Poker Duel – Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Miss World

The football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Miss World 2015, Mireia Lalaguna Royo, goes head-up at the poker table to compete for the prize of $20,000, which is meant for charity.


At the start of the game, Ronaldo had two Aces, and Mireia had a 6 and 3. At flop, obviously nervous to be at the table with Ronaldo, she missed and he won the round.


At the second round, Ronaldo checks and at the flop Ronaldo bets 4,000 and Mireia calls. At the turn, he bets $8,000 and she bets $8,000. At the river he bets $10,00 and she calls. They both revealed their cards and Ronaldo shows King and 8 and she shows King 6. Ronaldo wins the round again.


The game continued to the third round and it was really a tough one. At the River Mirela had to consult and after some moments of hesitation, she calls and Ronaldo shows, giving her an edge and that round.


At the final round, Ronaldo calls with 2k, Mireia checks. At the flop, she bets $2,000 and he raises $10,000. She calls and checks while he bets $20,000 again. She calls with 20k and at the river, she checks and he went all in, and she calls.


They both showed their cards, with Mireia having a pair Ace and 5 and Ronaldo has 9 and 5, making Ronaldo the winner of the game.