Phil Ivey and His $2,205,000 Wins at Poker Table

Conquering a field of 25 participants, Phil Ivey earned the first prize of AU$2.205 million. Seiver, McDonald, Polk, and Ivey had a tough time battling it out at the table. Seiver was eliminated and left in the fourth place. Not long, Polk was eliminated, taking the third place.


Finally, Ivey goes heads-up with McDonald with 3.61 million chips while his opponent has 2.64 million chips. He later pushed his opponent and made for the first prize. The final hand of the game happened at the time McDonald raises 100,000 and snap called for about 1.3 million. Ivey moved all-in.


Interestingly, McDonald had the opportunity to double but the flop came down and Ivey paired his king. By this time, McDonald was in deer need of a jack, an ace, or any other lucky card to save the day for him. Unfortunately, the turn or the river wasn’t what he was looking out for.


Phil proved is supremacy as he defends his LK Boutique $250K Challenge title and walked away with the first prize of AU$2.205 million.