Amazing Poker Hand with Miss Finland

The battle seems to be between Sara, Miss Finland, and Ronnie during the first hand. Everyone starts the game with a million chips and the blinds are placed at 5,000/10,000 with a 2,000 ante. Sara calls and this brings her heads-up with Ronnie. He goes flop, showing there is a 4 on the flop and Ronnie has bottom pair.


He goes ahead to bet, and Sara raises with a straight draw of 30,000. He called the raise and enhances the trip to the turn. Ronnie checked and Sara bets a little above half the pot.


With barely 30 seconds to make a decision, Ronnie got stuck. He raises again with 155,000 and Miss Finland re-raises with 255,000. Ronnie calls and the move to the river begins. He checks, and she goes all in. At this point, Ronnie becomes speechless. He plays a Time Bank chip and gets an additional 30 seconds to make his decision. He requested for more time again and plays a Time Bank chip again.


Unable to hold on any longer, Ronnie folded, and Sara revealed her card only to show that she’s been bluffing all along. No doubt, it was indeed an amazing play from Miss Finland.