Top 5 Phil Hellmuth Explosions

Number 5 on the list was at the poker table involving Phil and Baxter. His opponent says he has two pairs and shows Kings, and Hellmuth went over the roof. He began to rant and made some rude remarks that shouldn’t be said on TV.

Top 5 Phil Hellmuth Explosions

Number 4 involves a number of poker professionals at table. Here, Tom Dwan won against Hellmuth and he stood up angrily. He began to talk down at Dwan. Of course, Tom tries to play it down but Phil didn’t have any of it. He started patronizing Tom and made some rude comments about him.


Number three involves him and Brandon at a poker table. His opponent won against him and he exploded in a fit of rants again and made some uncalled-for remarks.


At number two is the game between him and Dragomir. It was one of the bad hands for Hellmuth and he began to throw tantrums. He called opponent an idiot severally and things almost turned sour as Dragomir retaliated with insults. The duo had to be calmed.


Number one is between Hellmuth and about five other players at a table. He began to complain about other players talking while he’s studying his chips. He went on and on and kept ranting. He got into an altercation with another player and had to walk out of the game.


Hellmuth indeed has a temper and he sure knows how to throw tantrums.