Gambling tax-free

Gambling is a booming business especially because of taxing itself. When you play online casino and make use of poker or betting bonus, you are expected to pay some tax on your winning. But this isn’t everywhere. Gambling taxation laws are pretty confusing and not always black and white. For example, if gambling is your source of income then you are to pay 25% tax on all your winnings. But if you prove that you have a bigger source of income than gambling, you can get away with almost no taxes. Following are some countries that have minimum or no taxes on their gambling.


USA is obviously off the list because gambling is pretty hard in there. There are lots of taxes and most casinos can’t even operate there due to legal restrictions.



Casinos Austria is a company that owns 12 casinos in the country and many more around the world. It pays a hefty tax sum to the government annually. Casinos in Australia are require to pay the tax by themselves whether it’s online or land casinos. They aren’t allowed to tax their customers so whatever you do will be mostly tax free in Austria. 35-80% of all stakes minus winning must be paid by the operator in Casinos in Austria.



Gambling in Australia is pretty old and began as early as 1810. In 1881, Australia held its first lottery at the Sydney Cup. The first legal poker machines were introduced to registered clubs in 1956. By this history, we can tell that gambling is probably Australia’s favorite past times to this day.


Gambling taxes are not something the customer has to be burdened with. All kinds of extra taxes are paid by the operator whether they like it or not. And this rule applies to all casinos whether they are online or land based. Tax laws differ from state to state in terms on how to tax but the general law remains the same.



Belgium is also a country that started gambling far before most of us. Gambling became popular and legal in Belgium in around 1300’s. Even in terms of online gambling, Belgium was one of the first to start gambling in 2002. But despite having a history in gambling, Belgium only allows a few casinos to operate.


You won’t be taxed whether you are playing online or on ground. But the operator is required to pay a tax for their license in Belgium every year.



Bulgaria legalize gambling in 1993. This is pretty far back. But they didn’t start issuing licenses or taxation until 1998. Bulgaria introduced online gambling to its population in 2008. However, there weren’t any official rules of taxation or licensing from the government of Bulgaria on online gambling until 2012. In fact, official Bulgarian website for gambling themselves were introduced in 2013 and rules and taxation laws were then put forward.


Online gambling is completely free in Bulgaria as well. Players can play and not worry about taxes whether online or on ground while each casino pays about 17,500 for each license.