Phil Ivey vs. Daniel Negreanu – Shark Cage Battling ($1 Million)

At the PokerStars Shark Cage $1 million game, Phil and Daniel battled to the end to become the prestigious winner of the grand prize. Although the duo have played poker against each other severally over the years, but they have never played for a Million Heads-up with the second place getting a grand prize of zero. In as much as it was a friendly game between the two, it was intense and serious because a lot of money is involved.


Negreanu started with roughly 3.2 million in chips and Ivey with 2.89 million in chips. Ivey was the first on the button and the blinds are $30,000. Ivey goes ahead to raise it to $70,000, which is pretty standard.


When Negreanu was at the big blind, he had Ace and 4 Clubs while Ivey has 9 and 6. Daniel goes ahead to check and continued with $60,000 which was actually a smaller bet compared to Ivey’s $70,000.


With a good understanding of his opponent, Negreanu went further to check raise to $160,000 with a clear strategy in mind and Ivey made a bet of $225,000. Daniel Checks; and Phil bets $400,000. With the back and forth in play, Negreanu ended the game being the winner with a cash prize of $1 million USD and a trophy to show for it.