Casino SEO – Why It is Important & How to Improve It

Casino SEO does not differ significantly from regular SEO. It is also about increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website through organic search engine results. This is done by making the website and its content more attractive and easier for both users and search engines to understand and navigate through.

The “problem” with doing SEO for casinos, however, is that 1. it is a very competitive market, and 2. gambling usually gets a bad reputation on search engines.

Having that said, you must be fully aware that your casino SEO needs to be very thought through. Because with the right techniques you will be able to enjoy all the benefits a good casino SEO offers. If you do not stand out from the crowd, you will not rank high on search engines like google. So do your research and work hard! Or hire someone to do the job for you! One of the more well-known agencies in the iGaming industry when it comes to SEO and links is Conapublish who have specialized in organic searches and offpage SEO -so when it comes to SEO for casino sites, they are for many the go-to agency.


What’s SEO?

Before we go further into why SEO is important for online casinos and what you can do to improve your SEO techniques, we want to explain briefly what SEO is:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the name indicates, it is about working with search engines’ organic results, as opposed to ads or sponsored links. SEO is quite a young industry but is developing rapidly.

Search engines’ demands on quality content are constantly increasing and this places increased demands on SEO. In the past, you worked a lot with Meta-keywords, while nowadays you need to take into account almost all aspects that a visitor can experience on a website.

As you probably already figured out, better SEO leads to increased traffic. If you want to succeed with an online casino today, it requires hard work with your SEO. After all, the iGaming industry is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day, so to be able to compete with the other companies, you have to work with and improve your SEO strategies.



Why SEO is important for casinos

  1. It’s profitable
    Organic traffic from search engines is often a step closer to you making money thanks to deposits, whereupon small SEO implementations can lead to great results.
  2. It improves brand awareness
    Whether or not a person has clicked a link to visit your website or not, your brand name will still be remembered if it is visible in the search results. Once a person has searched for something related to casinos, the person will consciously or subconsciously think of your brand when they look for casinos. Brand awareness is super important because it leads to more sales.
  3. It gives you insights into the market
    Continuous SEO work also means that you can search volume and trends linked to casino-related words that are searched for in search engines. By knowing what the target group is asking for and when, you can optimize campaigns, commercials, etc. to generate better profit.


5 tips for better SEO

  1. Use the right keywords
    To attract potential customers, the keywords in the content of your site must match the target group’s search terms. At the same time, these keywords must be search-engine friendly. What keywords your target audience google can easily be found In Google Analytics under Search Console in the menu.
  2. Make sure your casino is mobile-friendly
    Google primarily evaluates and ranks sites according to a so-called “mobile-first indexing”. This means that your casino needs to be mobile-friendly and that all content you want to rank on is also available in the mobile casino.
  3. Integrate good internal links
    Something that is both good for the user experience and the SEO is that your casino site contains links to other interesting content on the site. This is because it keeps your visitors on your site and guides them further through the site. It is also good for the conversion, that is to say, if it facilitates getting deposits.
  4. Do not forget the caption
    Something many website owners, including online casinos, tend to forget is to name the images used on the website. The images have a so-called ALT tag, that describes what the image contains. This is important for SEO as well. So, make sure you tag your pictures with the correct terms, such as “Free Spins” and not with “image542617”.
  5. Customize your content
    Start by reviewing all the content on your casinos such as texts, headlines, and images. Do you use captions and descriptions that contain your keywords? It is really important because the content of your website determines where and for whom the page is displayed. The more keywords you use in the texts, the greater the chance that the “right” visitors find your website! A tip: create guides and a FAQ and use lots of keywords in these.