Top 5 WTF Moments

At number 5 is the curious collision between Theo Jorgensen and Richard Toth in Copenhagen 2017. The table features the duo and Grospellier. In this hand, Theo decides to go all-in and supporting him, Toth decides to go with his instincts and calls and unfortunately, his instinct was wrong because Theo Jorgensen has the aces and he has queen-nine. Shockingly, Toth knocked Theo out of the tournament with his hand.


Number 4 features amateur Gilles Bernies, who went heads-up against Dzmitry urbanovich at the 2016 Dublin Main Event. With a pot of $1.475 million to fight for, the hand became very intense. Gilles went all in and Dzmitry calls. Urbanovich doubles up and reclaims the chip lead, which blows up in Gilles face.


Number 3 has Vanessa Selbst heads-up against Prahlad Friedma on the Big Game. She went four-bet to $13,200 with a jack high and Friedman five-bet to $35,000, and Selbst puts in six-bets with jack high, making the bet $162,200. Prahlad moves all-in and Vanessa calls. With her live cards, she decides to run three times with her opponent and ended up losing at the game, leaving Friedman with the pot worth $340,200.


2nd on the list is at the final table of the 2014 Canada Cup. It was a spectacular performance as Notkin knocks out three opponents at the table in a single sweep, earning the 2014 Canada Cup.


1st on the list of the WTF was at the 2010 World Cup of Poker. The game went down between Team Canada and Team Germany. After a long draw, the game went in favor of Team Germany and Team Canada, represented by Suharto lost out of the game.