The Most Luxurious Casinos and Resorts around the World

When travelling around the world, we may think of all the exotic destinations that lure the wanderlust stricken traveller and we know that there are many spots that capture our attention. While looking for the most beautiful and luxurious destinations, we discovered there is a whole new level of elite, an entirely different class of vacationing and one that treats the tourists like a grand VIP member.


You guessed it. Being accustomed to VIP treatment and exclusive deals such as those at 888casino for example, it isn’t very difficult to imagine what an A-class casino environment should look like. Casino entertainment and facilities is one thing, but glancing upon the flawless finishes of some of the best extravagant casinos and resorts designed across the world had us wonder at what secrets their walls hold. We did some digging to show you the most stylish and luxurious casinos and their resorts hidden in all corners of the world.


Ibiza Grand Hotel and Casino

The luxury 5 star experience is something out of this world. In fact, the entire casino and hotel is nothing short of breath taking and boasts a view that overlooks the harbour. The casino is rated 5 stars, and so is the fine dining restaurant as well as its magnificent hotel. There is also a modern salon, spa and pool with majestic interior which complements the finer and elegant decorating finishes. Take a yacht from your hotel room or leave directly from the casino, after all you should go big or go home.



The Ritz Carlton & San Juan Casino – Puerto Rico

The Ritz Carlton Hotel rests peacefully over 8 acres and offers a smashing view of the Atlantic Ocean. As for the casino, needless to say the San Juan is one of the most elite and exclusive casinos in all the world. Play a number of famous casino games which includes blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat, but play these games surrounded with lush finishing’s and the richest decorations which have only added to the seductive feel of this exquisite casino.



The Wynn Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas

If you have been to Vegas baby chances are you have heard of or seen the glorious beauty of the Wynn Hotel and Casino. The luxury resort and casino covers 215 acres of Nevada territory and is worth $2.7 billion alone! Name after the famous casino developer Steve Wynn, the casino and resort have spared no expenses on trying to impress the famous celebrities who grace the lobby.



The Bellagio Hotel Resort and Casino – Las Vegas

The most expensive casino in Vegas is the Bellagio. This is where you will find celebrities playing a casual hand of poker in the esteemed Bobby’s Poker Room, grabbing a soda or eating at one of the many respected fine dining restaurants in Las Vegas nestled in the walls of the Bellagio. This is the casino which was featured in the ever spectacular movie Oceans 11 which features George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt. Needless to say, the Bellagio has a reputation of being film ready and worth the red carpet.



The Sun City Resort and Casino – South Africa

Located just two hours out of Johannesburg central, an upcoming movie hub in Africa, the elite Sun International owns the casino and offers luxurious accommodation at the Palace Hotel which is located just next to the casino grounds. Enjoy 5 star safari rides and witness African sunsets in one of the most beautiful casinos in the world.



Hotel de Paris & Casino de Monte Carlo – Monaco

Two of the biggest and most prestigious establishments in Monaco are joined by the hip thanks to a flight of stairs that connect the two. The prestigious establishments have been known to be frequented by high rollers thanks to the intricate designs and elegant features that generally transform the casinos into a work of art. This casino played a massive part in the movie Casino Royale, the James Bond series that oozes sophistication and expensive class.



As you can tell, the casino industry is a rich one, both online and land based and we have had the privilege of discovering some of the most prized gems in the entire world. If you plan to visit anyone of these locations, be sure you spare some time for the most beautiful casino and resort establishments. On that note, be sure to research the area you are touring, you may find yourself standing in the lobby of another luxurious establishment.