Bonuses, free spins & specials: What do players need to know about them?

For many players, the bonus offers of an online casino are very important when they have to choose their provider. Free money or at least free spins are always a good argument. Players should check which bonus offers are currently available, as this can also change from time to time.

Most of the online casinos provide bonuses for new customers. It can then be claimed either once or several times. The no deposit bonus also has its fans who want to use it to get to know an online casino first without using their funds. Special tournaments and contests are held to motivate the regular customers again and again.

The bonus offers for new customers

Here it is significant to distinguish between two different new customer bonuses. The no deposit bonus is typically accompanied by a bonus money amount or free spins, which the player gets after registration. No money needs to be deposited to start playing.

However, players should know that with the no deposit bonus, a maximum win is usually set, which is not a very high amount. Otherwise, it would no longer pay off for the online casino to make such a bonus offer. Before the money can be paid out, however, a deposit must still take place.

The welcome bonus, on the other hand, always requires a deposit from the player, but gives out a large sum of bonus money in return and is usually also provided in combination with free spins. Many online casinos also extend the welcome bonus to multiple deposits and thus wrap the bonus as a package. For players, this means multiple deposits, but also a large amount of bonus money.

Four-digit sums can be expected. In addition, there are also free spins that the welcome bonus for a selected slot usually brings with it. The welcome bonus is the largest bonus that an online casino grants its customers.

The bonus offers for regular customers

The most important bonus for the regular customers is the deposit bonus, which is set either in the form of a reload bonus or a weekend bonus. Here, players can always get bonus money with another deposit. However, the deposit bonus is not limited to generating only bonus money. Free spins can also be obtained with the deposit bonus.

It is important for players that unlike the welcome bonus, the regular customer deposit bonus can always be claimed multiple times. This lets the player claim bonus money again and again over many deposits, which allows them to reduce their own risk.

In addition to bonus money and free spins, cashback offers are also very attractive for regular customers, as they prevent the casino account from running empty, even if there is a streak of bad luck. The cashback is usually calculated over a period from Monday to Sunday and calculates against each other what winnings and losses have occurred during this time.

If the plus is on the loss side, a certain percentage of this loss, usually 10% to 20%, can be refunded, so the player has to take a reduced overall risk here when playing a cashback bonus. This ensures that playing can continue even when the casino account has actually been played down to zero.

The specials of online casinos

Among the special offers of online casinos are bonuses that are issued only on certain occasions. Thus, certain seasons can cause these bonus offers. In the Christmas season, for example, many online casinos with special Christmas bonuses once again and try to motivate their customers.

Here, all players should always pay very close attention to the period of validity because it is annoying if this is overlooked and the bonus must then be rushed through in a few days. Since these offers are not regularly adjusted, it is always worthwhile to check once on the bonus page of an online casino, whether there are new, available, bonuses.

Likewise, tournaments and special contests are considered specials. Tournaments are often used to collect points, which are then included in a table, namely when certain slots are played. Players can compete against each other in duels, just like in poker tournaments, and win a very attractive prize.

In addition, various software providers like to announce sweepstakes, which then involves playing the slots of that provider. Players need to read the exact terms and conditions of these contests carefully and should then implement them meticulously in order to stand a chance of winning the grand prize in the end.

The bonus conditions at a glance

With all bonus offers, however, players should always take a close look at the conditions for the bonus. Each provider formulates a little differently here, and also the factors for conversion are always handled differently. The rollover, for example, should be taken into account. This explains how often the bonus amount or the deposit amount must be converted before a withdrawal can be made.

A turnover requirement between 20 and 50 times is considered normal, higher rollover requirements must be approached cautiously because it then becomes questionable whether such a turnover can be managed at all. The rollover is the key requirement when it comes to making the bonus funds and resulting winnings withdrawable as well.

The time frame given to the player to complete the rollover to the prescribed extent is also important and must be strictly observed. Exceeding the specified time will cause the bonus money and all winnings resulting from it to be forfeited. This can be very annoying.

In addition, it should always be considered which games can be used for the rollover. While slots can almost always be used, table games only work to a limited extent and the live casino usually not at all.

Conclusion on the most important facts about bonuses, free spins and specials

There are numerous offers for new and regular customers in the online casino. Be it slots, poker or blackjack and more – if you pay a little attention here, you can be sure that you can always play the best offer. However, the terms and conditions should always be scrupulously observed so that one does not end up getting a rude awakening and the bonus may not be paid out.