Adam Bilzerian Net Worth

All you need to know about Adam Bilzerian Net Worth

Best known as the brother of Dan Bilzerian, Adam Bilzerian also holds his name in the world of poker. Although not as popular as his brother, his net worth alone will blow your mind away. So who is Adam Bilzerian? How far has he come in the world of poker? What exactly is Adam Bilzerian net worth?


All these and many more are what we will explore in this article about the amazing poker player. You are sure to learn one or two things that you don’t already know about this young man. Let us dig right into it and explore the life and career of Adam Bilzerian.



Early Life of Adam Bilzerian

Adam Bilzerian is the son of the popular 1980s corporate raider, Paul Bilzerian, and the brother of popular poker player, Dan Bilzerian. Born in 1983, the 37 years old professional poker player grew up in Florida with his parents, Paul Bilzerian and Terri. The second child of the Bilzerian began his academic career in Florida and attended Gaither High School. While in school, he represented his school in the game of tennis.


On the 11th of June, 2001, an event that changed the life of Adam happened. The FBI agents visited the residence of the family in Tampa, Florida as a result of the charges that was made against Paul Bilzerian. The eldest Bilzerian was accused of market manipulation and according to a neighbor who was present during the raid; he described the incidence as a serious intimidation.


At the end of the lawsuit, Paul Bilzerian was sent to prison where he served his term. Unfortunately, Paul Bilzerian was not allowed to attend his son’s high school graduation. At the wake of this incidence, Adam began to think about his career path. He began to question his desire to become an Army Green Beret. According to him, it is not really worth it to put his life on the line and fight for his country of birth when all they would do is lock up his father in the prison. His father’s legal issue obviously had a lasting impact on the worldview of Adam Bilzerian.


He proceeded to Vanderbilt University after high school where he witnessed the presidential election of the United States in 2004. The victory of George W. Bush, which brought him back for his second term, didn’t sit well with Bilzerian. According to Adam, this was not a good sign for the future of freedoms as highlighted in the Bill of Right. At this point, he began to consider relocating from the United States so that he could establish himself in another country.


In the year 2007, he bought a residence in Saint Kitts and Nevis. By the following year, he became the citizen of that country and relinquished his citizenship in the United States in the process. Somewhere along the line, he was introduced to poker and began his career in the field. Adam Bilzerian net worth today has significantly increased based on the various poker tournaments he has taken part in.



Adam Bilzerian Early Career

He started his career as a U.S Army Ranger before he turned to professional poker career. He is a famous American born Nevisian poker pro. Unlike his brother, Adam is a quiet and peaceful person. Originally a citizen of America, he later emigrated from his country of birth to Saint Kitts and Nevis in the year 2007 where he became the citizen of the country. His citizenship was attributed to the investment program he participated in while living in the country. It was reported that he invested the sum of $400,000 on a particular project under the development of the hotel magnates, Marriott’s.


After becoming a citizen of another country, Adam renounced his American citizenship and went ahead to write series of books focusing on America, the land of his birth. One of such titles is America: Love it or Leave it; so I left.


Adam Bilzerian Poker Career

The experience of the Bilzerian family resulted in a drastic change in the worldview of the young man. Formerly a U.S Army Ranger, Adam Bilzerian turned to poker and gave up his career pursuit in the Army Green Beret. Fortunately, his brother has already become famous in the world of poker so it was quite easy for him to learn the tricks and strategies of the game. Learning from his brother, Adam was able to build his skills and knowledge in poker field.


He has played a couple of private games and online games and has won in these games. He played a private poker game with baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, at Bellagio in Las Vegas. Adam Bilzerian was reportedly surprised by the skills of Rodriguez at the end of the game. According to him, Alex ‘busted everyone except him’ and he was surprised at the amazing run of the baseball player. Alex Rodriguez won about $20,000 USD at the end of the game and left with winning.


In 2009, Bilzerian participated in the World Series of Poker of that year and came in the 47th place with a winning of $138,568 USD. Dan Bilzerian, his brother, also participated in the 2009 WSOP tournament. The duo was nicknamed ‘Flying Bilzerian Brothers’ by Norman Chad after their performance at the tournament. Abram also participated in the World Series of Poker of 2010 and made some winnings.


Adam Bilzerian live best cash winning was $344,520 and his all time money earning was $877,687. In 2009, Adam Bilzerian made his first appearance at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. He played at the World Championship No Limit Hold’ Em with a buy-in of $10,000 USD. He placed 47th and won $138,568 at the end of the game.


