Live Blackjack dealer FAILS

At one live blackjack game featuring a couple of players and a female dealer, the dealer seems like she would rather be at any other place but at her seat, dealing cards. One thing that stands out is her nervous look which makes her looks like a newbie in the card dealing business.


As she keeps drawing the cards, she seems flustered and confused. At a point, she forgot to scan an Ace, which is a big surprise and shock to the players and onlookers.


She had to call for the help of her boss and after thorough analysis; they had to cancel the current hand. The game continued and she began to deal the cards again. At the end of the game, it seems things didn’t add up quite well.


The boss walked to the table to verify the game and discovered the dealer wasn’t supposed to deal the cards. The boss had to apologize to the players and informed them that the hand should actually be canceled but the dealer continued the game. To make up for the loss, she promised to take care of the players.