Blackjack Tournament Magic May 5th 2018

At the Blackjack Magic Tournament of May 5, 2018, seven players battle for the cash prize of $50,000. Ten hands were played with the seven players betting with different amounts.


Douglas bets $200, Mark $300, Robert $600, James $200, Valerie $200, Byron $200, and Lisa $400. Cards were dealt to players for the first hand with the dealer closing in on 21 against Lisa’s 17. The game continued until the sixth round. After the sixth hand, James ran out of chips and had to step aside from the game. At the 7th hand, the dealer busted and by the 8th hand, Byron went all in, amidst shouts from the audience.


At the end of the 9th hand, there was an official chip count, with Douglas left with 2,000 chips, Mark 700 chips, Robert 1,200 chips, Valerie 900 chips, Byron 1,900 chips, and Lisa 1,100 chips.


At the final hand, Robert, Valerie, Byron, and Lisa all went in, while Mark bets $100 and Douglas locked in his bet after a very long contemplation.