In 2013, he placed at the $10,000+300 No Limit Hold’ Em Main Event at the World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic which took place in Las Vegas. He placed in the 44th position and won $21,700. In the same year, he also played Chinese Poker in Bellagio with a buy-in of $10,000+300. He placed 1st in the game and made a winning of $47,900.


In 2014, he participated in the 45th World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and played in the $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Event No 37. He placed 61st and won $4,164 USD. Adam also participated in the Super High Roller, where he played in the $100,000+2,000 No Limit Hold’ Em Super High Roller tournament. He placed 7th and won $344,520 at the end of the game. In the same year, he participated in the World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic in Las Vegas. He played in the $10,000+400 No Limit Hold’Em World Poker Tour Main Event. He placed 13th and made a winning of $51,158.


In 2015, Adam Bilzerian also participated in the 46th World Series of Poker 2015. Adam played in $1,500 No Limit Hold’ Em Six Handed Event No 12 and placed 75th. He made a winning of $4,390 and also played in the $1,000 No Limit Hold’ Em Turbo Event No 18. He placed 12th and won $17,053. Still in 2015, he played in the $24,000+1,000 No Limit Hold’ Em of Aria High Roller 10. He placed 2nd and made a winning of $246,000 USD.


In 2016, Adam participated in the 47th World Series of Poker 2016. He played in the $1,000 No Limit Hold’ Em Event No 17 and placed 122nd. He made a winning of $2,234 at the end of the event. These winnings have contributed to Adam Bilzerian net worth significantly. It is essential to mention that he made his first appearance in the world of poker in 2007 and he is still active in the industry.


Adam Bilzerian as an Author

Apart from playing as a professional poker player, Adam also has a flair for writing and he has written a couple of books. In 2010, he wrote his first book, America: love it or leave it: so I left. The book drawn from his experience as a child and detailed his reasons while he decided to leave the United States to settle in another country. The imprisonment of his father and the entire scandal that followed in its wake deeply affected Adam Bilzerian and this impacted on some of the major decisions he made in his life as an adult.


He detailed in his book that one of the main reasons why he relinquished his American citizenship is as a result of the victory of the Republican Party during the election of 2004. According to him, that victory means a bleak future for the Bill of Rights in the country. Following the release of his book, Adam came under severe attacks from the United States nationalists who believed that the content of his book was a contemptuous attack on the nationalists of America. Nevertheless, the book has received amazing reviews from readers and many intellectuals who have read the book are of the opinion that the decision of Adam was quite understandable.


Personal Life of Adam Bilzerian

In 2007, Adam Bilzerian moved to Saint Kitts and Nevis where he bought a mansion. He has since made the country his home. He currently resides in his home with his wife and children. After the release of his father, Paul Bilzerian, Adam invited him over. The father has been staying with his son since his release from prison.


Unlike his brother who lives a grand lifestyle, filled with fame, controversies, money, and party, Adam is a peaceful young man who prefers a serene lifestyle to the noisy world outside there. Although the young man resides in Saint Kitts and Nevis with his family and father, his brother, Dan Bilzerian, lives in the United States and still maintains his American citizenship.


Adam Bilzerian Net Worth

Adam’s father, Paul Bilzerian, is a self made millionaire with a net worth of about $81.4 million USD. Before his legal battle, he was reported to have initiated a trust fund for his children, Dan and Adam. It is therefore believed that the net worth of these brothers has been greatly impacted by the trust fund given to them by their father. Although no one can deny the fact that there was a fund that gave the Bilzerian brothers a lift in their career but the brothers have made successful investments that have highly improved their financial portfolio.


Adam Bilzerian net worth is estimated to be around $100 million USD. According to him, he has earned half of his net worth from various poker tournaments he participated in during the year 2014. It is important to mention that Adam’s brother, Dan, also has one of the highest net worth in the industry. Currently, the net worth of Dan is estimated to be in the range of $150 million USD.



Adam Bilzerian is a professional poker player. Although he might not be as popular as his brother, Dan Bilzerian, and some other top rated professional poker players, he still holds his place in the world of poker. Adam Bilzerian net worth has been impacted greatly from his numerous poker game winnings since he stepped into the field of poker. His best live cash was $344,520 and he placed in the 2,099th position in the All Time Money List.


He is an American born player but relinquished his US citizenship in 2007 and took abode in Saint Kitts and Nevis, where he is now a citizen. Adam ranked 1,120th in the United States All Time Money List. He also ranked 151th in Nevada, USA All Time Money List. On popularity ranking, he his placed at 570th position.