5 unbelievable Royal Flush hands in the history

On the fourth day of the PokerStars PCA 2016 Main Event, three poker pros battle for the winning prize. Tedeschi, Mcallister, and Rabah, with varying chips compete against each other at the table. Tedeschi goes all-in, leaving the two big stacks at the table, Mcallister and Rabah. Mcallister also goes allin, leaving Rabah with a tough decision to make.


After a long three minutes of inaction, Mcallister decides to fold, revealing his hand, which is a king and a club; a king and a heart for a royal flush! He had a good hand but a few seconds of impatience ruined it all. It was absolutely a terrible run-out for what could have been the best hand ever.


At another final poker table featuring Mercier, Moneymaker, and Glantz, it was quite intense as they compete for the first prize. Glantz goes all-in and folds while Moneymaker calls, leaving him at a risk. He started the hand with about 40 big blinds but it seems all is going down. He had to leave the table to await his fate. Things turned in his favor and he got a royal flush draw and a winning hand.