Shannon Elizabeth’s $966,000 Poker Decision

Starting with Perkins, he opens the game with an Ace and a 5 and went ahead to bet a huge $30,000. When Shannon Elizabeth came on the button with her two Seven Diamonds, she raises. Obviously, she doesn’t want to get bluffed.

Shannon Elizabeth $966,000 Poker Decision

Bill went a notch higher and bets another $50,000. At this point, Shannon raises again with $125,000, throwing the action back into the laps of Bill.  After a couple of seconds thoughts, he went ahead to call and took the game straight to the turn.


At the River, Bill is still with his Ace and 5 while Shannon is more favored with her 7s, which gives her a 70% edge in the game. Bill bluffed, and he bets with another $125,000. It became a moment of decision for Shannon. After a long internal deliberation, Shannon Elizabeth finally made her $966,000 poker decision by folding.


After she folded, she went straight to the cage.  Bill revealed his hand, snatching away the winning prize right from under the nose of Shannon.