What makes blackjack such a popular online casino product?

One of the many reasons why people opt to play online casino games is due to the diverse range of games an internet-based casino typically houses. For many, blackjack is the go-to product. In fact, blackjack is extremely popular in both online and land-based casino resorts.

Steeped in history, the game of blackjack is one of the most famous games that is associated with casinos in general. In the online casino gaming sphere, it continues to entice gamers in, thanks to the fun and excitement it undoubtedly provides, alongside the simplicity of the game. Additionally, blackjack has been played in movies, therefore coming with a similar reputation to other popular casino games, such as poker. But what else makes blackjack such a popular online casino product?


Low house edge

Often below 1%, the reason why many gamers play blackjack titles is due to the low house edge on offer. If a player has a good strategy and has fine-tuned their blackjack game, then games can provide a massive 99%+ return, whereas the average house edge is thought to be around 0.5%. From popular variations, such as live mini blackjack, where players can play one-on-one against the dealer at a faster pace, to more traditional blackjack offerings, if you have a solid blackjack strategy then you should experience the benefits of a low house edge. Blackjack is certainly one of the most popular casino games for this exact reason, alongside the fun and entertainment, it provides for gamers.


Straightforward to grasp

Unlike poker, which can seem a little daunting to players who have never played it before, blackjack is fairly straightforward to learn. Once the cards are dealt, players can either hit or stand in an attempt to get as close to 21 as possible without “busting”. While that is the basic premise of the game, there are additional strategies that can enable a player to thrive more consistently and reign supreme on a more regular basis, thanks to strategic thinking. Some blackjack players learn card-counting, for example, although this is largely frowned upon within the industry. Ultimately, though, once a player has understood the basics of blackjack, they can come up with a trusted strategy that might help them to a number of memorable wins.

Big payouts

Most people play online casino games because of the opportunity to take home real money. Blackjack certainly meets the criteria in that respect, with big payouts on offer from a blackjack gaming session. Most standard blackjack games offer a 3:2 payout, with players able to reap the rewards from a fairly simple game. A blackjack win doesn’t really depend on other players around the table either, with an automatic win achieved if a player reaches 21, regardless of what the other players around the table have. Blackjack doesn’t break the bank to play either, with most reputable online casino sites offering cheap blackjack games to enjoy that can be played on the go. The sheer amount of blackjack variations makes it an appealing casino game to play, too.


Blackjack’s a social game

In the same way console gamers discuss tactics during a Fortnite or Call of Duty gaming session, the same social aspect of gaming can be applied to blackjack, although tactical chat is forbidden. In previous times, the game was enjoyed around a table with people conversing in the same way poker is, but now, online casinos have catered to the social aspect of blackjack with live chat features. Players can talk to each other and even interact with the dealer, making the social aspect of playing blackjack another ingredient behind its success.