Ten facts you did not know about gambling in Denmark

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In the future, it will become a more transparent experience to gamble at online casinos. The danish gambling industry already took a couple of steps in this direction, to ensure the players safety and fair play. An example of this is, where you can find various comparisons and overview over the best online casinos in Denmark. In the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten, it was recently mentioned, that the danish online casinos are working together with authorities to create the best and most transparent experience for players – read more here.

But why is Denmark such a good place for online casinos? We are finding the answer to this question in this article, where we have found ten fun facts you might not know about online casinos in Denmark.


1 Six kinds of games in Denmark

The Danish authorities have divided online gambling in six different categories of games, which each have their own set of rules and regulations. There is Online Casino, Betting, Slot machines, Physical Casinos, Lotteries and Betting on horse and dogs racing. Each area of gambling have their own procedures with regards to rules, that mirrors itself in regulation and commercial opportunities. Thus, there is not one specific regulation on gambling in Denmark – it depends on what kinds of games the companies are offering, to decide which rules apply.   


2 Online Casino more popular than real Casinos

Online casinos have already surpassed the physical casinos in Denmark. The online casino industry has experienced a massive growth since 2012, and are now at an all-time peak in its history. 



3 Denmark is growing market for gambling

The online gambling market in Denmark has almost experienced exponential growth since 2012. With a total growth range over 150 %, the online gambling industry has become a very attractive one, for international investors.


4 Liberal gambling laws

The growth in the market is also a result of the liberal gambling laws in Denmark. Denmark has one of the most liberal gambling laws in Europe, where anyone can open up a gambling business, if they receive the right license and credentials. 


5 Wealthy country means more players

Denmark ranks high in all reports on living standards and happiness index’ in the world. This means more players for the online casinos.


6 Celebrities are brand ambassadors 

Multiple gambling corporations are investing heavily in establishing themselves in Denmark. A lot of them have made use of Actors, Soccer Players and Comedians to get new customers to their business.


7 State-controlled banning system

A state-controlled banning system for players also exists in Denmark. “ROFUS” will block any player from entering gambling-related activities. On their own wish of course. 



8 TV commercials – the primary channel for online casinos in Denmark

TV Commercials are the primary source for gambling companies to spread their commercial messages in Denmark. Since 2012 TV ads with gambling has almost tripled.


9 Denmark has a state-owned online casino

“Danske Spil” is the oldest gambling company in Denmark, who had monopoly until the 00’s. They are still one of the biggest providers of gambling in Denmark.


10 More stats and noteworthy facts available online 

For more interesting and noteworthy facts about gambling in Denmark, view the Danish authorities websites.