What are Pay N Play casinos? All your questions answered

Every now and then, there’s an innovation in the iGaming industry, which becomes the new standard.


At the very beginning, online casinos only offered a simple version of roulette, and you had to call the casino to make a deposit and play. So it was only natural that as time and technology progressed, so did the evolution of online gaming.


It didn’t take long for new games to be added, such as slots and more table games. And then the online cashier allowed players to deposit and cashout without the need to pick up the phone any more.


As mobile phones and wireless internet become a part of everyday life, it was only a matter of time until software developers made the move to let you play on your smartphone and tablet.


Live dealer casinos were a ground-breaking innovation that changed the gaming landscape. High-quality streaming allowed players to bet and interact with real live dealers at the gaming tables and created a new standard for casinos catering to table games fans.


And today, with the development of Pay N Play casinos, there’s a new standard in the online gaming world.


What is a Pay N Play casino?


Pay N Play casinos allow players to make real-time deposits and withdraw instantly without the need to register an account. Often a time-consuming and annoying process.


By using a player’s BankID, it replaces the need for the user to create an account which is used as the login authenticator and method of payment.


This means there’s no need for account IDs, registrations, or manual KYC checks that can hinder a new player signing up and making his first bet. Brands such as GoSlotty, a popular no registration casino are leading the way for this no-nonsense approach to gaming.


And it’s all thanks to Trustly, a Swedish fintech company.


How does it work?

Trustly’s Pay N Play online payment solution allows casinos to offer players a safe, secure and fast payment system while allowing the casino to preserve its control of preventing fraud, and fulfilling its gambling license requirements.


One of the most significant issues online casinos face is preventing users from creating more than one account to take advantage of signup bonuses. Because accounts are linked to a player’s BankID, it’s impossible to create more than one player account with the same ID.


When a player deposits with Trustly, a secure connection is made between the casino and the customers’ bank.


This connection is a big part of the magic that allows such a seamless experience. The account owner must, of course, give permission. Without it, the casino and Trustly can’t interact with each other at all.


Once permission is given, the casino creates the players account behind the scenes using the details provided by the bank. The process is automatic, and it’s ready in seconds.


A big plus for both parties is that deposits and withdrawals are handled instantly, and so too is the verification of the player’s identity. Also known as the Know Your Player (KYC) check.


Often a KYC check requires the player to send in their documents before any withdrawal can be made, and in the UK, it’s required that a player completes their KYC check before they can place their first bet.


Pros and Cons of Pay N Play casinos

So to summarize the main advantages of playing at Pay N Play casinos:

  • Deposit and start playing your favorite real-money casinos games in less than a minute
  • Cashouts are instant and automatically sent to your bank account
  • Instant KYC and verification
  • An increasing number of Pay N Play casinos


The only disadvantage to Pay N Play casinos is that they’re limited to certain European countries:

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • Estonia


Games available at Pay N Play Casinos

Pay N Play casinos come in many different shapes and sizes with all kinds of exciting and unique themes. The most popular casino games such as slot machines, Blackjack, Roulette, Live Dealer games, Video Poker, and more are all available at these casinos as well.


The only difference you’ll find is the available software providers. If you’re a fan of Microgaming or NetEnt, it’s always worth checking that they’re included in the casino’s lineup of games before depositing.