WSOP 2019 Schedule

Your Guide to WSOP Schedule 2019

Each year, poker players and enthusiasts across the world look out for the schedule for the most famous and prestigious world tournament series for the year, World Series of Poker. This year 2019, the ball has been set rolling again and the schedule is out. This year’s tournament is expected to generate the prize pools that totaled over $200 million USD. It is essential to mention that this year’s WSOP tournament is the 50th year anniversary of the event and it is surely going to be a spectacular event. In this guide, we will take a look at the full WSOP schedule 2019.


The event will commence on the 28th of May, 2019 and come to a close by the 16th of July, 2019. This 7-week tournament series will take place at the famous Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Suffice to say that this will be the 15th consecutive year that the event will be hosted at this venue.



Key Highlights of WSOP Schedule 2019 Event

There are seven significant events that poker players and enthusiasts across the globe can look forward to in the WSOP schedule 2019. One of the significant events is the Big 50 No-Limit Hold’em game with four different starting flights from the 30th of May all through to the 2nd of June. This $500 USD buy-in event will be rake free for all preliminary entries and it features a staggering starting stack of 50,000 levels of fifty minutes and a huge prize pool of $5 million USD guaranteed.


This event is expected to be one of the biggest in the history of WSOP and one of the best in terms of value offered in tournaments ever. The winner of this event is guaranteed a prize of $1 million USD and players have the opportunity to re-enter the game once per a single flight with normal rake applicable on the re-entries.


Additionally, there will be 50th anniversary themed WSOP celebrations which will include an award evening and gala night event. This is expected to feature on the 29th of June, 2019. There are also additional 20 events that are priced at buy-ins of $10,000 USD or higher during this year’s WSOP tournament. Additionally, the standard events, such as Ladies, Super Seniors, and Casino Employees, Double Stack, Little One for One Drop, The Closer, and Marathon, are also some key highlights of the event.


Let us look at the confirmed WSOP Schedule 2019 in detail. Essentially, there are some newly included events that will be taking place during the WSOP event this year and these have been included in the WSOP Schedule 2019. These events are highlighted in the list below.


