What kinds of player personalities to expect when playing Poker

Poker is one of the most widely played card games in the world. It has been played since the early 1800’s. Since then it has developed to become a worldwide pastime. If you want to learn more about the game of poker and different strategies you can view a video here.One can also try playing poker at ease thanks to online casinos like nordicslots.bet.


When paying poker there’s multiple strategies one can use to play their way to the top of the table. These in-depth strategies are also known as personalities in poker, and there are seven types;


Aggressive; Aggressive players are likely to bet on just about every starting hand. The cards in their hand could be 2 of hearts and 7 of clubs and they’re still going to play it. They are the players who can lead to some of the greatest wins and losses, as they are very difficult to bluff out of a hand. These are the players you shouldn’t bother bluffing, as they’re professionals at it and they will manage to look you up or turn the tables on you.


Passive Aggressive; Passive Aggressive players are usually the ones with the most experience out of the whole table, they will have a clear outlook on who’s a rock and who’s aggressive, and won’t give away their chips. Passive aggressive players frequently call the blind to the flop if their hand seems to be fairly good (middle cards or high) and do their fair share of bluffing, although not as much as a truly aggressive player.


River Rat; A River-Rat is also known to be the least successful  player on the table. Generally a river rat bets before the flop if they have decent cards and when they see a flop they don’t like they will call whatever bet you throw at them only blindly hoping for that miracle at the river’s end. It’s a common misconception among poor poker players that you’ll find it harder to make money out of these types of players, when in fact, it’s not true at all.


Rocks; The rock is an extremely reserved, patient and an extremely tight player. They will never call the blinds unless they get a premium hand before the flop. When you’re playing with a rock you can easily read that they have either got a pocket pair of 8’s or higher, or two high cards.These players play a hand in a blue moon but when they do they’ll play it big.


Passive Rocks; The passive rock is generally the players who almost never place a bet. These players will call your bets when they have a great hand but they will almost never actually raise over your bets with an almost certain chance at winning. This playstile is the most effective against aggressive players as they are easy to misread, considering you never know if they have a good hand, or are just chasing cards.


Slow Players; These players are among the most crafty on the table. Slow-Players have a limitless tolerance for betting on a weak hand to let others believe they’ve got the better hand. Such players know how to define others, and know how to pose and play as if they were getting a weak hand or chasing. Slow-players are good at drawing as much money from a hand as they can, especially when at the table with aggressive players.


The Perfect Player; Through your behavior, this player will interpret you, they know exactly what sort of hands you are playing by watching you when they are and are not in hands with you and other players so he knows whether to talk or gamble, etc. when you have a hand, and whether  you are notorious for slow-playing or not. This individual won’t give rocks any money because they recognize if they’re in a hand they’re almost guaranteed to get superiority in their hand over other players and recognize where an aggressive player is bluffing and whether they’re actually getting a good hand.