Shannon Elizabeth Net Worth

Shannon Elizabeth started her career as a young actress and over the years, she has made an impression in the movie industry. She is not only an actress; she was also once a model. Of course, this might sound a little new to you but there is so much more you don’t know about this beautiful lady. So would you like to know her exploit as a professional poker player?


Another interesting question that many people would want answered about her is; what is Shannon Elizabeth net worth in the entertainment industry? In this poker guide, we will explore the various aspects of Elizabeth’s life and how she has been able to build her net worth since she started her career. We assure that you will love every bit of information you read about her here.



Shannon Elizabeth Early Life

Shannon was born on the 7th of September, 1973 in America. She is an American actress as well as a former fashion model. It might interest you to know that her parents are not originally from America. Her father is from Syria and her mother has a trace of English, German, and Irish. Shannon was born in the United States and grew up on Waco Texas. She started her early school in her neighborhood and proceeded to higher school in the same neighborhood where she graduated in the year 1991.


Very early in life, Elizabeth developed a strong love for tennis game and she actively participated in the game while in high school. She attended Waco High School. As she continued to grow, she began to develop a clearer picture of who she really wants to become. So instead of taking on tennis game as a full time player, she opted to become a famous actress.


Shannon Elizabeth is currently a little above 46 years old and it is not such a surprise that many people doubt her actual age. The reason for this is quite obvious; Elizabeth looks exceptionally young and very beautiful. As an actress, she has featured in a couple of comedy films, including American Pie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Scary Movie. She has also featured in some horror films like Thirteen Ghosts, Jack Frost, Night of the Demons, and Cursed. Shannon Elizabeth was dubbed a sex symbol during her 1999 comedy film titled American Pie.


In the course of her career as an actress, she has also cameo in Catch a Christmas Star, and Love Actually where she sang for the first time in the front of camera. Currently, she lives in Cape Town, South Africa. She runs a nonprofit animal rescue organization, Animal Avengers, which she established with her former husband. The various movies that she has gotten involved in has greatly increase Shannon Elizabeth net worth.



Shannon Elizabeth Early Career

While growing up, Elizabeth was very passionate about tennis game and at some point in her life; she considered becoming a professional tennis player. However, she later dropped this career goal for a career in acting. It is essential to mention that Elizabeth worked as a model with Ford and Elite models before she started pursuing a career in the movie industry. Shannon’s acting career had a slow start when she first ventured into the industry.


Some of the movies and sitcoms she featured in at this time were quite unpopular. She persisted through the pains and struggles and this perseverance later paid up for her. She was featured in the American Pie where she took up the role as Nadia. This movie was produced in 1999. The role opened Elizabeth to various acting opportunities. She starred in some other blockbuster movies, including Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Tomcats, and Scary Movie.


She also starred in Cuts, the UPN series. She was part of the series all through the lifespan of the show until it was stopped in the year 2006. Apart from Cuts, there is also ‘One on One’ that did not make it to the cut by CW. Shannon also featured in That ’70 Show in a number of episodes. In the year of 2000 and 2003, Elizabeth also featured in the popular Maxim. In June of 2008, she became the cover girl of Maxim. She was also the likeness and the voice for Serena St. Germaine in a video game titled, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing.



Elizabeth was one of the celebrities that featured in an episode of Thank God You’re Here, produced by NBC. She featured alongside Chelsea Handler, George Takei, and Tom Green. She was also casted during the 6th season of Dancing with the Stars, where she partnered with Derek Hough. She happened to be the 7th star that was eliminated during the competition. The various movies that she participated in have significantly boosted Shannon Elizabeth net worth over the course of the year.


In 2009, she was the host of the burlesque/comedy series, titled Live Nude Comedy. She was also featured in the music video of Chris Brown, Next to You in 2009. She acted as Chris’ girlfriend in the music video.


In addition to all that has been said about this bundle of talent, Shannon Elizabeth has also taken a step into the world of poker. She confessed her undying love for the game when she took it up as her second career. She has participated in quite a number of poker games in the course of the year.



Shannon Elizabeth Poker Career

In the year 2006, Elizabeth announced her entrance into the world of poker and described the game as her second career. Since her grand entrance into the poker community, she has been popularly referred to as ‘one of the top celebrity poker players’. When she started playing at poker table, she visited Las Vegas Valley regularly, at least about three times every month to take part in poker games with some top players in the industry. It is essential to mention that Shannon seem not to be an active poker player as could be seen in the outcome of the games she has participated in. She has only scored about 12 tournament cashes since the year 2006 all through 2010.


After the 2010 appearance at the tournament table, she has not returned until she participated in one single tournament cash in the year 2013. Shannon participated in the Main Even of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in the year 2005 under the tutelage of Daniel Negreanu. She won a special tournament during the celebration of the opening of the new poker room at Caesars Palace hotel. This event took place in the January of 2006. She won against 83 other celebrities and poker professionals. At the end of the game, she cashed a total of $55,000 USD. After this game, she has also cashed four different times during the 2006 and 2007 World Series of Poker. However, she busted out early in the Main Event game.


In the year 2007, she progressed to semifinals of the National Heads-Up Poker Championship organized by NBC. She participated with some top poker professionals and held her own until she lost to the champion of the game, Paul Wasicka. Elizabeth has not had any major success in the field of poker. She was a very popular figure in the movie industry but she has not made so much of an impact as a poker player. She has gotten to the semifinals during a competition but she has not made a major winning in any game.



