How to decide which online casino is right for you

If you’ve ever felt swamped or overwhelmed by the sea of welcome bonuses and pop up adds, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It can be a tricky job finding the right online casino – and many will invariably flatter to deceive. Critical to any decision when it comes to online gambling must always be safety – and so, here is what you should be on the lookout for.


In most nations where online gambling is permitted, the average punter has hundreds of online casinos in which to choose from, meaning that finding the right one for you is never an easy or simple task. If you are new to the gambling game, it can be especially tricky to know what you are looking for, as industry jargon and advertising can be immensely disorientating.


So, with newbies in mind, the first bit of advice is always to know a little bit about the online casino that you’re using. Do some background research into the company and it’s associated business’ – just to make sure you aren’t falling into any traps. Most reputable casinos are happy to disclose details about their operation, so treat that as your first clue, and always be sceptical of sites that decide to omit such information.


Secondly, be sure to look out for the site’s country of origin, as well as the country that issues its licence. This is also another clue as to the overall quality of the site, as certain territories (like Australia for example) have very reputable sites to visit, with the best software and rewards to match. Good sites beget good sites, as rivals need to raise standards in order to compete. You, as the paying customer, can use such competitive feuds to your financial advantage.


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Next up, make sure that you know exactly how you are going to withdraw your winnings. As you may expect, some of the sneakier sites out there will make it as hard as possible to withdraw with the click of a button. Simply put, if it’s trickier for you to take your winnings and leave on the spot, the sites will likely be able to persuade you to put your winnings straight back into another slot, or another game. So, if you want a quick break after a win, make sure you find yourself a site which can guarantee that as a matter of priority.


Just about every casino in the world offers some kind of welcome bonus. However, what matters a great deal more is reward programmes, as they will still be around long after the welcome bonus has been used up. Seek out sites that will value your custom, rewarding you thusly the longer you stay loyal to them. Furthermore, some reward schemes can include cleverly concealed small print which requires you to do a whole load of work before it can be claimed. Avoid such pitfalls if possible, by always reading the small print first. You’ll save yourself the embarrassment and stress later down the road!


A good indicator of the legitimacy of a given bonus can be found in online reviews. Here, you will see an array of written reviews from customers who have first-hand experiences of using such sites. Reviews are the best, most effective way to know if you are onto a winner, as generally, the masses will form some consensus around individual casinos. If you do venture down this road, be sure to keep an eye out for bots and fakes – as companies will do all they can to avoid bad publicity. But once again, you will generally be able to smell a rat from a mile of – its just a matter of practice.


Overall, it has to be said that there isn’t a single online casino that ticks every box. People will always seek different things from their casino experience, so just make sure that you find somewhere that, at the very least, ticks the most important boxes for you. Baseline requirements like safety, geographical location and licensing from a reputable company should never be compromised for the sake of ease. But in just about every other aspect, feel free to try different sites out to establish which works best for you.