The 7 Best Countries to Start an Online Casino

The online gambling world keeps on expanding each and every year. Since more people are interested in starting to play online, more online casinos enter the industry. This noticeable increase in different online casinos indicates just how many people are interested in starting their own online casino.


So you are certainly not the only one who has thought of launching their very own online casino. Since we live in a globalized world, you will most likely want to attract customers from many different countries and regions.


You should still be aware of the fact, that some countries are simply better for starting an online casino. So let’s have a look at seven of these countries and everything you should keep in mind before starting your website!


People from Nordic Countries are enthusiastic players

Europe has some regions that offer fantastic possibilities for people who want to start their own online casino. The Nordic Countries is a region in Northern Europe, which is formed by 8 different countries. All of these countries are known for being relatively wealthy, which means that their citizens have a good amount of disposable income to use for having fun online.


If you plan on starting your own online casino in the Nordic Countries, you should keep in mind that these countries are also quite strict when it comes to gambling. Additionally, the players can be quite demanding. You can get your inspiration by browsing on online casinos based in one of the Northern Countries, such as Sweden or Norway.


You should keep in mind that Norway and Finland are more lenient with their legislation compared to Sweden, which requires a Swedish license for all online casinos. If you opt for Norway or Finland, you can apply for a license from another legislation, of which we will give some great examples later. This way you can still attract enthusiastic players for your site, without needing to deal with nordic authorities.


Major Online Gambling Markets and Their Key Legal Aspects

Young IT students that have set up a business plan of starting their own online casino company, must know how to balance the opportunities, but also the hardships they may encounter in setting up their website. Choosing a safe and smart gambling market should be pondered together with the rules and legislation the casino must abide by.


A great example of the gambling market that requires some evaluation of the possibilities and hardships is Germany. Germany is one of the biggest countries in Europe, and it has a strong economic ground. Because of this, the country has a lot of people, who can afford to spend money on gambling. However, the country has a lot of strict laws regarding gambling.


Malta is lenient with their gambling legislation

Malta is one of the most famous countries in the online gambling world. They have balanced their laws perfectly when it comes to online gambling. The laws are still strict enough to keep their players safe, but lenient enough for ensuring a fun gambling experience online.


Because of this, many online casinos are licensed by Malta Gaming Authority. This means, that the online casino will obey Malta’s legislation. If you are starting your own online casino, it is a great thing to keep in mind, when you are considering licensing the website.


United Kingdom gambling obeys a lot of strict rules

The last country in Europe we want to highlight is the United Kingdom. Gambling has a long history there, which shows in the popularity of online gaming. Players in the United Kingdom are enthusiastic players, who play different games to have fun.


Just like others in Europe, they are also relatively strict when it comes to gambling online. Still, their online gambling authorities are more permissive compared to other countries.


Because of this, even casinos that are launched for different markets than the United Kingdom, are still licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. As we mentioned above, obtaining the casino license means that the website needs to obey the specific legislation. By doing so, the casinos can ensure their players that the online casino is completely safe.


Canada offers a lot of possibilities

Let’s journey together to the other side of the ocean because Canadian players are waiting for us there. The online gambling industry is thriving there, which means that it is one of the best countries to start an online casino in.


This is because Canada is known for its gambling freedom. More than half of the Canadian citizens have fun online by gambling at different casinos, so there are plenty of opportunities for anyone who wishes to launch their own online casino.


The home of Las Vegas has a lot of online gamblers

Right below Canada is the last country on our list. The USA covers approximately 70% of all online players all around the world. This obviously means, that it is full of fantastic opportunities, but also that the competition in the casino industry is relatively high.


Anyone, who is planning to launch their own online casino needs to work hard to stand out to attract players to join their website. Still, if they manage to do so, they can be sure that the number of players is more than they could have ever imagines.


Additionally, it is still crucial to remember, that different states have different gambling legislations. Some states are significantly more lenient with their gambling legislation, whereas others forbid gaming online altogether. Keep this in mind, if you plan on launching your online casino here.


Players might differ from each other, but they all share one thing in common…

And this is the love they have for gaming online! Players from different countries might look for specific types of games or promotions, but all in all, the whole world is full of fantastic opportunities for anyone who wants to launch their own online casino.


It is recommended to get to know the players from any country, where you plan to open an online casino. By doing so, you can ensure that you will offer the players exactly what they want, and attract the most players to your online casino.


We also highly encourage you to compare the different opportunities that one country offers with its afferent legislation. Keep in mind, that some countries might have very strict gambling legislation, even though there would be a lot of players. By considering pros and cons, you can be sure that you will launch your online casino in the best country that suits your interests!