What is a BankID casino in Sweden?


To enjoy casino games online in Sweden you will need an official Swedish ID. And that’s where BankID comes in. It’s an official citizen identification solution that you can use to prove your residence.

Let us have a look at what exactly this BankID is, and why you should use it.

What Exactly is Bank ID?

BankID, to be precise, is a digital paperwork innovated by the Swedish banks as a legally bound document. They started it as a means to confirm someone’s identity. You can also use the digital ID to sign official documents and to declare your taxes at Skatteverket.

The ID was introduced 2018 and presently has more than seven million users. It’s also considered the easiest and safest payment media for online payment. It’s even effective for casinos.

BankID Casinos Sweden

The potential growth and popularity of the BankID exploded after sites like opened the door to many possibilities for the Swedish Casinos. It’s safe, convenient, and transfers funds almost instantly.

Thus, many online and offline casinos dealing with the Swedish gambling market have enabled the use of these IDs. You can use Bank ID to prove your identity and verify your account. It’s also usable for making deposits.

Why Use BankID?

Simplicity and convenience aren’t the only reasons to use BankID. There are other reasons like the following that you might want to consider.

Legal Consent:

BankID is legally recognized as a valid ID. Thus, there is no risk in using it for gambling in Sweden. The banks that issue it also verifies every document before and ensures its safety. There are also some data controller firms like that ensure the processing of your data.

      Ease of Use

The BankID casinos keep on upgrading their content and policies to improve them. The bank also treats them as valid proof for online transactions and reduces transfer time for it. Thus, you can expect instant or at least quick transfer every time.


The usage of BankID has made them quite popular amongst casinos. They are not only using but also promoting the use of these IDs. So, most of them will not charge you anything for transferring funds.


Most of the banks issuing the BankID are high-end firms and do it under proper guidelines. They will include and verify every detail related to your identity for it. Hence, most BankID casinos will accept it as proof and won’t need a KYC for account approval.

      Bonus Offers

Since the new Swedish gambling license was introduced 2019 the bonus offers at Swedish casinos has changed. Now, online casinos can not offer more than 1 bonus per player upon registration. This bonus can not exceed an amount of 100 SEK. Anyhow, Swedish players still have some advantages when it comes to bonus offers. By making a deposit through a chosen payment method and verifying it with BankID, the player can access his or her bonus within a few minutes.

Final Words

BankID is an excellent step up from the standard IDs. They are simple to use, digital, and eliminates the hassle of KYC processes. Not to mention the security and bonus offer accessibility. It’s simply a must have for everyone with a Swedish social security number!