Various Sources of Wealth for Shannon Elizabeth

Elizabeth had her first hit of big cash when she featured in the famous movie, American Pie, part one and two. This has contributed to Shannon Elizabeth net worth. Also, her special role in the Dancing with the Stars brought Shannon to fame which seem to be the major turning point in her acting career. She was also a model with Ford and Elite models. However, she dropped out of this career and focused on her acting career.


She later developed interest in the game of poker and started playing at the felt table. She began playing poker and she had travelled to Sin City for a couple of games that had earned her some cash. However, it is essential to point out that Shannon has not made any major wins since she started playing poker. Having been quite for some time, many people who have been rooting for her at poker tables have begun to wonder if she still plays poker. Well, the answer is a big yes; Shannon Elizabeth is still very much involved in playing poker games.


According to her, poker is her second career and she has made this known to her fans and everyone in the poker community, especially at the Celebrity Big Brother event, where she confessed her love for poker games. Although not much, poker game has also added to Shannon Elizabeth net worth in the course of her career.


Charity Work of Shannon Elizabeth

In addition to being a popular actress, Shannon also has a heart of gold. She co-founded Animal Avengers which is a nonprofit animal rescue organization which was established to rescuing homeless pets and finding a home for them. She co-founded the organization with her ex-husband, Reitman. The charity organization is dedicated to the rescue and provision of homes to homeless pets. The goals of the organization include reducing the overpopulation usually associated with pets. The organization is also known to promote responsible guardianship for pet and stopping animal cruelty. Under the umbrella of Animal Avenger, Shannon has organized various fundraising events.


During one of such events, Team Bodog was able to raise some funds in excess of $50,000 for Animal Avengers during a celebrity poker night. This event took place on the 8th of October, 2005. The fundraising event was hosted by famous tournament director, Matt Savage. In the year 2016, Elizabeth started participating in many other sponsored charity events for Bodog. It is essential to mention that this organization is located in Brazil and it features a 3D printing of the prosthetic parts of body for animals which include the beak of goose Victoria.


As part of her charity works, Shannon has also served as a spokesperson for Adopt a Turkey Program, organized by Farm Sanctuary. This program is designed to encourage pet lovers to adopt a turkey rather than eating them for the yearly Thanksgiving event. Many pet lovers have applauded the initiative of Elizabeth in establishing the Animal Avengers as this gives more visibility to animals in a time where minimal attention has been given to them.



Shannon Elizabeth Net Worth

As of 2019, Shannon Elizabeth net worth is estimated to be $9 million USD. The popular American actress and former fashion model has greatly amassed some wealth for herself over the years. Her participation in the game of poker has also impacted on her total net worth. Elizabeth has become a very popular face in Hollywood. She is famous for her role in a couple of scary movies she had featured in, including Thirteen Ghost, and Night of Demons. Elizabeth is also a very popular face in a good number of television shows. She has featured in Maxim and Playboy Magazines.


Personal Life of Shannon Elizabeth

After the unfortunate September 11 attacks, Shannon produced a public service announcement where she mentioned that she is half Arabian and 100 percent America. According to her, what happened during the attack really affected her just like it did every other person. In 2002, Shannon got married to Joseph D. Reitman, who is also an actor. The couple divorced in the year 2005. Elizabeth is a vegan and an environmentalist. She is the cousin of Tamsen Fadal, the New York based TV host and relationship coach. She is very active on social media and she ufses her social media posts, especially her Instagram posts, to create awareness about the poaching of rhino at Poached Rhino fundraiser.


Who is Shannon Elizabeth’s Husband?

Joseph David Reitman got married to Shannon Elizabeth in the year 2002. By March 2005, the couple revealed their plan to go their separate ways. Although both of them are no longer together as a couple, they are still friends. As a matter of fact, Reitman currently manages Shannon Elizabeth theatrical career. Both of them established a not for profit organization, Animal Avengers. This organization basically fights for the rights of animals.

By 2006, David Reitman started dating Annie Duke, a professional poker player, and the couple got engaged in the year 2010. They later broke up in 2012. It’s important to mention that Reitman was born on May 25, 1968 and he is an American film director, film producer, writer, and an actor. He has featured in quite a number of films in the course of his career as an actor, and he has also directed a good number of movies.

Reitman has also participated at the WSOP (World Series of Poker) about four times and has recorded a huge win at where he contested for the $1 Million Guaranteed Tournament prize. He has also participated in a good number of charity tournaments in his poker career.


What happened to Shannon Elizabeth?

This question may sound awkward for someone that doesn’t know how this beautiful actress started her journey. Let’s take a dive into memory and see how she started and where she is today. Shannon got her first major break in the entertainment industry in the year 1999 when she took up the role of Nadia in the R-rated comedy movie, American Pie. Many expected that she would climb the ladder of popularity and land many more major movie gigs after her big break in the industry. However, many years later, her career seemed to have taken a totally different path.

Over the years, she had appeared in a couple of shows, including Punk’d and That 70s. It seemed her voice was featured in the video game, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, in 2004 but nothing major has happened in her career as an actress since her role in American Pie. Interestingly, many years later, Elizabeth Shannon is still best known for her role as Nadia.

Although she hasn’t had another major break in the movie industry, she has done pretty well for herself in her career as a professional poker player. Well, to say she hasn’t had a major break in films doesn’t mean she hasn’t featured in other films.