Poker Players Replay Their Most Memorable Hands

Nick Schulman: He recalls his experience at a casino in 2006 where he played with another poker pro at a cash game. At the button, they made it $1,200. At the small blinds, his opponent made it $5,000. They both have about $125,000 in front of them. As the game progresses, Nick wasn’t composed. Therefore, instead of calling, he grabbed the $25,000 and shut it up, and his opponent folded. He lost the game and this still bothers him till date.


Jamie Kerstetter: At the first day of the $10,000 WSOP Main Event, she found herself playing for all her chips. Fortunately, she played with an amateur player, which saved the day. The game ended in her favor and she ended up with a pile of chips and got propelled towards her first Main Event cash.


Asher Conniff: In 2015, he played at the WPT World Championship. On the Day 4 of the tournament, there were only 7 players left. He was at the fifth place at the hand and as the game progressed aggressively, he began to lose confidence in his hand and believed his opponent had better hand. After a while, he decided to bluff and bets a whopping $775,000, which gave his opponent the chill. His opponent folded and Asher won the hand.