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Milky Ways

The Milky Ways slot game is a fairly simple 5-reel slot system. There exist a total of 243 ways to win this game that was designed by Nolimit City. One of the initial benefits that players will first notice is something called the Solar Wilds. This is a random feature of the Milky Ways game that can settle on the three reels in the center and afford the player a winnings multiplier that would potentially triple accumulated winnings.


Should players obtain more than a single Solar Wild in a spin cycle, the multiplier can go as high as nine times accumulated winnings. Many consider this random reward alone as a significant boost to the attractiveness of this slot game in terms of odds ratios.


On top of this, there is also something called the Milky Way Spins feature. If players manage to activate this feature during gameplay, this will act to increase the number of reels in play. As a result, the number of ways to win jumps from 243 to a staggering 3125, in addition to a guaranteed landing of not one, but two wilds.


Another bonus feature waiting for players is what is called the Fusion Spins feature. Any sort of winning play whatsoever is sufficient to set off this feature which is basically a streak re-spin feature.


More Bonus Features of Milky Ways

Based on a simple permutation calculation, the five reels and three rows of this game mean that there exists 243 different ways of striking a winning virtual hand. If the player is able to strike three or more identical symbols back to back beginning with the first reel, the result will be a victorious combination.


The creators of Milky Ways were keen on being as commercially inclusive as possible. As such, players are able to participate in this exciting game with as little as twenty pence wagered for each spin. The wager amount can go as high as 100 Pounds should players feel bolder.


Milky Ways is considered to be a relatively unpredictable game. While certainly not the most uncertain, it nonetheless has a volatility rating of eight out of ten. With a hit frequency of 33.2%, players can expect to average a win every three spins once the law of averages starts to kick in.


The Milky Ways Theme

In accordance with the game’s name, its designers were keen on emphasizing an outer space theme throughout the game’s design phase. But in order to remain user-friendly to those with visual issues, the designers also made sure to keep their designs relatively easy on the eyes.


They were able to piece together the audio and visual aspects of the theme in a way where the two complemented each other rather nicely. Most essential of course was the incorporation of stars, corona, as well as asteroids in the game’s background. Needless to say, all of this was done in typical sci-fi fashion.


All in all, Milky Ways was designed for as many people to enjoy as possible. From the simple yet colorful layout to the array of bonuses that seemingly pop out of nowhere, Milky Ways ensures that there is something in the game for everyone.