May 2911amCasino Employees$50040 MinutesSingle
May 3012pmSuper Turbo Bounty$10k50 MinutesNone
May 3011amBig 50 No-limit Hold’em 1a$50050 Minutes1/Flight
3pmOmaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better$1.5k60 MinutesN/A
May 3111amBig 50 No-Limit Hold’em 1b$50050 Minutes1/Flight
3pm50th Annual High Roller NLH$50K60 MinutesSingle
June 110amBig 50 No-Limit Hold’em 1c$50050 Minutes1/Flight
3pmLimit Mixed Triple Draw$2.5K60 MinutesN/A
June 210amBig 50 No-Limit Hold’em 1d$50050 Minutes1/Flight
3:30pmOnline No-Limit Hold’em$40060 Minutes3
6pmShort Deck No-Limit Hold’em$10K60 MinutesSingle
June 311amNo-Limit Hold’em Deepstack$60030/40 MinutesSingle
3pmDealer’s Choice$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
6pmNo-Limit Hold’Em$5K60 MinutesN/A
June 410amSuper Turbo Bounty$1K20 MinutesNone
3pmNo-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
June 511amH.O.R.S.EE$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
3pmHeads-Up No-Limit Hold’em$10K20 MinutesNone
4pmSix-Max No-Limit Hold’em$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
June 611amNo-Limit Hold’em Shootout$1.5K60 MinutesNone
3pmOmaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better$10K60 MinutesNone
June 710amMillionaire Maker No-Limit Hold’em 1a$1.5K60 Minutes1/Flight
3pmSeven-Card Stud$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
June 810amLimit Hold-em 1b$1.5K60 Minutes1/Flight
3pmNo-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw$10K60 MinutesSingle
June 911amDouble Stack$10K30/40 MinutesSingle
12pmEight-Game Mix$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
3:30pmOnline Six-Max PLO$60020 MinutesUnlimited
June 1011amPot-Limit Omaha Deepstack$60030/40 MinutesUnlimited
12pmMarathon$2,620100 MinutesNone
3pmSeven-Card Stud Hi-Lo$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
June 1111amNo-Limit Hold’em$1K60 MinutesN/A
3pmH.O.R.S.E$10K60 MinutesNone
June 1211amPot-Limit Omaha$1K60 MinutesN/A
3pmSix-Max No-Limit Hold’em$3K60 MinutesN/A
June 1310amSeniors No-Limit Hold’em (50+)$1K60 MinutesSingle
3pmLimit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
June 1410amDouble Stack No-Limit Hold’em 1a$1K60 Minutes1/Flight
3pmDealers Choice 6-Handed$10K60 MinutesNone
June 1510amDouble Stack No-Limit Hold’em 1b$1K60 Minutes1/Flight
3pmNo-Limit Hold’em Shootout$3K60 MinutesNone
June 1611amNo-Limit Hold’em Deedstack$80040/60 MinutesSingle
3:30pmOnline No-Limit Hold’em Knockout$60015 MinutesNone
June 1710amSuper Seniors 60+$1K60 MinutesSingle
12pmPot-Limit Omaha$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
3pmSeven-Card Stud$10K60 MinutesNone
June 1811am8-Handed NL/PLO Mixed Deepstack$60030/40 MinutesSingle
3pmBig-Bet Mix$2.5K60 MinutesSingle
June 1911amNo-Limit Hold’em Bounty$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
3pmHigh Roller Pot-Limit$25K60 MinutesSingle
3:30pmOnline Turbo No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack$5008 Minutes3
June 2011amLadies No-Limit Hold’em$10K/$1K60 MinutesSingle
12pmNo-Limit Hold’em$2.5K60 MinutesSingle
3pmLimit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw$10K60 MinutesNone
June 2110amMonster Stack No-Limit Hold’em 1a$1.5K60 MinutesNone
June 2210amMonster Stack No-Limit Hold’em 1b$1.5K60 MinutesNone
3pmPot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed$10K60 MinutesNone
June 2312pm8-Handed No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack$80030/40 MinutesSingle
3pmRazz$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
3:30pmOnline Double Stack No-Limit Hold’em$115 Minutes3
June 2411amSuper Turbo Bounty$1.5K20 MinutesNone
2pmTag Team No-Limit Hold’em (2-4 Person Teams)$1K/Team60 MinutesNone
3pmPoker Players Championship$50K60 MinutesNone
June 2511amDeepstack Championship No-Limit Hold’em$60040/60 MinutesSingle
3pmPot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
June 2610amColossus – Flight A$40040 Minutes1/Flight
3pmRazz Championship$10K60 MinutesNone
June 2710amColossus – Flight B$40040 Minutes1/Flight
3pmOmaha Mix$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
June 2810amCrazy 8’s No-Limit Hold’em 1a$8882-DayUnlimited
3pmPot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8$10K60 MinutesNone
5pmCrazy 8’s No-Limit Hold’em 1b$8882-DayUnlimited
June 2910amCrazy 8’s No-Limit Hold’em 1c$8882-DayUnlimited
3pmNo-Limit Hold’em$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
June 3010amCrazy 8’s No-Limit Hold’em 1d$8882-DayUnlimited
3pmSeven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8$10K60 MinutesNone
3:30pmOnline No-Limit Hold’em Championship$1K20 Minutes3
July 111amMini Main Event$1K30 MinutesNone
3pmSix-Max No-Limit Hold’em$5K60 MinutesN/A
July 211amSalute to Warriors No-Limit Hold’em$50040 MinutesSingle
3pmLimit Hold’em Championship$10K60 MinutesNone
July 312pmMain Event World Championship 1a$10K120 MinutesNone
3:30pmOnline High Roller No-Limit Hold’em$3.2K20 Minutes3
July 412pmMain Event World Championship 1b$10K120 MinutesNone
July 512pmMain Event World Championship 1c$10K120 MinutesNone
July 612pmLittle One for One Drop – Flight A$1+$11160 MinutesUnlimited
July 712pmLittle One for One Drop – Flight B$1K+$11160 MinutesUnlimited
3:30pmOnline 6-Max No-Limit Hold’em$80015 Minutes3
July 811amLittle One for One Drop – Flight C$1+$11160 MinutesUnlimited
3pmSix-Handed Limit Hold’em$3K60 MinutesN/A
July 911amPot-Limit Omaha Bounty$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
3pmNo-Limit Hold’em$3K60 MinutesN/A
July 1011amNo-Limit Hold’em/Pot-Limit Omaha$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
3pmBracelet Winners No-Limit Hold’em$1.5K60 MinutesN/A
July 1111amDouble Stack$1.5K30/40Unlimited
3pmHigh Roller No-Limit Hold’em$100K60 MinutesSingle
July 1211amThe Closer – Flight A$1.5K30 MinutesUnlimited
3pm6-Max Pot-Limit Omaha$3K60 MinutesN/A
July 1311amThe Close – Flight B$1.5K30 MinutesUnlimited
3pm6-Max No-Limit Hold’em$10K60 MinutesNone
July 1411amThe Closer – Flight C$1.5K30 MinutesUnlimited
3pmH.O.R.S.E.$3K60 MinutesN/A
3:30pmOnline Summer Save No-Limit Hold’em$50015 Minutes3
July 1512pmNo-Limit Hold’em$5K60 MinutesN/A


Details of WSOP 2019 Main Event

The most anticipated event in the WSOP Schedule 2019 is the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event. This event has been scheduled to run between July 3rd and July 16th every day starting from the noon time. The Flight-A will begin on Wednesday, the 3rd of July and the Flight B and C will run on the 4th and 5th of July respectively. Players that scale through the first set of two flights will participate in the Day 2AB on 6th of July. Candidates that played through Flight C will participate in Day 2C which will take place on Sunday, the 7th of July. All the fields will be combined for Day 3 on the 8th of July and play expected to peak at the money before the end of the day.


