Is It Better to Play Online or In Person?

We’re lucky to live in an age where you only need to turn on your computer or unlock your smartphone to access any number of casino games, but is online really the best place to play? We’re going to take a look at some of the pros and cons when it comes to casino gaming. Whether you’re concerned about the variety of games, the buzzy atmosphere, or the promotions that you can make use of, we’ll be discussing it all right here.


Game Variety


If you’re the kind of gamer who likes to switch things up regularly then going for the option with the largest game variety seems like a safe bet. In online casinos, there’s really no limit to the number of games that they can offer. For example, on this gambling website you can play all of the table games that you’d find in a brick-and-mortar casino, as well as a staggeringly large selection of slots. Unless you’re local to Las Vegas, you simply can’t compete with that kind of variety.


The reason that some Las Vegas casinos can stock such a wide variety of games is simply down to floor space and demand. Most casinos that aren’t in specific gaming destinations can’t afford to keep a whole bunch of croupiers on the floor, and a thousand buzzy, bright slot machines switched on if there’s not going to be a guaranteed full house of gamers. For this one, there’s a clear winner, and it’s the online casinos.


Social Element


Having a chat with other gaming friends at your local casino is part of the whole experience for many of us. It’s great to really concentrate on a game of poker with the buzz of the casino around you and then take a break from play to catch up and maybe grab a drink at the bar. For some people just the small talk with the croupier can be an important social interaction, that they look forward to throughout the working week. Surely, it is not possible for online casinos to achieve the same thing?


Whilst it’s impossible to completely capture the conviviality of a real-life casino, online casinos have been making huge strides towards creating a social element to their games. Many online sites now give players the choice to play live versions of their games, where there’s a real croupier being live streamed to all players’ computer screens. Not only this, but players can interact with one another and the croupier via a live chat function. This isn’t quite the same as chatting around an actual table, but it’s a good second place and much easier for people to access. On this one, brick-and-mortar casinos just clinch it.


Promotions and Bonuses


You don’t need to be frugal to know how much difference a great promotion can make to your bankroll. Being offered some free spins is the dream for slot players, whilst others might enjoy a deposit match bonus or even a no-deposit bonus for some lucky players. Promotions like these are all over the place in the world of online gaming, simply signing up to a new site is likely to snag you a hefty bonus.


The generosity of these bonuses is made possible by the comparatively lower overheads of online sites. Whilst actual casinos have electricity bills to pay, staff wages to consider and often an enormous rental amount on their property, casino sites don’t have to worry so much about this. It’s for this reason that online casinos stand head and shoulders above brick-and-mortar ones when it comes to promotions and bonuses.




Privacy isn’t super important for everybody, but for those who it does matter to, privacy is everything. Being able to play your favourite games whilst being sure that nobody will ever find out can be essential to those who are working in very public roles, or living in countries where gaming is less widely accepted. Some brick-and-mortar casinos pride themselves on client confidentiality and can arrange discrete transport for their guests from hotel to casino, even putting on security guards especially. This kind of service is nothing short of incredible, but it comes at an enormous cost to the player. Security guards and private transfers do not come cheap, but if you have the money, it’s a popular way to ensure your safety and privacy when gaming.


For those of us who don’t have the budget for a private security firm, the best way to ensure confidentiality when gaming is to play at a trusted online casino. Thanks to gambling and GDPR laws, it’s a legal requirement for online casinos to handle your data incredibly carefully. A data breach could be disastrous for an online casino, especially as they hold proof of ID and payment card details. Therefore, you can rest assured that your identity is very well protected when you play online. Plus, even if you do have the money for a stealth transfer from your hotel to the casino, there’s always a chance that somebody will spot you walking through the door. For us, the online casino method might seem less glamorous, but there are far fewer chances for your privacy to be invaded.