Highlights of Daniel Negreanu Poker Games

At the Shark Cage of 2018, there was a lot at stake and many poker pros to chase out of the table. Daniel and Antonio went all heads-up. Daniel calls $30,000 and Antonia raises $50,000. It’s all about Daniel versus Antonio. Daniel checks and Antonio bets. Negreanu calls again and it looks like Antonio is not going to bet again. A turn card with a deuce doesn’t make so much difference and then the action goes check on the Street. At the river, there is a 5 of Diamonds, giving Daniel an edge. This means he can play the value cards if he gets called, which will almost be by a better hand.


He played the value card and follows it by a bet. Antonio falls. Playing two years in a row, with no cage action in the final, Daniel proves that he’s always with the value.


The next hand involves Daniel, Phil, and Maria. Phil bets out and Maria folds. Daniel calls and the turn card is a 7 with straight draw. Phil checks and raise. With pressure of time, Daniel calls. With a lot of heat at the table, the game draws to a conclusion with Daniel taking it down with a 10.