online casinos, that work under the Swedish gambling license. It allows the gambler to take a pause from all online casinos and other gambling companies.


The gambler can choose the length of the break they want to have from the gambling world. It can be one, three, six, or 12 months. Using this feature lets the gambler completely shut themselves off from the gambling world. This is not completely mandatory.

Casinos without Swedish license

The Swedish gamblers don’t have to completely shut themselves off if they don’t want to. Since this feature was introduced with a Swedish casino license, it is only connected to this specific license. In other words, if you choose to play in an online casino without a Swedish license, you won’t even face the “spelpaus” feature.


In fact, there are many famous online casinos, that operate without a Swedish license. A lot of famous and trustworthy casinos want to operate in many different countries. Due to this, casinos need to operate under a license, that is valid in many countries, but still flexible enough for them to offer a great experience for all players.


Mikael at says that even though it is always the safest for Swedish players to play in an online casino with a Swedish license, other options are safe as well. Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao licenses are well-known examples, that are completely trustworthy.


Can you play without registering at a casino without a Swedish license?

Shortly answered, yes, you can. Actually, when you are not limited to playing only on casinos with the Swedish license, you will have a plethora of more options available. Obviously then using the “Spelpaus” feature is not possible, and sometimes it might be helpful.


If you wish to play without registering in an online casino without a Swedish license, you can look for fantastic pay n play casinos. The pay n play technology has improved clearly during the years. It is no wonder that these types of online casinos are so popular nowadays.


Choose a fitting casino for you

In the end, you should choose a casino that fits you the best. This means a casino, that offers exactly what you want for your casino experience. In the case, that you want to play without registering and have fun fast, you should try out a pay n play casino. If you want to have the possibility to use the “spelpaus” feature, you should find an online casino with a Swedish license.


Whatever it is that you want out of your casino experience, you should use this as the base for your decision-making. In the end, the best casino for you is the one that makes you the most excited!Swedish "spelpaus" explained