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Mystery Joker Review

Mystery joker by Play’n Go is not your typical competitor game. In fact, with three reels along with five pay lines, there is technically no overarching theme in the entire game. This game is very straightforward and gamer-friendly which makes the gameplay the star of the show. An exhilarating and quick gaming option, Mystery Joker has a soundtrack that everyone can love. Gamers can wager as modestly as 50 cents and as extravagantly as 100 Euros. Basically, anyone and everyone is invited.


Playing Mystery Joker Slot Online


In an effort to add more layers of excitement to the gameplay, Mystery Joker offers free spin bonuses onto an already popular slot amongst online gamers. In keeping up with its name this free spin bonus come off as a little odd. This is because other such games usually come scarce with free offers. Indeed, any three scatter symbols you land on will trigger the free spins that are offered.


The joker’s hat serves as a symbol of the scatters. Once you are able to score three of them, ten free spins will be awarded to you. These free spins provide further opportunities to win cold hard cash.



One of the biggest attractions of this game is how straight forward and unambiguous the symbols are. Mystery Joker contains a mere five differentiated symbols for a three-reel slot, with all five of them containing a pretty vintage appearance. The symbols are cherries, grapes, lemons, bells, and stars. All of them look right in place.


Bonus Games

Mystery Joker does not contain any bonus games, which is not much of a surprise. At the end of the day, Mystery Joker is simply a traditional slot game that provides gamers with some much-needed nostalgia. Mystery Joker really does not need any offers to attract the love and adoration of online gamers around the world.



In light of the changing times, Mystery Joker has been made fully compatible with mobile devices, with gamers able to properly utilize the touchscreen conveniences of smartphones and tablets. On top of this, Mystery Joker is also fully compatible with Android, iPhones, as well as Windows devices. All gamers need to do is to try the game out on their phones and they will be able to experience all they have to offer.



Made by Play’n Go, Mystery Joker is in good hands. Play’n Go is a very well-respected game developer and always gives gamers a sense of confidence. Play’n Go is an established developer that has a very positive reputation. They are always known for releasing games that are flawless in quality. From the visual graphics to the sound quality, Play’n Go is one of the go-to developers for online gaming platforms who wish to spice up their selection.



All in all, Mystery Joker is a very exceptional gaming option for any type of gamer. For those with a hectic lifestyle looking for a quick wager, Mystery Joker is right for you. Mystery Joker has been made so accessible for anyone who wants to play it. By the looks of it, this game will be around for many years to come.