Top 5 Tom “durrrr” Dwan Hands

By the time he reached 25, Tom Dwan’s name was etched into poker history. We will take a look at the top five hands that make “durrrr” Durrrr.

Top 5 Tom "durrrr" Dwan Hands

At number 5, Dwan demonstrates his skills on Poker After Dark, showing how he perfected the river over-bet long before Isildur made it cool. At the table with Bob, the flop could make things exciting with top pair, top kicker for Bob and flush draw for Tom. Dwan calls $12,000 on the turn and Safai checks the river. Dwan goes all-in and Bob lays down his best hand and Tom reveals his; showing 8 high for the rubdown.


At number 4 is Tom Dwan versus Eli Elezra. At this hand, Dwan flops a flush draw and Elezra fires a 16,000, increasing the pot to $53,400. Dwan makes a call, increasing the pot to almost $70,000. Eli fires another $37,000 and Dwan calls again. Elezra checks and Tom bets $72,200. Eli reveals his hand and Dwan emerges the winner.


Number three shows Dwan and Hellmuth heads-up at the table. Both players check the flop, durrrr makes trips. Dwan bets $27600 and Hellmuth calls him. Tom moves all-in and Hellmuth calls, and just like that, Tom Dwan takes down an almost $330,000 pot.


At number 2 is Dwan versus Antonius at Poker After Dark. In this hand, Antonius bets $27,000 and Dwan calls. He hits a set of Kings on the turn. Antonio bets $59,000, Dwan moves all-in and his opponent calls, leaving the biggest pot in Poker After Dark worth $561,000 for Dwan.


At number one, Dwan and Ivey meet heads-up in the Million Dollar cash game. Phil bets $90,000 and Dwan re-raise with $142,000. Ivey moves all-in and Dwan calls, leaving Tom with $1.1 million pot and Ivey losing over half a million dollars in one hand.