Tom “Durrrr” Dwan bluffs Phil Ivey in a monster pot

With other players at the table, including Negreanu, Elezra, and Laak, Dwan and Ivey go heads-up. The game gets serious as Dwan calls and Ivey is left with a huge nut flush draw and inside straight draw.


Tom makes a $45,000 continuation bet and after Phil did a thorough analysis of the hand, he calls. With 3 spades on the turn and $162,000 in the pot already, Tom bets $123,000, leaving Phil Ivey with a big decision to make and a pot worth $408,700 for the grab.


Phil calls after a serious internal deliberation. Of course, it is very unlikely for Dwan to give up. He fires back with $268,200, raising the pot to $676,000. As Phil Ivey goes through the process of making a decision, Tom seems nervous and the table was quite tensed up. Saving him the long wait, Ivey makes a move. After a series of bluffs from Durrrr, the game came to an end with the best hand winning the pot.