Top 5 Biggest Poker Mistakes

Here is a recap of some of the biggest mistakes taken on camera at some poker tournament events.


First on the list is the table between Lizano and Pantaleo Giuseppe at the 2010 Barcelona Main Event. At what seemed to be a careful hand, Lizano called Pantaleo river and raise with jack high but unfortunately, Pantaleo already mucked. A major lesson here is never muck your card until your opponent’s card has been revealed.


Second on the list involves Niall Farrell and two opponents, Price, and Lamprecht. Things seemed to look good for him at the earlier stage with A-J in position and a health stack. Not long, things went wrong when he called Lamprecht with a set of nines on the turn.


Third was a table of Colman and Jacobson. They both battled it out but Jacobson kept going at an alarming rate until he bluffed and Colman showed his cards. It was a quite exit for Jacobson at the 50K Super Roller tournament.


The fourth was at Barcelona 2012 tournament between Jouhkimainen and Mikalai Pobal. Here, Mikalai forgot a cardinal rule at the final table of the main event where he checked behind. This led to his exit from the game after been in the game for five days.


The fifth was at the first season of Poker After Dark when Tilly played a ridiculous hand. The game started on a regular note but took a different turn when Tilly checked immediately after Antonio with Jacks full and then flip it over. The expression on everyone’s face was priceless.


There you have five biggest mistakes ever recorded in the world of poker