Different Types of Casino Bonuses

Deciding to venture into the world of online gaming can be exciting and overwhelming, even for players with nerves of steel. There are so many great things up for grabs in terms of bonuses, that one would be tempted to try all of them out. Since this is not a realistic approach to choosing an online casino, it would be best to weigh up the offers and then make an informed decision before you start playing. Let’s check out some of the casino bonus options out there.


No Deposit Bonuses

Before making a final decision, it’s truly beneficial to check out the best online casino no deposit bonuses right now and there are several reviews sites to do this. If you’re wondering what a no deposit bonus is, it’s a perk that online casinos offer players who successfully register for their site for the first time or it could be a once off campaign to issue you with free cash. The bonus will either be given in free bonus credits or free spins that can be used on selected casino game titles.


One of the great things about this kind of bonus is that it does not require you to deposit any of your cash. Moreover, new players often try to take advantage of no deposit bonuses as it allows them precious time to play for free and to get a feel of the games that the online casino has on offer.


Deposit Bonuses

The second bonus to keep an eye out for is the deposit bonus. Sign-up bonuses have limits, whether that is a time-frame in which to spend your freebies or an amount that you have to wager. Once you have given the online casino of your choice a fair chance and have played a few free games, you’ll then want to activate your deposit bonus. These bonuses may come with deposit limits that are usually outlined in the terms and conditions.


To activate this type of bonus, you would need to fund your casino account using a safe and secure payment method that is offered by the site and is convenient for you. Most payment methods have instant deposit capabilities. Once your balance has been updated with your new credit amount, you will receive free bonus credits to a percentage of the amount that you funded your gaming account with. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of this bonus thoroughly to ensure that you get the most out of it.


Welcome Bonuses

Many online casinos refer to the sign-up bonus and deposit (or no deposit) bonus with the umbrella term, welcome bonuses. If you are keen to know exactly what a welcome bonus entails, it’s simply a welcome offer by the casino to increase your bankroll immediately.


New players tend to take advantage of welcome bonus offers as this can only be redeemed once in your gaming career with any particular online site. There are of course loyalty rewards and discounts that get awarded to players over time, but they don’t compare to the initial bargain that you’ll get as a new casino member.


Game Release Bonuses

Just like land-based casinos have to maintain their establishments and make sure they offer guests something new from time to time, online casinos will release new titles on their site every week or few months. Besides the obvious excitement that it brings to players, they can also receive game release bonuses and these usually come in the form of a free spin bonus. The bonus could be valid for any period between 1 day to an entire month after the game is first released.


Loyalty Bonuses

If the online casino you’ve chosen to spend your time and money on offers a VIP or Loyalty program, it might be worth considering the investment that will have long-term effects. This sort of bonus acts as a tool to reward you for your patronage over a period of time. You can think of it as a “thank you for playing with us” gift from the online casino.


Birthday Bonuses

A favourite bonus for many online casinos and players is the birthday bonus. When players sign up at a casino, they have to input a few personal details and your birth date is one of them. This bit of information serves a dual purpose with one being far more important than the other. Online casinos need to ensure that you are legal to gamble and as treat, they may spoil you on your special day with free spins and other little offers to make you feel appreciated.



Online casino sites offer their players a range of bonuses that include, but are not confined to, welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and even game release bonuses. It seems that there is a casino bonus designed for just about every occasion, and the sites make it rather easy for you to claim. They usually reach out via email blasts or even SMS campaigns. The point is, it’s always good to know the different types of casino bonuses and how they could potentially affect your gameplay and bankroll.