How to find qualitative casino games

When playing with money, it is only right to want to have the very best experiences as there is, arguably, nothing worse than wasting some of that hard-earned cash on something that does not work or provide the service that it has promised it would.


Regardless of what the product or service being offered is, quality is something that always remains of the highest order and something that should not normally go overlooked.


That also includes online games, as users look to get the best for their money when depositing funds and trying to win back their stake with some potential big rewards, as well.


Without doing the research beforehand about certain games, players could be walking into the unknown with their money and not have a clue as to whether they will even have a chance of walking away with some reward, or if they will even have an enjoyable experience during the whole time.




However, that is where SlotCatalog comes in as the site helps users to find the best online slots available to them and provides players with all the key details they should be thinking about when looking at playing new games for the first time.


For those that do not know what SlotCatalog does, or who they are, here is a simple overview of the slot ranking site. The company is a rapidly growing internet platform for players, casino operators and game developers whose main aim is to become the most competent online Slots Game Catalog available.


SlotCatalog boasts a database of over 16,000 games that is continuously being added to, with over 1,700 casinos being listed. Some of the benefits that the company brings to their users are comprehensive guides and reviews of the slot machine games in their database, they provide visual information about all the games which include screenshots and detailed analysis of what users can expect when they play the game visually, whilst also boasting that they are multilingual in 23 different languages – although they do provide a feeling that that total will increase in the near future.


Slot Rank


The business goes through thousands of online casinos each and every day to see what games are being exposed to the user by each of the different casinos. During those searches, they go through all the online slots that are playable and then rank them with an average lobby position score.


The average lobby position is made up of a different number of factors that SlotCatalog take into account, with positions based average scores that each game has been given. The three main criteria worked are:


  1. Higher placement in the lobby will give a stronger score.
  2. If a game is absent in a casino lobby we will give it the maximum lobby position.
  3. Larger online casinos have more weight than smaller ones. The weight is calculated by the geographical strength of the online casino compared to other online casinos in the same region).


Therefore, their method of ranking is shown based on the average score/ lobby position for each game. In simply terms, the lower the average, means the game has been more exposed to players.


A game with the lowest average lobby position will then be given the #1 SlotRank and the game with the second-lowest average lobby score will be given the #2 SlotRank and so on.


Comprehensive database


The Ranking system is so comprehensive that it is updated on a daily basis to ensure that all the games to have hit the market have a ranking available, even on those that have been out for less than 24 hours.


If players want to know how well games have performed over the length of a year, SlotCatalog release details of the top games over that duration, providing players with a full picture as to how one game has been ranked over time.


Not only that, SlotCatalog look at a number of different country markets and look to ensure users from all major bettor markets have the best information available to them at the tips of their fingers. There are 37 different markets available, ranging from Australia to Vietnam and each page details all the information required to help players pick the best games that are currently available in those markets.


Once a game has been selected to play, SlotCatalog provide a detailed analysis of how that particular title has performed over a sustained period of time, giving players the biggest and clearest picture, they need to show how qualitative a game is.


Upon selecting a game, a graph of its average ranking positions over the last seven quarters is visible, showing just how many of the online casinos that have the game on their site have been giving it exposure. Taking ‘Starburst’ as an example, the difference between the two pieces of data on the chart are rather small, therefore highlighting that the game gets exposure from almost all the sites selected, helping it to achieve SlotRank’s #1 spot.


Invaluable analysis when choosing a game


Finding a qualitative slot does, however, require more than just the exposure that it has been given by online casinos. Nonetheless, SlotCatalog have continued to provide potential new players with in-depth details.


Lengthy reviews of how the game works and what to expect from the gameplay are covered, as well as all the possible chances of winning with the Return to Player (RTP) rates. It makes no sense for a player to play a game that they have virtually no chance of winning, therefore knowing the RTP rate can be a useful indicator as to how good a game is to play.




Finding qualitative mobile casino games should definitely be at the top of the agenda for players when looking to see what games are worth playing and SlotCatolog is certainly the number one place they need to look at.


The website has over 14,000 free playable games on offer, which can help players to make more informed decisions when choosing a game to play, as well as giving them a taste as to whether it is up to their standards or not.