Most lucky poker royal flush hands

First on the list is the game between Hellmuth and Ferguson. In the course of the game, Ferguson raises to $2,000 and Hellmuth defends with King Jack suited and checks in the dark. Chris checks his Aces and draws dead as Hellmuth makes a north flush. Chris went ahead to bet $3,000 and his opponent pumps additional $5,000, raising it to $8,000. Ferguson calls the extra $5,000, increasing the amount in the pot to $20,000.The fourth diamond on the board gave Phil the royal flush and it was a relieving experience for him.


Second on the list is the race for a quarter million dollar first prize at the Miwaukee Best Light Pocket Cam. With blinds of 10,000/20,000, Mikkelsen raised to $60,000 with an Ace and a King, raising the pot to $117,000. Lovelace re-raised with $150,000, raising the pot to $267,000 with 8s. Mikkelsen raises again to $324,000 while Lovelace went all in.


On the flop, 10 Jack appeared and Mikkelsen made a straight flush draw. Lovelace pocket Eights are cool but in dire straits. At the full house river, Queen of Diamond was placed, eliminating Lovelace from the table highlighting Mikkelsen Royal Flush.


Third on the list is a tournament involving a couple of poker pro. Patrick Antonius suited 10 9 and he raises to $2,500. With a King and a Jack, Tony G calls after Phil Ivey folded. Chris Ferguson and Hansen fold. Juanda calls, leaving three players to the flop. At the flop, Tony G had a pair of Ace, Queen, and 10 of Diamonds, which were strong Royal Flush.


Final on the list is the game between Justin Phillips and Yuki Mabuchi. Mabuchi made a bet after the river and Phillips fires back with a raise. Mabuchi went all-in with amazing Royal Flush, having Four Aces, unfortunately he had to leave the main event after being beaten by Phillips.