It is important to mention that the Main Event continues to be a freeze-out format and no re-entries will be allowed. However, there have been some minor changes in the WSOP Schedule 2019 version of the game. Participating players will be given 60,000 chips instead of the standard 50,000 and they will play with Big Blind Ante structure. In addition to this, players have the opportunity to buy-in to the Main Event till the start of the game on Day 2, that is, 6th or 7th of July.



$10,000+ Championship Events

Apart from a wide range of affordable events that have been designed for casual players, the WSOP Schedule 2019 also contain some popular variations of poker games with buy-ins of $10,000 USD. These games are designed to draw huge competition among some of the best poker players across different games. Additionally, WSOP has also introduced its first ever Short Deck No-Limit Hold’em game, the famous 36-card variation that is usually played with deuces through the fives removed. This game also features the $10,000 buy-in event which is expected to last for four days. The $10,000 buy-in Short Deck game will begin on 2nd of June at 6pm.


Another important event in the WSOP Schedule 2019 is the WSOP 50th anniversary event. This is a $50,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament event. In this game, players will begin the game with 300,000 chips and are required to play to the one-hour level. This is a high roller game and it is scheduled for four days to begin on the 31st of May at 3pm.



$1,000 Mini Main Event

This is another new addition to the WSOP Schedule 2019. The $1,000 buy-in Mini Main Event is designed to take place two days prior to the beginning of the $10,000 buy-in Main Event. It will take place on the 1st of July and 2nd of July. Players participating in this game will start the game with 60,000 chips and blind structure but with 30 minutes duration.


The $400 Colossus Event

Another important point of the WSOP schedule is the reintroduction of the popular Colossus. This will begin on the 26th and runs to 27th June. This is the lowest priced gold bracelet event in the WSOP Schedule 2019. It comes with a buy-in of $400 and features 40,000 chips. Players have a total of 40 minutes throughout play time. The winners at the game will play a combined field on Day 2 and take the final table on the 29th of June.


Another game to look out for is the One-Day Super Turbos. The Super Turbo Bounty is the only live way that players can earn a bracelet within a day at the World Series of Poker. The $1,000 version of the game allows players to play with a $300 bounty and the $1,500 variation for $500 bounty.


Bing Blind Antes, Special Event, and New Structures

With the sole aim to enhance the total experience of WSOP participants, the organizers have announced that various events will have bigger starting stacks and every event that features ante will play big blind ante. For instance, the $1.5K No-Limit Hold’em as well as Omaha events will be allotted 25,000 start stacks as opposed to the 7,500 in the previous year. This number was the outcome of a progressive increase reflecting the actual buy-in (that is, $1,500 buy-in for 1,500 tournament chips). It is essential to point out that the stacks in different events are significantly flattened. As a result of this latest chip structure, there is a need to adjust the blind structures also, according to the WSOP organizers. It is yet to be known what these changes would be but currently, some events have been highlighted as 4-day events on the WSOP Schedule 2019.



WSOP Schedule 2019 with Low Buy-In Events

The 2019 WSOP event will also feature seven more events in live tournaments. These will be low-stakes covering $600 and $800 buy-in events, which are similar to various tournaments that are common within Las Vegas during the World Series of Poker. This is aimed to attract low stakes players to the WSOP venue. Players will be able to build their game to the $600 Deepstack Championship No Limit Hold’em event on the 25th of June. This game comes with an attractive guaranteed prize of $500,000 and a seat at the World Series of Poker Main Event for the winner.


In addition to this, the One-Drop game is also back in the park but this time around, the United States military veterans also have the opportunity to enjoy from the $500 Salute to Warriors No Limit Hold’em. This game is scheduled to hold on 2nd July and will run through 4th July. This 3-day event is expected to raise some fund for the United Service Organization and some other veteran organizations. The Salute to Warriors event is open to players but the focus is to encourage active military personnel and veterans to take part in the game.


It is also important to mention that the WSOP Schedule 2019 has some minor changes to its Daily Deepstack schedule. Apart from the standard Daily Deepstacks, there is also a weekly $250 Pot Limit Omaha Deepstack that is schedule to hold on Sundays throughout the WSOP events. There is also the $250 Seniors Deepstack which is slated for Wednesdays.